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Class 5 SoftswitchClass 5 Softswitch

“The SVI-C5 is a Carrier Grade Class 5 Softswitch with an in-built Session Border Controller. It offers comprehensive Class 5 features, has approval from major international Operators and includes a white-labelled subscriber web portal.”

Class 5 Softswitch Functionality

The SVI_C5 Class 5 Softswitch is supplied as standard with the following operating functionality :-

Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M)

Web based GUI

Web Based GUI

The globally deployed SVI platform empowers its users with an advanced level of expertise and functionality.

Building upon the SVI command line interface the web based GUI brings the user powerful tools to manage system resources, ensuring swift new user adoption and delivering a real-time OA&M, offering:

  • Dashboard interface
  • Wizard library
  • Customisation - via XML
  • Secure multi-user features
  • Extensive help resources
  • Compatibility with the entire SVI range


Real time system setup, onboard resource and call routing management


Comprehensive statistical service monitoring and system status tool


Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal

Command line interface

Command Line Interface

Expert user tools accessed through wide vocabulary of command line queries via high speed MMI interface.


  • High speed real time configuration
  • Full ‘secure’ remote access


  • Low Level MMI Interface
  • Full onboard database inspection and control
  • Real time resource status display
  • Controlling system recourses


  • Configurable logfiles, capturing all aspects of system performance
  • Compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal for full graphical protocol traces


  • Extensive onboard CDRs and statistics generation
  • Call minutes, ASR, PDD, ACD, etc
  • Resource Statistics
  • Trap Reports Network

Network Monitoring

  • Trap capture
  • Statistic monitoring, graphing and alarming

Billing Interfaces


  • Bulk & Manual Management of Call Plans
  • Automatic E-Invoice Distribution
  • Fully Configurable Reporting
  • Real-Time Account Viewing
  • Security Enabled
  • Web Based GUI Management
  • High Availability Platform


  • 1+ 1 Dual Plane Worker / Hot Standby
  • Database and signalling information check pointed between planes
  • Replicated Hardware and Software
  • Maintain calls in answer on failover
  • Eliminates Single Points Of Failure
  • Five Nines up time (99.999)
  • Single Point code spread across dual plane architecture
  • Single IP service address using VIP technology
  • Real Time Maintenance Upgrades


Integration C5


The SVI-C5 is also designed to integrate seamlessly with your OSS/BSS environments, using our innovative SQL Development Kit (SVISDK). The SVI-SDK also enables you to create
your own routing logic and rapidly provision new services

Speed of deployment

  • Import existing databases to rapidly deploy services
  • PostgreSQL and MYSQL support Freedom of Choice
  • SDK enables you to select your own routing and service parameters

Expanded Knowledge

  • Our experts are on hand to assist you as you create your service logic

Ease of Transition

  • Integrate with existing OSS/BSS databases to smooth the transition process


The SVI-C5 comes with full SBC functionality. It polices real-time traffic between IP network boundaries ensuring your private network is always available, secure and fully manageable.

Core Network Unification

Securing Network Boundary:

  • Comprehensive Firewall Protection
  • State Of The Art DOS Protection
  • VPN / Ipsec

Robust Solution for SIP Trunking