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Telecoms terms and abbreviations can be a little confusing, even for the most experienced engineers. Here’s a short glossary of some of the terms we use.


General Packet Radio Services
Packet switched data radio technology for GSM Networks. GPRS connections are always open giving mobile terminal users the same kind of network availability they may be used to from corporate networks. There are no set up and clear down times associated with data calls made via GPRS. Terminals can therefore effectively become a part of the Internet.
Group Reset Message
Gateway Switching Center
Global System for Mobile communication
TDMA based second generation mobile Cellular Radio technology, originated in Europe but now used in over 100 countries around the world. GSM supports voice, data and text messaging and allows roaming between different networks, which means that GSM users can take their phones with them to many parts of the world.
Global Title Translations
Global Title Value