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SS7 Protocol ConverterSS7 Protocol Converter

The SVI 9220 provides, at its core, a powerful, scalable SS7 to SS7 Protocol Converter delivering high performance SS7 Signalling only conversion with support for up to 128 SS7 Signalling links, dual redundancy and fully featured OA&M.

SS7 Protocol Converter Options


SS7 Protocol Converter

Supporting full protocol conversion and interworking between 40+ country variants of SS7 ISUP, TUP, NUP industry standards ETSI, ISUP and ANSI with full support for the ISDN NFAS protocol.

SS7 to SS7 Signalling

Supported SS7 Protocols

For our comprehensive guide to ISUP/TUP/IUP SS7 Protocols click here.

Supported SS7 protocols

Outgoing Call Manipulation

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information

SS7 to NFAS Converter

SS7 to ISDN Signalling Converter

The SVI 9220 provides a signalling only conversion solution for SS7 to ISDN signalling interworking when using an NFAS interconnect to the ISDN equipment.

NFAS allows for a single D Channel to support multiple Bearer channels spread across multiple interfaces. This follows a similar model to SS7 and allows for bearer channels to be connected directly between the SS7 and ISDN equipment. This allows for the reduction in hardware on the protocol converter.

SS7  ISDN signalling conversion

SS7 Protocol Support

  • Full 9220 SS7 Protocol support interworking


  • Q.931, DSS1, EURO, ISDN, QSIG
  • NI1, NI2, ATT 41459


  • D-Channel back
  • Up to 128 Data links
  • Full circuit supervision
  • E1/T1 Support

SS7 Router

For our comprehensive guide to SCCP Protocols supported click here.

SCCP Routing

  • Routing on incoming SCCP label
  • Called and Calling
  • NOA, etc
  • Variant Translation
  • Outgoing SCCP label manipulation
  • Translate routing variant (GT > PC+SN, etc)

SCCP Routing

MTP Routing

  • Route on MTP label
  • Originating and Destination Point code
  • Network Indicator
  • SIO
MTP routing diagram

SS7 to SS7 Protocol Converter Solution

Squire Technologies has deployed SS7 to SS7 products worldwide and assisted many clients to achieve SS7 interconnect, providing remote or on-site installation and commissioning of products quickly and cost effectively.

Coupled with Squire Technologies post sales support our product enhancement services allow Squire Technologies to deliver SS7 based signalling products.