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“SBCSession Border Controller

The Session Border Controller provides a mature, proven carrier grade technology packed with feature rich capabilities allowing operators to rapidly deploy services. A flexible licensing model allows clients to meet budget requirements and scale as and when future growth dictates.

SIP Trunks

Allows service providers to offer lower cost SIP trunking to replace TDM
Full B2BUA deployment
Subscriber registration support
Powerful Class 4 Routing capabilities included as standard
Optional SVI_Billing component

SIP Trunking


SIP Trunking + Netfusion

Combine SVI_SBC with the Squire SVI_MG (Media Gateway) providing the Service Provider with a single box VoIP and TDM interconnect.

SIP Trunking NetFusion


Skype for Business

Offer Microsoft compliant Skype for Business SIP trunks
Provide standard SIP trunks for disaster recovery
Skype for Business

VoLTE Signalling Solution

The SVI_SBC lies at the core of Squire Technologies solutions for VoLTE.
TICK Optimal use of radio bandwidth delivering substantial cost savings
TICK Voice Quality Assurance
TICK Rapid Support for Multi vendor VoLTE handsets
TICK Enable multi device, single number support
 Volte solution
TICK Support for VoLTE Pre-Conditions
 TICKManage end-to-end bandwidth
 TICKInsures Voice Quality
 TICKRapid deployment of new VoLTE handsets
TICK Support for signaling and media inter-op with traditional VoIP devices and App enabled softphones
TICK Support for multi device, single number services
TICKManage multiple subscriber registration for softphone app’s across multiple devices – tablets, laptops, mobiles
TICKManage subscriber forking
TICKRetain a single number per subscriber


WebRTC Gateway

Embedded WebRTC gateway allows enterprises deploying traditional SIP applications to rapidly deploy feature rich WebRTC applications.
WebRTC Diagram
TICKTransport Layer Support
TICKMedia Transport Support
TICKVoice Transcoding
TICKVideo Transcoding
TICKTransparency of proprietary SIP headers

Lawful Intercept

SVI_SBC compliant with X1, X2, X3 standards
Forking of SIP signalling and RTP / RTCP to recording device
Lawful Intercept