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Hot Telecom HOTShot interview – Sanjeev Verma talks about agile core network solutions

Sanjeev Verma and Isabelle Paradis at MWC Barcelona 2024

During MWC Barcelona 2024, Isabelle Paradis of Hot Telecom and Sanjeev Verma, CEO of Squire Technologies, discuss the need for flexibility in core network solutions.

AI and 5G are rapidly expanding into our lives. Sanjeev and Isabelle explore how these technologies will impact innovation and differentiation in the telecoms industry. They also discuss what is hampering innovation and how Squire Technologies and other focused vendors with agile core network solutions are driving innovation.

The inflexibility of mega-vendors like Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei hinders innovation and impedes operators’ ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Sanjeev explains how Squire Technologies is helping customers like Zain in Saudi Arabia to adapt core networks using forward and backward-compatible network components, saving them money.

Learn more about Squire Technologies’ Sigla platform and its agile core network solutions by visiting

A State of the art Unified Signalling Platform

Sigla brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks, freeing operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, and reducing network complexity and operating costs.