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Squeezing more from IMS NGN and Legacy Networks

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Squeezing more from IMS, NGN and Legacy Networks Whitepaper

TAS whitepaperThe rise of the OTT’s and the increasing abundance of IP networks means operators are in a constant battle to retain and seek new revenue. Keeping existing subscribers happy whilst looking to take advantage of evolving technologies in the IMS, VoWiFi, 4G, 5G and IoT space is a fine balancing act. Operators need to be able to:

  • Leverage existing networks to deliver cost savings and cohesive services
  • Avoid vendor tie-in and end-of-life equipment
  • Extend return-on-investment on deployed networks
  • Deliver new converged services quickly
  • Reduce costs by combating fraud

The key is flexibility. Read our whitepaper to see how an agnostic application layer helped our clients achieve these goals.