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Combridge invests in the future with Squire Technologies

Summary: Squire Technologies has helped leading Romanian operator Combridge consolidate network assets into a centralised, NGN architecture, reducing costs and enhancing backhaul. Squire Technologies’ deployed its leading SVI_MGC and SVI_SBC solutions to support a new infrastructure and enable support of a complete national number portability solution. Combridge will leverage the new infrastructure to launch new services and extend its network.

Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecoms industry, today announced that Combridge, a leading independent provider of telecommunications services in Romania, has deployed its Media Gateway Controller (SVI_MGC) solution to provide network optimisation and enhanced routing possibilities.This allows Combridge to expand their service expertise towards the B2B market sector, with the clear aim to reach SME within the B2B segment with competitive, Deutsche Telekom quality type of voice and IT&C services and solutions.

Squire Technologies helped Combridge migrate its existing, distributed network of more than 20 interconnection points to a centralised media gateway controller solution. Local access gateways were leveraged for media connectivity while the signalling was backhauled to a central site for processing. The interconnection points had previously been separately managed via legacy network gateways distributed around the country.

When the previous vendor declared them ‘end of life’, Combridge took advantage of the opportunity to rationalise its network infrastructure and position for a new generation of services. The consolidation will generate significant savings by bringing all interconnection points into a single location.

“Investing for the future is critical. With Squire Technologies, we feel we have a partner that can provide us with the focus and attention we need to support our network evolution. We needed a partner that would solve today’s problems while giving us the confidence that they could address those of the future,” added Saitos Cristian, Combridge.

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About the Squire Technologies SVI_MGC Solutions

The Squire Technologies’ SVI_MGC solution is a highly scalable, high throughput platform that enables connectivity of VoIP infrastructure to legacy SS7-based networks and the control of third-party media gateway products. It allows the rapid launch of VoIP services and provides the means to consolidate investments into a secure, NGN architecture. It is extensible with the addition of software modules, including support for a range of number portability solutions.

About the Squire Technologies SVI_SBC Solutions

The SVI_SBC is a flexible Session Border Controller solution that allows service providers to manage interconnection of large numbers of different VoIP end points. It secures network boundaries and provides a scalable solution to support future network growth and evolution, as well as the launch of a range of VoIP services, such as SIP trunking. Protocol interworking and media transcoding is supported.

Successfully Transitioning from a TDM to a Next Generation IP Network

NGN2Read our new white paper, written by Simon Dinnage (Business Development Director, Squire Technologies)

That “the world is shifting to all digital” is today rather stating the obvious. Gone are the days when I could wander to the video/dvd shop and rent myself the latest big movie and buy a big bag of popcorn. While I watched with a certain sadness as the local Video/DVD rental guys closed their doors I had no choice, if I wanted to continue watching films, I had to subscribe to the online providers. Now of course, it’s second nature and I expect to choose from a number of providers on my Smart TV, depending on who bought the rights to the new series of Game of Thrones first. I expect to be able watch a trailer, I expect to be able to rent SD or HD , I might want to purchase it, I might want to rent for 3 x days , hell, I may not want to pay a monthly subscription at all – I only want to pay for what I have watched – see BlinkBox etal.

The Challenge
Enough of the analogies. We know that the march of new technology is virtually unstoppable. In the Telecoms space we have all read a gazillion articles on what the Next Generation Networks (NGN), for example, VoIP/4G will bring; flexibility, costs savings and ease of application development. The point is the march of all IP networks in the Telco world is now a reality.

  • How do carriers cope with the move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model?
  • What are the key technologies they need to support this transition?
  • What are the defecto services carriers need to offer?
  • What key functionality must a carrier demand from their equipment vendors?

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