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signalling relay functionSignalling Relay Function

Add SRF capabilities to the SVI_STP Signal Transfer Point to offer Mobile Number Portability

Signalling Relay Function for Mobile Number Portability

The SRF (Signalling Relay Function) is an optional module that can be added to the SVI_STP solution, a carrier grade Signal Transfer Point (STP) . It helps MNOs and MVNOs meet mobile number portability (MNP) requirements, by routing queries from GMSC platforms to the appropriate HLR.

The SRF validates enquiries from the GMSC and relays the query to the HLR. When the appropriate response is obtained, this is returned to the GMSC, enabling onward routing of the signalling with the correct Routing Number (RN). Alternatively, a Mobile Station Routing Number (MSRN) may be provided.

As there are different methods for the implementation of MNP, the SRF (sometimes referred to as the MNP-SRF) can behave differently according to the method adopted. For example, when the SRF is deployed, depending on the type of message received (whether call related or non call related), the porting status of the called subscriber, and the networks to which the operator is connected, certain elements of the signalling conveyed between the entities involved may have to be changed.

signalling relay function diagram 1

3GPP SCCP / SRF Steering Function

signalling relay function diagram 2

The SRF module is a simple enhancement to the SVI_STP that enables MNOs and MVNOs to adapt to any MNP scenario that requires the mediation of the relay function to ensure correct interconnection between entities. It is adaptable, allowing modification of SCCP signalling and the exchange of routing information to be agreed according to the needs of each scenario.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and customisable to meet different MNP requirements
  • Implement full support for MNP
  • Simple extension for Squire Technologies’ Signal Transfer Point (SVI_STP) solution
  • Enhance ROI
  • Access new services
  • Built on proven technology, deployed worldwide

Key Features

  • MNP implementation according to 3GPP TS 23.066
  • Highly scalable
  • Up to 20,000 TPS
  • 1024 SS7 signalling links over SIGTRAN or TDM
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Software-only, option for Squire Technologies’ SVI_STP
  • Standalone SRF
  • High-performance dedicated servers and blades
  • Redundant configuration
  • GUI driven