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“The industry experience at Squire Technologies, combined with the agility of their network solutions is exactly what we need for this important project.” Squire Technologies’ robust signalling products are backed by over two decades of specialist signalling experience. They provide the ultra-reliability demanded by the aviation industry and are deployed in other critical transport communications systems around the world including the rail and automotive sectors.

Dan Baril | VP of Software Defined Solutions at Calian

“Thanks and good job everyone! I know there is a lot happening and it is very much appreciated for all the dedication and hard work.”

Paul Barrus | President Global Infrastructure Engineering at KORE

“We needed a Messaging Platform that could seamlessly connect to other Interconnect Operators, our Aggregating Partners and Enterprise customers as well as integrate with existing BSS/OCS infrastructure meeting our specific pre-paid and post-paid charging scenarios. Squire Technologies Managed Platform as a Service (mPaaS), fully hosted and managed by them, was a perfect match that took all our pain points away”

Walker Viana | Technical Director at CST

“I want to thank the team at Squire for the role they have played in helping us complete our year Carrier Interconnect project, particularly for their expertise in multi-generational core network interop.”

Jay Binks | Over the Wire, Chief Technology Officer

"We have ambitious growth plans in Latin America and beyond. We’d heard great things about the team at Squire Technologies and the solution they provide to us not only technically, but from the high level of support and expertise, assures us that as our operation develops our network will remain robust, yet highly flexible and agile to meet the demands of our customers.”

Miguel Monforte | Head of Telecom, OXIO

“We are pleased to have Squire Technologies as a partner and by including their IWF platform, along with our Online Charging Solution we are in a stronger position to offer a much more vigorous digital transformation within the African Market.”

Jill Grisdale | Head of Delivery, Mobile Network Solutions


"Cubic already had a long history with Squire Technologies, and once again our experience of their team from installation through to support has been very positive. They have been available all the time and have a great relationship with our own network team.”

Aidan Macguire | Network Engineering Manager, Cubic Telecom

Whilst mobile subscribers expect a seamless service spanning 5G, 4G and in many cases 3G networks too, this requires a huge amount of sophistication to manage the myriad of different underlying network technologies. By working with Squire we can do just that, allowing our customers to benefit from all the flexible charging capabilities we can offer without having to worry about the different networks that are carrying the services.”

Louis Hall | CEO, Cerillion

"Any migration to the next big thing needs to seamlessly integrate from day one with today’s revenue generating services. We needed a product and a team that could insure exactly this, and we found it with Squire Technologies Interworking Function (SVI-IWF) and their excellent commissioning and support teams.” 

Cyrille Joffre | Sure, International CTIO

Cablenet has always leveraged leading edge technology to support innovation, seamless service delivery and enable rapid network growth. By selecting Squire Technologies products we continue this trend. Not only will we be able to leverage the benefits of a virtual environment but also the benefits of an integrated solution from a single vendor.”

Panayiotis Kouloumbrides | Voice Network Manager at Cablenet

"We have indeed a very good working relationship and I am very pleased with the assistance and guidance from the outstanding Squire team. I would like to extend my appreciation to the Squire team for the opportunity to work with highly skilled and professional people.  We have as a team achieved to provide a solution, in a very short time, that fully meets all of the Openserve requirements/expectations."

Albert Van Schalkwyk | Manager Core Network

"For INdigital it’s always been crucial to connect with previous generation networks. This requires a high degree of flexibility which is where Squire Technologies and their Signalling Gateway products have come into play. This has enabled us to be a market leader for 911 services, and without the fruits of our relationship gained over the past decade, INdigital would be behind, instead of ahead of our competitors."

James Kinney | CIO of INdigital

“We have successfully completed the vast majority of the testing and feel comfortable moving forward with the solution. I must also note that it has been a pleasure to work with your team. Davesh was pleasant and helpful while Mayanks technical knowledge is phenomenal.”

Jason Cummins | Senior Vice President of Operations at Teliax

"Squire Technologies’ SVI-STP Signal Transfer Point products interconnected within our network enables us to eliminate overlapping technologies inherited through multiple acquisitions. Once consolidation is complete, our engineers will have additional cycles to focus on delivering road-mapped projects.”

Jason Cummins | SVP of Magna5 Voice Networks

“The key to this decision was a clear road map that will allow us to migrate our SS7 platform to a next generation solution whilst knowing we have an integrated DIAMETER solution for tomorrow.”

Bohdan Hretchenko | Operations & Maintenance Manager at GMS

"It was refreshing to work with a team that were able to rapidly assimilate our requirements and advise on a deployment program that solved our immediate and longer term requirements."

Paul Desvignes | Mobile Core Network Engineer, Vodafone French Polynesia

“We need to manage the signalling transport that delivers IoT between our virtual mobile core, multiple operator interconnects and our clients. It is critical for us to choose a partner whose expertise can bridge 2G, 3G and 4G networks.”

Stefan Anghel | CTO at Simfony

"We deployed Squire Technologies Signalling Controller in 2011 and since then it has worked just like a Swiss Watch. We have always been impressed with the flexibility and reliability of Squire’s signalling solution we are now looking at purchasing another signalling product for deployment in our network."

Pedro Cordovez | CEO of Ovnicom

"Squire Technologies'expertise helped us replace our existing platforms, which could not support the VoIP capabilities we require as we move to an NGN infrastructure. Our vision required us to support migration to SIP and Squire Technologies' SVI_MGC allowed us to do that while preserving our legacy SS7 interconnection points."

Saitos Cristain | Technical Engineer Network Operations at Combridge

"We required a flexible solution in delivering the specific functionality, meeting our needs and technical specifications while being on budget. Squire Technologies SVI-IWF Interworking Function delivered this."

Milan Jovancic | Group CTO of Renna Mobile

"The Squire Technologies’ solution was first deployed in 2008. Since then, our network has grown and our traffic capacity has expanded. The solution has grown with us, delivering the complex functionality we need while providing outstanding performance, it’s right at the heart of our network – and the performance levels enable us to provide the exceptional service that our customers expect.”

MJose Hernandez | Core Operations Manager at Viva

“From day one we needed a technology partner that could not only offer us a diverse range of core network signalling products but also a set of signalling experts that could rapidly develop and evolve their products to solve the network issues we knew we would face in such a leading edge rollout. I am happy to say Squire Technologies provided both and have been a key part of our success with the VoLTE rollout"

Tom Allen | COO of Smile

“Originally deployed in 2010, the [Media Gateway Controller] solution from Squire Technologies works like a Swiss Watch. Reliability is critical to us and our business is built on the service quality we offer. Thanks to Squire Technologies, we have been able to grow our brand and reputation, offering high quality services to all of our customers over a sustained period.”

Emil Andoni | CEO at Neofone

"We selected the Squire Technologies' solution because it enabled us to overhaul our core network and reduce costs, while meeting the high throughput we need for our valued customers."

Jonathan Herbst | Senior VoIP Engineer at CMC Networks

“We want to ensure more visitors to and between both Samoa and American Samoa are able to take advantage of the roaming options available with BlueSky and to make full use of their mobile services. To deliver increased roaming coverage we needed a specialist SS7 networking solution and selected Squire Technologies Ltd from the UK.”

Adolfo Montenegro | Managing Director at BlueSky

“We see outstanding growth in both domestic and international traffic, so needed a solution that would both meet current and future needs. Squire Technologies was able to replace our existing Cisco solution and provide us with the interconnection we need to service our customers.”

Birendra Singh | Head of Voice Technology Operations at Sify

“Integrating the SMS Gateway to our existing platform enables further revenue generation and is crucial to our plan to deliver products with the highest levels of customer service, whilst building stakeholder value.”

Mr. Nazeer Adam | Project Manager at iBurst

“The option to trial the product before payment allowed us to reduce our risk to zero and ensures our Return-On-Investment. The SVI MGC from Squire Technologies offered us the resilience, feature set and proven interoperability that we wanted and which had been lacking.”

Kevin Wormington | VP Operations at Missouri Telecom

“When the need to deploy the SBC arose Squire Technologies was the first point of contact for securing our NGN network. Quick and smooth deployment of the SBC further assured us of the flexibility of their solutions”

Mr. Abdulrahman Ghazal | IT&N Manager at Lightspeed Communications

“We considered many different providers for the Media Gateway Controller, including Cisco themselves with their PGW range. We found that the SVI-MGC of Squire was the most cost effective and crucially, an easy to implement solution.”

Marko Miletic | Group Director at Voice Services

“We have used Squire Technologies product for more than 5 years and I am delighted to have witnessed the high level of competence and commitment displayed by the team throughout this project.”

Ruan Malan | Chief Technology Officer at TelFree Group International, South Africa

“One of the customer's biggest concerns when reviewing available SBC's was security. The SVI-SBC from Squire has proven to be a formidable guardian, providing a comprehensive range of security functionality such as DDoS prevention and Firewall/NAT traversal.”

Mauro Di Lelio | Managing Director at ATS

“The SVI-Media Gateway, with its high availability and ease of scalability has proven to be the product a Tier1 International Operator can build their future on.”

Mr. Danh Anh Phuong | CEO at One Corp

“We came to Squire with specific requirements for a product, and have been delighted with the knowledge and expertise their team have shown. They've worked closely with our team to ensure that the end product they delivered was in line with our requirements.”

John Kemp | Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Soleo

“In addition to the proven SVI functional superiority, Squire Technologies' flexible and timely installation and support services played a pivotally important role in rapidly streamlining and bridging our TDM network at a significantly reduced cost.”

Rhys Williams | Chief Technical Officer at WaveCrest

“We have been using Squire Technologies products for over 4 years and they have proven to be thoroughly reliable and well supported products. With the growth and success of our organisation in the frame we decided to rely on the Squire Technologies C4 Softswitch solution.”

Brian Wyld Managing | Director at Eloquant, France

“Squire's SQL Development Kit was the solution that impressed us the most, as it gave us the flexibility and control we were looking for.”

Vlad Gurin | Chief Technical Officer at Atlas Interactive

“When investigating the market Squire Technologies came highly recommended. Their products, price, expertise and customer service was exactly what we were looking for.”

Nazeer Adam | Project Manager at iBurst

“By unifying the network it replaced multiple existing units, reduced power demands, increased the quality and stability of our service.”

Abdulrahman Ghazal | Project Manager at Lightspeed

“We are pleased to be able to approve Squire to access our network and database services. With all customers we work hard to ensure all receive the very highest standards of service.”

Sean Kent | Director of Product Management at TNS

“There was one clear choice, because of their experience with BT IP Interconnect, their robust product, the intuitive GUI, their technical aptitude.”

Sam Richardson | Project Manager at Core Telecom

“Squire Technologies' expert support, and the flexible SVI_MG PSTN Media Gateway meant that our SIP trunk project as well as particular network and routing scenarios were handled.”

Phil O'Keeffe | Technical Director at 8el

“Squire Technologies shared our philosophy of exceeding customer expectations with robust services but their product reliability, user interface & technical expertise was exactly what we needed to be assured of long term success.”

Suprunov Gherman | Marketing Director at StarNet, Moldova

“What was important to us was to convert our SS7 protocols to ISDN at an affordable price allowing us provide our clients with the low cost call benefits.”

Joe Kimani | CEO at Flashcom, Kenya

“We can see why Squire-Technologies are the industry experts, they are providing unprecedented levels of control while delivering astounding results.”

Dmitry Shubin | Director of Business Development at IPVoIP

“Once we realised this software only alternative, making the decision was easy. Squires then demonstrated how quickly and simply we could be making calls.”

Davaajamts Choindon | Technical Director at Sky C&C, Mongolia

“It was a pleasure working with Squire and we are hoping to have more business in the near future.”

George Tagayanaki | Alcatel Lucent, Chiba, Japan

“Cable & Wireless UK has partnered with Stour Marine to provide hosting of the Stour Marine mobile number range. Squire Technologies' expert team helped us to work with Cable & Wireless staff moving the MGW through the detailed lab testing and network acceptance testing in record time.”

Ian MacIver | CEO at Stour Marine UK

“Squire Technologies' SS7 expertise and committed support allowed them to rapidly deliver against our specific network requests, I would highly recommend them.”

Sergei Kulyov | Nortel, Russia

“Our existing fleet of Cisco AS5400s were extremely power hungry and challenging to manage - the SS7 Media Gateway supplied by Squire Technologies has provided us a seamless single box solution.”

Paul Lees | Joint CEO at Powwownow, UK

“We chose to partner with Squire Technologies because of their reputation for providing high quality SS7 and VoIP equipment coupled with their excellent support. We wanted to offer VTI the best of breed solution to match their requirements.”

Dang Anh Phuong | CEO at ONE CORP, Vietnam

“Squire Technologies has supplied SVI_9225 SS7 to ISDN/R2 protocol converters to Ericsson India. The unit has been successfully deployed in the network and has worked without fault since deployment.”

Nitin Vishwakarma | Ericsson, India


“A swift webex demonstration of the product and an explanation of the media and signaling flow, confirmed the suitability with our existing Cisco media gateways and softswitch, furthermore Squire Technologies' excellent support and deployment team quickly established our physical SS7 connection with Telekom Srbija.”

Stanko Radovanovic | VoIP Development Manager at InfoTel Informatika, Serbia

“Extending the lifetime of our Cisco gateways was a distinct advantage. The media gateway controller meant we could terminate our SS7 without the significant cost of upgrading hardware and support.”

Weltje Hardi | Project Manager at Atlasat, Indonesia

“With previous PSTN interconnect experience with MTN Uganda, the globally deployed SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller was cost effective and a perfect fit for this requirement. Squire's SS7 interconnect now adds a level of service for Roke Telkom that users are demanding.”

James Byaruhanga | CTO at Roke Telkom, Uganda

“Coretel chose Squire Technologies as they were able to deliver an innovative combination of products to deliver our service. With the SVI_MGC we were also able to leverage our experience with the Alcatel-Lucent Gateways to help deliver our service. Squire Tech's support on the installation and commissioning of this deployment has been first class.”

Bret Mingo | Coretel CEO, Annapolis, USA

“We evaluated Gateways from three different suppliers regarding price and performance. The product that fulfilled our requirements best was SVI9225-PCI-4 from Squire Technologies. In spite of the tight time schedule - less than one month from order to operation - everything worked from day one.”

Arne Lindberg | Generic Mobile Systems Sweden AB

“Cisco House is a major distributor of Squire Technologies products in Pakistan. We are selling a large number of their SS7 to ISDN Protocol Converters, which have proven to be very cost-effective and highly reliable. Squire Technologies quality products are easy enough to install ourselves and their team provide very responsive technical support services.

Ahmad Hasib | Cisco House, Pakistan

“Our product team had mission critical deadlines, and required a robust signaling product to provide interop between SS7 ISUP and ISDN PRI at our Mobile Switching Centre (MSC).”

Fouad Essabab | Project Manager at Orange, Uganda

“The SVI-SDK allows us to manage the database ourselves, updating end points and routing through our back end office systems.”

Ryan Kalkhoven | Managing Director at VoipQ

“Your equipment has enabled us to open new markets in this region that previously would have been very difficult to approach and we are now experiencing steady growth in our business as a result.”

Michael Shurtleff | TKC Telecom, Quebec, Canada

“A key part of our GlobalSIM platform is a secure, scalable and flexible signalling network. We require a signalling solution that allows us to rapidly and reliably implement complex core network routing, enabling secure mobile network intelligence. Finally it is equally important for us to partner with a vendor we can count on, such as Squire Technologies, providing thought leadership in both traditional and evolved packet core networks.”

Mark Nicholson | CEO at Telecom26

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