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Telecoms terms and abbreviations can be a little confusing, even for the most experienced engineers. Here’s a short glossary of some of the terms we use.


Destination Point Code
The DPC is the Point Code Number for the piece of SS7 network equipment receiving SS7 Signalling
Digital Private Network Signalling System
A common channel signalling protocol for linking private digital exchanges (enabling PBX facilities such as call forwarding to work over the entire network)
Digital Subscriber Line
There are many forms of DSL - this is the transmission technology carrying signalling over the local loop
Digital Subscriber Signalling System no 1
This is an ISDN user network interface. It is a common channel digital access signalling system. ITU-T recommendation is Q.931 and ETSI EN 300 403-1
Dial Tone Multifrequency
A tone signalling system available to POTS users with a multi-frequency key pad