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November 2011

Reducing CAPEX in West Africa with Squires Specialists SS7 Signaling

Forum Networks, Ghana's leading provider of Tele-conferencing solutions has recently implemented the largest conference bridge in West Africa, providing value added services to many of the continent's largest mobile and VoIP operators, including MTN Ghana.

As part of their network roll-out Forum Networks needed an SS7 interconnect. To keep their upfront CAPEX low they wanted to utilise existing Cisco Media Gateways in their network rather than replace them with an SS7 enabled Media Gateway. To achieve this they turned to SS7 specialists Squire Technologies who remotely deployed and installed the SVI-MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller . This significantly reduced their upfront CAPEX and gave them the security of working with global SS7 specialists for the installation and support of their interconnect.

"Squire Technologies presented the best solution to interconnect with our partner networks which was both well tested and easy to deploy. We have had a lot of technical input from Squire right from the design phase to the project's completion and we were impressed with their delivery” - Kow A. Sam, CEO, Forum Networks

Forum Networks is projecting rapid growth in traffic leaping from 3,000 to 10,000 concurrent calls within a year. This rapid growth trend is expected to accelerate as Forum expands into Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia with the long-term goal to provide their service to all locations in Africa. To scale at these levels a reliable SS7 to VoIP interconnect was required to continue to provide high quality and profitable service for Forum's fixed and mobile customers.


October 2011

Squire Delivering Specialist SS7 UK IUP Interconnect for WaveCrest

WaveCrest are one of Europe's largest providers of hosted telephony services, with increasing yearly revenues of £100M from its global wholesale and retail markets. To enhance their services to leading organisations in VoIP and calling card arenas WaveCrest undertook a major network migration project to implement a next generation network.

"In addition to the proven SVI functional superiority, Squire Technologies' flexible and timely installation and support services played a pivotally important role in rapidly streamlining and bridging our TDM network at a significantly reduced cost.” Rhys Williams, Chief Technical Officer WaveCrest

In order to fully benefit from this migration a cost effective TDM solution supporting interworking between ETSI ISUP & UK IUP was required. After consulting many leading companies, WaveCrest chose 'SS7 Specialists' Squire Technologies, whose SVI-9220 SS7 Protocol Converter solution enabled WaveCrest to utilise their existing infrastructure and media gateways with a signalling only solution, resulting in a substantial reduction of the capital expenditure.

The Squire Technologies' SS7 Protocol Converter was integrated into the network specifically for seamless protocol conversion of UK IUP, providing a powerful, fully scalable SS7 Signalling solution with support for up to 128 SS7 Signalling links, dual redundancy and a fully featured management interface.

October 2011

Lightspeed Securing Next Generation Network with Squire SBC

Lightspeed Communications, Bahrain’s first alternate service provider deploy Squire Technologies state of the art Session Border Controller (SVI-SBC) to secure their NGN network.


"Having worked with Squire Technologies’ to deploy a SS7 to VoIP Media Gateway (SVI-MG), we were confident about Squire’s product quality and service levels. When the need to deploy the SBC arose Squire Technologies’ was the first point of contact for securing our NGN network. Quick and Smooth Deployment of the SBC further assured us of the flexibility of their solutions.” - said Mr. Abdulrahman Ghazal, IT&N Manager Lightspeed Communications.

"With businesses being our target market, voice quality and security are of our top priority. With the deployment of SBC we are able to ensure that both criteria are met and benefited from by our customers”- added Mr. Abdulrahman.

Key Benefits Included


The SVI-SBC provides a comprehensive range of security functionality including: DoS/DDoS Prevention, Firewall/NAT traversal, Malformed, Packet Protection, Rogue RTP Protection, SRTP, TLS Signalling and Topology Hiding etc.

Carrier Grade

The SVI-SBC is able to provide a high availability platform to meet the service level agreement and the high quality of service the subscribers and regulatory bodies expect.

Feature Rich

Managed through the intuitive web based Graphic User Interface (SVI-MS) this feature rich product allows Class 4 switching, CLI Based Number Modification and Transcoding with a comprehensive range of call control & operations functionality.

August 2011

iBurst South Africa, Expanding into SMS Services with Squire Technologies SMSG Gateway

iBurst, Johannesburg based ISP provides quality services for global connectivity in the South African market and has completed the broad expansion of its SMS network service delivery. As a strategic move to compliment its wholesale voice services and enhance revenues, iBurst decided to implement Squires’ wholesale SMS solution and position itself within the mobile messaging market.

The burgeoning African SMS market is a hotbed of innovation, engineering ever more text messaging applications and services for end-users, and iBurst having already deployed Squire Technologies’ SVI-MG Media Gateway for wholesale voice were able to easily implement the SMSG Gateway software upgrade adding competitive wholesale SMS services to their portfolio.

Utilising the existing platform, allowed iBurst to send and receive SMS via SS7 whilst supporting SS7 interconnect over traditional TDM networks and Next Generation IP networks via SIGTRAN.

Mr. Nazeer Adam Project Manager at iBurst, "Finding a long-term strategic solution with Squire Technologies has been very advantageous. Our initial investment of the Media Gateway (SVI-MG) deployment was scalable enough to upgrade and utilise the SS7 links to terminate SMS. Integrating the SMS Gateway to our existing platform enables further revenue generation and is crucial to our plan to deliver products with the highest levels of customer service, whilst building stakeholder value.”

About iBurst
iBurst (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive service provider company to Wireless Business Solutions and has been in operation since 1 May 2005. iBurst uses a wide-area mobile broadband technology, offering a unique combination of speed, range and high base-station capacity, which allows the provision of affordable high-speed Internet connections.


Sanjeev Verma, Global Sales Director, Squire Technologies. "With their sights set on the future, iBurst also saw great advantage in the scalability that the Squire Technologies Media & SMS Gateway offer. We strive to be completely transparent with clients, by engaging with them to identify the best possible network solutions to maximize revenues. Squire Technologies’ products and services are continually being developed to ensure we support our customer’s growth."

July 2011

Middle East Operator MovinGulf Deploys Squire NGN Switch

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) liberalised the regulations governing the use of IP Telephony Technology throughout the Middle East (ME).

This has allowed Tier 1 and Tier 2 Operators to take advantage of IP telephony technology for the first time. MovinGulf took immediate action by establishing a Retail Calling Card Solution for outbound international calls.

To maximise their customers experience MovinGulf required a NGN Switch to interconnect IP & TDM networks from Vodafone / Zain and Batelco over STM1 Optical Interface using SS7 protocol. As a new service it was essential to provide reliable, high quality voice calls at a cost the market would respond to. The SVI-MG 8000 Media Gateway offered by Squire Technologies stood out from the competition, while additionally the advanced management & monitoring features of the SVI-MS interface enables system administrators to effectively manage system resources.

Mohammed Faraj, Managing Director of MovinGulf "To be the leader in the market we needed to react quickly, with superior call quality and reliability. Squire Technologies responded by providing technical expertise; a seamless integration and training ensured our solution was installed and supported to the highest calibre. No call interruptions have been faced since the new system has been installed"

MovinGulf deliver a wide range of services incorporating Telecom, IT, Mobile-Application development and Smart building solutions. Offering applications and solutions that enables voice and data services to be provided to users as well voice and data convergence on one single IP network and other industry specific customized solutions.


Sanjeev Verma Global Sales Director Squire Technologies
"The proactive decision of the GCC to liberalise policy on IP communications has allowed corporations and end users to benefit from cost efficient voice and data communications with the entire world. We are proud to support MovinGulf in leading the field as service innovators in Bahrain with carrier grade solutions".

June 2011

Session Border Controller: Securing Next Generation Networks for AWCC

Afghan Wireless Communications Company (AWCC) is Afghanistan’s largest national provider of telecommunication services.

After launching the nation’s first wireless communications service in 2002, AWCC keeping up to date with the latest technology, implemented a state of the art NGN switch in their network allowing them to enhance the subscriber experience while opening opportunities for additional revenue generation.

AWCC were aware of the significant security risk of allowing the world's operators to connect, via the public IP network, directly to their Mobile Switching Centre (MSC). The solution was to place the robust Session Border Controller (SVI-SBC) of Squire Technologies between their private and the public IP networks.

Key Benefits Included


Security was the foremost concern of AWCC while looking for an SBC solution. The SVI-SBC is a formidable guardian providing a comprehensive range of security functionality including: DoS/DDoS Prevention, Firewall/NAT traversal, HTTPS/SSH Management, IPSEC, Malformed Packet Protection, Rogue RTP Protection, SRTP, TLS Signalling and Topology Hiding.

Carrier Grade

AWCC, being a Tier1 national operator, needed a high availability platform to meet the service level agreement and the high quality of service the subscribers and regulatory bodies expect. The SVI-SBC was able to meet and exceed the High Availability standards providing a carrier grade, five 9's fully scalable architecture.

Feature Rich

Managed through the intuitive web based Graphic User Interface (SVI-MS) this feature rich product allows Class 4 switching, CLI Based Number Modification and Transcoding with a comprehensive range of call control & operations functionality. AWCC has benefited significantly from the un-paralleled levels of functionality and manageability added to their system architecture.


Sanjeev Verma Global Sales Development Director of Squire Technologies added "The importance of robustly securing Private Networks is hugely significant when providing NGN services to the nation that is developing a modern infrastructure and expanding services." The threat posed by system attack from the public domain is profoundly significant with implications as far reaching as, data loss, service outage and the long term damage to business reputation our SBC is a potent and reliable security network element. Securing the next generation networks and the future of telecommunications.

June 2011

VTI Vietnamese International Operator's TDM-NGN Plan

 As Vietnam Telecom International (VTI), a subsidiary of VNPT group, expand their voice network we take a retrospective look into the strategic decisions and the effects received by VTI and their customers over the last 3 years.

2009 - The Deployment

VTI deployed the flagship product as a Carrier Grade NGN Switch to allow 'Any to Any' connection for cost effective, scalable TDM network breakout to 'All IP' networks. With an astonishing array of functionality this product ensures flexibility, stability and high quality communications well into the future.

2010 - The Expansion

The flexibility and scalability of the solution ensured VTI were able to efficiently expand their services. In 2010 they took advantage of this and expanded their switch to support a total capacity of 16.5 Million BHCA. Once again exceeding their customers needs.


2011 - The Future

VTI's Vietnamese and global customers receive better call quality, better pricing and evolving services, responding with far greater customer loyalty, repeat business and provide significant commercial benefits. With 'future ready' features including, Local Number Portability and Lawful Intercept, VTI can seamlessly adapt to government mandates and regulations when necessary as well as delivering new and enhanced services.

"State owned Tier 1 operator VTI has built their future on a scalable, carrier grade NGN Network based on our Technology; Providing their subscribers with high quality, affordable services"
Sanjeev Verma - Regional Sales Director Squire Technologies


April 2011

Upgrading Softswitch to Enable SS7 Interconnect Proves Hugely Efficient for UK based Core Telecom

 Core Telecom was able to enhance their existing Squire Technologies Class 4 Soft Switch (SVI-C4) with SS7-IP interconnect via a remote software upgrade into 'any to any' NGN Media Gateway Controller.

The flexibility and rapid enhancement of the SVI-C4 supported the continued growth of Core Telecom while allowing them to maintaining the highest levels of service quality.

Core Telecom is an independent Telecommunications Network, which specialises in supplying bespoke, industry leading inbound call solutions, specifically designed to improve the way companies handle their telephony infrastructure. Focused on providing premium Wholesale termination at competitive, stable, mobile and UK landline termination rates; as well as thousands of memorable Non-Geographic numbers, Core Telecom is able to provide Control, quality and differentiation to its clients.

In 2010 Core Telecom installed a single plane Class 4 soft switch, from Squire Technologies, for 'All IP' routing and protocol conversion, enabling IP Exchange interconnect with BT.

Core Telecom took advantage of the flexibility provided by the Class 4 Soft Switch (SVI-C4) by continuing to work with Squire Technologies with a remote upgrade. This delivered not only interoperability with SS7 but also a carrier grade system architecture that will expand quickly and efficiently into the future.


"Strategically planning our system development with a reliable partner, who has a product portfolio that is designed to expand and support our growing needs, has proven to deliver outstanding results. With unparalleled ease of integration with SS7, the system enhancing upgrade ensured our customers continue to receive the highest quality of service available. From a management perspective, using a single online management system (SVI-MS) to control multiple boxes and features has made integration into our organisation seamless", commented Mr. Sam Richardson, Senior Engineer, Core Telecom.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director of Squire Technologies added "As network dynamics evolve it is important for companies throughout the world to implement flexible solutions that will evolve and adapt to meet their ever changing needs. By providing cost effective, easy to migrate solutions, Squire Technologies is in a unique position to help us support our customers as they grow."

As the 'All IP' world grows in dominance, providers need to build now with their future success in mind. By developing your system with a business partner that offers products designed to efficiently adapt and enhance telecommunications and NGN services it is the end user that benefits.

March 2011

South African Operator's Voice & SMS 'Enabling Technology' is Squire Technologies' NGN Switch

International operator Telfree provides innovative unified communication solutions combining Calls, Chat, Push Email and SMS delivered via their award winning mobile and web based applications.

In order to provide their retail and corporate clients with a seamless unified communication solution Telfree required at the core of their network a carrier grade Next Generation switch. This was delivered using Squire Technologies SVI-MG 1000 SS7 Media Gateway combining carrier grade SS7 interconnect with comprehensive support for next generation technologies SIP and SIGTRAN.

Ruan Malan, Chief Technology Officer, TelFree Group International quoted. "We have used Squire Technologies product for more than 5 years and I am delighted to have witnessed the high level of competence and commitment displayed by the team throughout this project. We could immediately see a considerable improvement over the old system. We are assured of a quick ROI and better service delivery options in partnership with Squire Technologies."

Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies Regional Sales Director, commented "Africa is experiencing rapid growth in the Telecommunications sector. In order to meet the needs of this growing market it is imperative for operators to implement scalable yet compact solutions keeping both CAPEX and OPEX low. Squire is in the unique position to meet these requirements efficiently and effectively."

By replacing multiple Cisco units with a single SVI-MG , Telfree reduced the physical complexity of their SS7 to IP network resulting in a single management interface and significantly improved performance, throughput and reduced power consumption.

The TelFree Group is a privately owned group of companies headquartered in Switzerland with extensive operations in South Africa, which provide value-added communication services of the next generation.

March 2011

Vietnamese International Operator Completes 2nd Expansion of Squire Media Gateway

Scalable Squires Media Gateway Delivers Seamless Network Expansion for Asian Telco

As Vietnam is experiencing one of the highest rates of telecommunications growth in the world, Vietnam Telecom International (VTI), a subsidiary of VNPT group, expands to support 16.5 Million BHCA on its Squire Media Gateway SVI-MG 8000.

In 2009 VTI deployed Squire Technologies' flagship product 'SVI-MG 8000' to handle their International Traffic; providing scalability, improved call stability, percentage routing and call management, as well as extensive 'all IP' services.

In 2010, with VTI customers receiving seamless, stable and reliable telephone services, demand greatly exceeded expectations. VTI, keen to ensure their customers' needs were exceeded, have returned to Squire Technologies to expand by a further 50% to be able to support a total capacity of 16.5 Million BHCA.

"VTI continues to cater to increased demand in National and International calls, especially peaking over Chinese New Year but VTI systems needed to expand even further. SVI-Media GatewayThe , with its high availability and ease of scalability has proven to be the product a Tier1 International Operator can build their future on." Mr. Danh Anh Phuong. CEO One Corp "



As Squire Technologies continue to establish itself as the flexible technical innovators of the telecommunications industry, the Asian market is quickly taking advantage and deploying these robust solutions. Squire Technologies' commitment to the region has been re-enforced by its development of a network of Channel partners, including 'ONE CORP' who have been a value added partner to Squire Technologies in Vietnam."

Sanjeev Verma, Regional Sales Director of Squire Technologies added "The Vietnamese government has invested heavily in a 'future proof' telecommunications infrastructure through VTI. This strategy has resulted in enhanced quality and explosive growth in demand. As a UK company we are very proud to be part of this strategic expansion."

February 2011

SMS over SS7/IP | Enhancing Revenues on Existing Equipment

SMS traffic continues its extra-ordinary rise despite the recessionary pressures experienced globally in recent years. Its innate responsiveness and increased popularity within the social networking and corporate marketing, provides a potent mix that mobile operators and service providers capitalise to enhance revenues.

Falling call rates, fast changing revenue streams and the ever increasing demands to improve quality are major factors driving operators with existing SS7 interconnects to consider this lucrative additional SMS revenue. Typically service providers are offered new connections by major carriers via an SMSC (Short Message Service Center), yet increasing transaction charges can readily hit profit margins.

The SMS Gateway solution provided by Squire Technologies, enables service providers to connect directly to an operator’s core network over an existing SS7 connection, thereby reducing transaction charges and improving margins.

Building on Squire Technologies' core SS7 expertise the SVI-SMSG provides a highly flexible, and scalable carrier grade SS7 SMS Gateway, allowing operators to send and receive SMS via SS7/SMPP whilst supporting SS7 interconnect over traditional TDM networks and next generation IP networks via SIGTRAN.

Introducing SMS termination into service providers’ portfolio, is an ideal way to grow revenue via added value services, and as marketeers innovate greater wholesale and B2C solutions this further reinforces its use as part of a service providers’ strategy.

"We strive to work with our clients on their existing infrastructure to deliver the future of our industry today, ensuring a significant Return On Investment (ROI) for our customers and maximising the value of our products and services." Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies

To implement SMS as part of your strategy, contact sales at Squire Technologies.

January 2011

Eloquant Expands TDM to SIP with Squire Softswitch

Eloquant, a French Telecoms Operator has experienced tremendous growth and saw opportunity in the future of communications within the 'IP' World. When interconnecting two of the largest operators in France Eloquant needed a robust and flexible solution that would continue to support their growing needs well into the future.

Expanding into the 'All IP' Future

When Eloquant first approached Squire Technologies in 2006 for a STM-1 (Fibre to E1) interconnect with TDM they needed a solution that would expand with their business. With over 4 years successful growth, supported by the adaptable SVI-Media Gateway SVI-MG) (Eloquant saw it was necessary to take further advantage of the expanding 'all IP' environment.

"We thoroughly researched the market for SIP interconnect solutions, although Squire Technologies did not offer the sharpest price in the market, with their strong products, technical support, because of our relationship and product operation experience, they were our final choice. We have been using Squire Technologies products for over 4 years and they have proven to be thoroughly reliable and well supported products. With the growth and success of our organisation in the frame we decided to rely on the Squire Technologies C4 Softswitch solution"
Brian Wyld Managing Director Eloquant, France

VoIP interconnect is the future and when interconnecting two of the largest operators in France Eloquant needed to feel assured. The C4 Softswitch of Squire Technologies provided them with all the functionality they needed. From comprehensive VoIP protocol conversion between SIP/H.323/SIP-I/SIP-T signalling, scalability from 500 to 10,000 simultaneous calls in a single chassis and full redundancy with automatic fail-over the C4 Softswitch ensures 100% uninterrupted service stability. This provides customers with unparalleled service now and as the Eloquant network continues to grow into the future.

"We were please to hear that Eloquant experienced expedient ROI with this product. We relentlessly strive to ensure our products deliver the adaptability, stability and reliability businesses depend upon for success. At Squire Technologies we are proud to have a long relationship with Eloquant and look forward to continuing that development well into the future"
Oliver Reynolds-McGowan, UK & European Sales Manager, Squire Technologies.