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Telecoms terms and abbreviations can be a little confusing, even for the most experienced engineers. Here’s a short glossary of some of the terms we use.


A North American standard - 1.544 Mbps point-to-point dedicated, digital circuit provided by the telephone companies. T1 (DS1): 24 channels, 1.544 Mbps.See E1 for European standard.
Transaction Capabilities Application Part
Used for transporting non-circuit, transaction-oriented data across an SS7 network. Initially used for 800 number translation now used to implements services for applications such as GSM-MAP and IS-41. These applications provide IN services such as Home Location Register (HLR) or Short Message Service (SMS).
Transmission Control Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Time Division Multiple Access
A method of allowing lower-speed channels to share a high-speed communication circuit, by allocating separate time slots to each channel. Each channel has access to the entire bandwidth of the link for a restricted time.
Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
In a GSM network the VLR can assign a TMSI in place of an IMSI for definite identification purposes in the area handled by the VLR.
Telephone Users Part