A smart centralised signalling platform that unifies all mediation, routing and interworking, security and measurement between multi-generation networks.


    Sigla’s smart signalling platform brings agility via a flexible routing and interworking engine that seamlessly traverses legacy and next-generation networks.


    A centralised operating platform that manages all mediation processes between OCS, OSS/BSS and BI resources across multi generation networks.


    A powerful tool in the prevention of telecoms network fraud, enabling operators to counter a full range of threats and rapidly provision measures to counter emerging threats, guaranteeing the integrity of multi-generation networks.


    Providing operators with a centralised Management Information System (MIS) from where they can curate, analyse and monitor data across all networks.

The Signalling Specialists to the Telecoms Industry

Sigla brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks, freeing operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, and reducing network complexity and operating costs. 

Why Customers Choose Squire Technologies


Over twenty years of specialist signalling interworking expertise and an enviable reputation for solving complex networking challenges.


Converged platforms and services for managing signalling and routing, network fraud and messaging across multi-protocol networks.


Solutions designed to scale and adapt to your network demand and provide an environment where you can innovate and drive growth.


Solutions that help operators to make savings on capex and reduce opex with flexible deployment options and managed services.

Integrating an OCS to Facilitate Policy and Billing Across Multi-generation Networks

Squire Technologies Interworking Function makes OCS system integration with the core network seamless across multi-generation networks. The IWF provides forward and backward compatibility as signalling traverses multiple networks, with comprehensive protocol support for legacy 3G CAMEL, 4G / LTE Diameter, and 5G Nchf / HTTP2 protocols and more.

Diameter Signalling Controller

The Diameter Signalling Controller (DSC) provides a carrier grade signalling product delivering any combination of routing (DRA), interworking (IWF) and network edge (DEA) functionality.

Diameter Edge Agent

Diameter Edge Agent for
secure exchange of authentication, authorisation and subscriber policy across LTE networks. 

Diameter Routing Agent

Diameter Routing Agent for scalable centralised routing of Diameter messages in a multivendor, multi node environment within a service providers IMS core.

Interworking Function

Interworking Function provides seamless interop between legacy and NGN, such as Diameter to SS7 CAMEL, MAP, RADIUS, 5G Nchf and more.

Messaging Platform

With the continuing growth of A2P SMS traffic the SVI-SMSC offers not only an out-of-the-box, feature rich, carrier grade solution, but with innovative service logic technology it allows clients to rapidly provision new revenue generating value added services.

Solutions for MVNO's
Migrating from Light to Full MVNO

Here at Squire Technologies we provide MVNO's with a clear roadmap to Full MVNO status, helping them to minise Capex, utilise manage services to reduce Opex and build agile networks using flexible core network products.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

MavenShield provides mobile operators with a highly flexible tool in the fight against network fraud, helping them to identify fraudulent behaviour and take proactive measures to reduce it across multi-generation networks.

Bypass Fraud | CLI Spoofing | Wangiri Fraud | IRSF Fraud | Account Takeover Sim Box Fraud | PBX Fraud | Smishing Fraud | SIM Swap Fraud etc...

Squire Technologies Combine Cutting Edge Signalling Interworking Technology with Proven Carrier-Grade Network Products.

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

Squire Technologies solutions enable over 30 billion transactions per second and 11 trillion transactions per year. We have deployments in over 6 continents, in 150+ countries and with 400+ customers. 


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