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Value Added ServicesValue Added Services on SS7 Networks

Service Providers can seamlessly offer a range of value added services including Calling Name (CNAM), Toll Free (800), Local Number Portability (LNP) and Line Information DataBase (LIDB) using the SS7 interconnecting product range from Squire Technologies

This range of value added services provide the flexibility, usability and functionality customers and ‘Telco Regulatory Bodies’ are increasingly demanding.

Single CNAM/ LNP Solution

CNAM/LNP Mandate

Within the telephone network it is becoming a mandatory requirement for all tiers of carriers to provide CNAM & LNP, not only as a service to their customers but also as the principal customer identifier within their internal CRM system and in ILEC/CLEC support database.

The SVI core supports CNAM (Calling Name) lookup and LNP (Local Number Portability) dips with all its SS7 interconnecting products using remote TCAP lookups.

CNAM (Calling Name Delivery)


CNAM (Calling NAMe Delivery) is an Intelligent Network service which allows delivery to the subscriber of the calling party number and a readable calling name in digital readout, identifying the caller to the called party.

This service enables carriers to offer their customers the more detailed and comprehensive call information that they require.

LNP (Local Number Portability)

CNAM/LNP Mandate

Local Number Portability was introduced to expedite competition within the industry, enabling the consumer to retain their number whilst changing operator. Calls must therefore require routing data before connecting to the appropriate carrier, often incurring a service charge for lookup or dip.

With the advent of high mobile phone use this has become a widespread mandatory requirement.

800 & LIDB Services


Line Information DataBase, which is used to store and retrieve Caller ID records


Toll-free, Freecall, Freephone service is where the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the carrier, instead of the calling party. A toll-free number is assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) such as 0800 where all calls to those prefixes are free to the caller.

Overview CNAM (Calling Name Delivery)

Overview CNAM

A central database located at either the interconnecting ILEC or CLEC contains information on providing a calling party’s name (CNAM).

SS7 signalling is used to retrieve the calling name from the database using the calling party number as the identifier into the database.

  1. Call is initiated to 404-412-8091 from phone with calling party number of 305-776-9901
  2. Call is forwarded by interconnect carrier to SVI over SS7 signalling (ISUP) containing only the calling party number.
  3. Using SS7 signalling, retrieve CNAM from interconnect database.
  4. Forward call containing CNAM information on to IP phone customer ‘Arthur’ which displays calling name and calling number.

VoIP SS7 products supporting CNAM/LNP

Media Gateway

Picture of SVI Signal Transfer Point 1000

The SS7 VoIP Media Gateway is offered in 3 models 1000, 2000 and 8000.

Media Gateway Controller


The SS7 VoIP Media Gateway Controller enables SS7 on leading VoIP Media Gateways either as a remote install software only deployment or in a 1U chassis.