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November 2012

Class 5 Softswitch with Session Border Controller Functionality Enabled as part of Squire's SVI Release 11

Squire Technologies have announced the release of a carrier-grade Class 5 Softswitch (SVI-C5) with built-in Session Border Controller functionality as part of their latest software upgrade: the SVI Release 11. The Class 5 is also deployed in a highly-available architecture, making it one of the most secure and resilient Class 5 Softswitches currently available.

The SVI Release 11 has enabled the standard Class 5 features common across the industry such as call forwarding, select call acceptance/rejection, Voicemail and Voice Announcement along with a host of other features. Having assessed the market, Squire have taken their C5 a stage further than many in the industry and included Session Border Control (SBC) functionality within their C5 package in order to increase the overall security of the service.

Squire's Marketing Manager, Matt Watts, explained the reasoning behind the increased security, "Our market research noted that Denial of Service attacks were an increasing concern for our customers, so it was a sensible move to provide the class 5 softswitch with Session Border Control functionality built in." The SBC functions provide the SVI-C5 with comprehensive firewall security alongside state of the art Denial of Service (DOS) protection. The SVI-C5 is delivered in a dual-redundant formation, which provides carrier-grade 99.999% availability.

Another defining feature that Squire believe will benefit their customers is combining of the Class 5 with their SQL Development Kit, the SVI-SDK. Joe Williamson, Squire's Product Manager explains why, "One of the defining features of any Class 5 softswitch are the services it provides. Our SDK enables the customer to rapidly create and deploy new services, which is something we've already seen put to great use by customers working with residential services in particular."

The Class 5 Softswitch is administered through Squire's Management System, the SVI-MS, but they have also developed a new Self-Care Web Portal to enable users of the Class 5 to configure their services in a secure environment. Joe continues, "Class 5 services are all about configuration, and the feedback we've had about the portal has been unilaterally positive in that it allows for straightforward setup of all the services we offer, whilst also allowing our customers to present the portal under their own branding."


October 2012

The Perfect PGW Replacement: SVI MGC Controller Deployed by Asian System Integrator AsiaTel

Squire Technologies, the leading provider of SS7 solutions to the telecommunications industry, are pleased to announce that Asian system integrator AsiaTel have deployed yet another Squire Media Gateway Controller for one of their customers. AsiaTel have deployed the Media Gateway Controller as a direct replacement for the Cisco PGW, which has seen its End-of-Life sale date pass recently. The Media Gateway Controller will enable AsiaTel's customer to continue using their incumbent Cisco Media Gateways while achieving connectivity between TDM and VoIP networks.

One of the key factors in choosing a provider was that the Media Gateway Controller needed to provide compatibility with the client's incumbent Cisco AS5400 Media Gateways. AsiaTel's Technical Director Chiou Che Ooi explained, "We receive numerous requests like these for interoperability, and receiving a proof of concept from Squire Technologies allowed us to be assured that the end user would receive precisely the functionality they required."

The Media Gateway Controller has been deployed after AsiaTel demonstrated the product to their client in the required network configuration. Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies' Global Sales Director, was quick to praise AsiaTel's role in deploying the MGC, "We're very proud of our Global Partner Channel and AsiaTel is one of our more established partners, having first done business with them in 2007. We've been impressed with their professionalism throughout our time with them, and once again they've delivered excellent customer service to their end user."

Squire Technologies have experienced increased sales of their Media Gateway Controller throughout 2012, which they attribute partly to Cisco announcing the End of Life of their PGW range of softswitches and software. Simon Dinnage, Squire's Business Development Director explains, "One of the key industry concerns this year has been how to continue using the Cisco equipment whilst accessing new networks; just as the PGW allows you to do. Our MGC has 10 years of operational experience behind it, and offers full interoperability with the PGW as well as the Media Gateways from Alcatel-Lucent and AudioCodes."

This Media Gateway Controller has been installed remotely, with the end customer installing the software on their own servers, a frequent installation choice. Simon continues, "Our MGC is one of the few that can be delivered as a true software only option, allowing customers to save money by deploying it on their own servers. Customers also benefit from a shorter installation time when choosing this deployment method, which is another reason why it has proven so popular.


September 2012

Cisco PGW Replacement: The SVI-MGC Installed for Balkans Integrator, Telemach

Squire Technologies, the leading providers of SS7 Solutions to the telecommunications industry, are pleased to announce the successful deployment of a Media Gateway Controller for Telemach in Bosnia, their fourth installation for the company. Telemach are part of the Mid Europa Group, who also own Serbian telecommunications company SBB. Squire and SBB have a longstanding relationship, with previous deployments in Slovenia and Serbia, both of which also involved Squire's Media Gateway Controller.

Telemach were seeking to rapidly expand their network whilst also continuing the usage of their existing Cisco Media Gateways. The End of Life announcement from Cisco regarding their PGW range of Softswitches and Software meant that Telemach were seeking a solution that offered full interoperability with their Media Gateways, and could be delivered in a software version; both of which they knew Squire could provide.

Telemach's Director of Voice Service, Marko Miletic explains, "Having used Squire on three previous occasions, we were confident of their ability to provide us with a solution to be used in conjunction with our Cisco Media Gateways, whilst the fact we could receive it as software meant we could also utilise existing servers. Once again, Squire have helped us to expand our network through providing greater functionality to our existing equipment, saving us money in the process."

Squire's Media Gateway Controller, which was deployed for Telemach in a dual redundant formation, has been one of Squire's most popular products this year, as the company also announced that it is now deployed in more than 50 countries worldwide.


September 2012

Cisco End-of-Life Announcement Sparks Increased Demand for Squire Technologies

The telecommunications industry has recently been part of the continuing shift towards cloud technology, a trend that is perhaps best highlighted by Cisco's End-Of-Life Announcements for their SS7 based ranges; the PGW and ITP. With Cisco withdrawing these product ranges, other companies are benefiting from increased interest in products which can act as replacements or alternatives. One such company is Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecommunications industry. Their Media Gateway Controlleracts as a replacement for the PGW, and offers compatibility with Cisco Media Gateways, amongst others, whilst the SS7 Signalling Gateway and Signal Transfer Point (STP) perform the functions fulfilled by Cisco's ITP, leaving them well placed to benefit from the announcements.

When asked for thoughts on the ongoing shift towards cloud-based technology, Squire's Product Manager , Joe Williamson, stated that both deployment methods will have their place. He explains, "There are certainly benefits to be had in cloud based technology. However, the greater degree of control will always be found by customers using their own technology. This is especially relevant when customers are looking to leverage new services through their network or troubleshooting network problems , using cloud technology will make this harder as it won't simply be working with the customer's own network, but also that of their 3rd party cloud provider. There will also always be a need for physical TDM based connections, and we're committed to meeting this demand long-term."

Of the two Cisco alternatives, Squire's first reported increase in sales came after the announcement regarding the PGW, as their Media Gateway Controller (MGC) is a direct alternative and can be deployed as both hardware and software. The PGW enables VoIP-SS7 connections utilising Cisco Media Gateways, the Squire's performs the same functions, whilst also offering interoperability with other suppliers Media Gateways. Sanjeev Verma, Squire's Global Sales Director, attributes the success to the variety of deployment options offered with the MGC. "There is a lot of flexibility with our MGC; we offer a software only option as well as the traditional hardware model. This enables customers to use existing infrastructure if they have it, or buy new from us if they need to. To compliment that choice, we also offer remote or onsite installation and training, again allowing customers to choose a method which is best suited to them."

More recently, Cisco announced the end of life of their ITP range, which subsequently saw Squire notice an increase in demand for their SS7 Signalling Gateway and STP , which perform the dual functions performed by the ITP. Sanjeev continues, "The ITP is a versatile product, and as such it can be deployed for different purposes. We handle these purposes through two dedicated products: the STP and the SG."


July 2012

Media Gateway Controller Enables US Carrier CoreTel to Create New Services

Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecoms industry, are pleased to announce that they have enabled US carrier CoreTel to create new services over the Media Gateway Controller. These new services are the latest development in the two companies' long running relationship, which began over 6 years ago when CoreTel acquired Signalling Transfer Points and Media Gateway Controllers for their traffic termination service which hosted 20,000 concurrent calls. The latest solution again utilises the Media Gateway Controller alongside Squire's SQL Development Kit to enable a new origination service. Upon the call originating, the Media Gateway Controllers (SVI-MGC) gathers information such as LNP, 800 and CNAME utilising the SQL SDK, in order to route the call based on CoreTel's chosen routing logic.

This isn't the first time that CoreTel have benefited from the SQL SDK, as it initially provided ease of management for their MGC configuration, as they could implement routing logic immediately across each MGC instance rather than changing each MGC individually. As their services evolved, so too did their requirements from their SQL functionality, as their CEO, Bret Mingo, explains; "When we utilised the SQL Software Development Kit in 2007 with the MGCs we were impressed with how it improved our management and administration of our system, so it was logical to look to the SDK again for our more recent traffic origination service. The SQL SDK allowed us to create a solution to perform LNP, 800 and CNAME look-ups in cooperation with the incumbent MGCs. In short, the SQL SDK has allowed us to develop the services we wanted to deliver, in the time frames we wanted to them in."

Squire Technologies Business Development Director, Simon Dinnage, pointed to the flexibility of the SQL SDK as one of the key factors behind the ongoing relationship with CoreTel, "When we initially investigated developing the SQL SDK we knew that it would have a number of different applications; CoreTel have been a great testament to its versatility. We've seen the SDK deployed alongside a number of our products, which illustrates just how flexible the service is. We're pleased to be able to deliver the possibility of customisation to our customers, such as CoreTel who require a solution to allow them to create their own service logic."

Squire's SQL Development Kit can be used across the entire SVI range of products, from the Media Gateway, Signal Transfer Points and Protocol Converters which reside the TDM marketplace, through to the Session Border Controllers and Class 4 Softswitches which form Squire's VoIP based offering.


July 2012

Squire Enables Network Expansion for Combis with Media Gateway Controller

Squire Technologies, a leading provider of carrier grade SS7, VoIP and NGN solutions to the telecoms industry, are pleased to announce the successful installation of their Media Gateway Controllers (SVI-MGC) for Combis, one of Croatia's foremost system integrators. The MGC was deployed to enable Combis to utilise both SS7 and VoIP networks whilst continuing to use their existing Cisco Media Gateways.

One of the critical factors for Combis when selecting their Media Gateway Controller was the pedigree of the service they would receive, as Network Manager Juraj Markotic revealed, "The Media Gateway Controller project came about as we were seeking to connect to one of the largest carriers in Montenegro, so having a track record of such interconnects was one of our key criteria. We have seen Squire interconnect with notable carriers such as BT and France Telecom and felt that with this kind of track record we could be sure of the quality of their product."

Squire's Business Development Director, Simon Dinnage, added, "The Media Gateway Controller deployment for Combis reflects a continuing trend of customers looking for Media Gateway Controllers in order to expand their network's reach, a trend which has escalated after Cisco announced the End of Life of their PGW range of softswitches and software. Combis provide a great example of how a company can gain operability with new networks by adding new functionality to an existing network rather than starting from scratch."

In addition to a proven track record of large scale interconnects, Combis also needed a solution that would provide them with a high availability system, which Squire achieved by deploying their Media Gateway Controllers in a dual redundant formation.

Squire Technologies' Media Gateway Controllers have enabled companies using Media Gateways from the likes of Cisco, Alcatel Lucent and AudioCodes to expand their network reach whilst maximising the use of their existing infrastructure.


June 2012

Squire Supplies VoipQ with Session Border Controllers and their SQL Development Kit

Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecommunications industry, are pleased to announce that they have deployed a Session Border Controller for VoipQ, one of Europe's leading providers of VoIP services to the SME sector. The SBC deployment utilised Squire's SQL Development Kit (SDK) which allowed VoipQ to create their own service logic, thereby enabling them to make decisions on service factors such as routing and billing.

VoipQ, who are based in the Netherlands, were seeking carrier grade Session Border Controllers to further expand their Wholesale VoIP business. In order to maintain their high-availability services, VoipQ needed a dual redundant system with the ability to dictate their own service parameters.

Ryan Kalkhoven, VoipQ's Managing Director explained that using the SDK was a decision made after the SBC's deployment, "We were looking for a carrier grade Session Border Controller solution. The Squire SVI-SBC ticked all the right boxes in terms of VoIP interoperability, price, installation and post sales support. Once we began to deploy the solution we soon realised that the volume and complexity of the routing would be handled far better through an external SQL database. We spoke with Squire and they said this would not be an issue and that they would develop this functionality using their SQL Development Kit - the SVI-SDK. We now manage the database ourselves updating end points and routing through our back end office systems."

Simon Dinnage, Squire's Business Development Director, noted that the SDK is an increasingly popular service with Squire's customers, "Traditionally, providers would deliver products such as the SBC with service logic already implemented via their own SQL databases. As the industry has evolved, we've understood the need to deliver a greater array of functionality to our customers, and the SDK is a natural progression for us. The SDK has seen the fastest growing demand of any of our services, which is understandable as telecommunication providers will always seek to implement their own best-practice logic, which is exactly what the SDK allows."

Squire's SDK allows the customer to define their own routing logic via industry standard SQL Stored Procedures. These are stored on the Database Management System to be triggered over an SQL-API whenever a routing decision is required. What this means for the customer is a far greater degree of choice and flexibility as the customer decides on the routing criteria and logic. The SDK also allows the customer to access their current subscribers/routing databases allowing them an improved speed of deployment.


June 2012

Squire Technologies Deploys STM1 Media Gateway for Nextrac Communications PTE Ltd

Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecommunications industry, are pleased to announce that they have successfully deployed a Media Gateway for Nextrac Telecommunications PTE Ltd. Nextrac, who are one of the region's leading Wholesale VoIP providers, were seeking a solution in order to allow traffic to and from Bangladesh, which needed to interconnect with the government based BTCL over SS7 using an STM1 interface.

Nextrac needed a telecommunication solution which would maintain their overall business ethos of high availability carrier grade services. They recognised that they would need a dual redundant system which would provide transcoding capabilities and in built Media Gateway Controller and Softswitch functionality.

Nextrac's Managing Director, Ashraful Alam, noted the importance of scalability when selecting the Squire Technology Media Gateway, "When searching for our interconnect solution, we recognised the Squire brand and sought to discover more about what their product could achieve. Being able to start with a single STM1 interface and upgrade to 10 STM1s or more was the critical factor in our selection process."

Squire's Sales Director, Sanjeev Verma, highlighted that the Nextrac solution displayed many of Squire's strengths, "While we're delighted to be part of the growth in the Asia-Pacific region, we're particularly pleased about the Nextrac deployment as it reflects Squire's ability to provide high quality carrier grade solutions in a cost effective manner."

Sanjeev continued, "With the region enjoying such growth, we're looking forward to attending CommunicAsia and are excited to meet with our current customers as well as seeking new business opportunities."


May 2012

US Telecom Solutions Specialist Soleo Deploy Squire Technologies Media Gateway as Part of Innovative Solution for European Carrier

Squire Technologies, the signalling specialists to the telecoms industry are pleased to announce that their Media Gateway has been selected by Soleo Communications, Inc. (Soleo) to enable an innovative new solution for a major European carrier.

Soleo provides telecommunication solutions for carriers and advertising partners around the globe. They will be deploying the Media Gateway into the network of a major European telecommunications provider. In particular, Soleo will be utilising the SVI-MG to enable their customer to transfer callers to directory assistance when they reach a business whose number has gone out of service.

To deliver this new service Soleo utilised Squire's R&D services, to modify Squire's SS7 Media Gateway to deliver the additional functionality the new service would require. Soleo's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Kemp, praised the expertise of the Squire Labs team, "We came to Squire with specific requirements for a product, and have been delighted with the knowledge and expertise their team have shown. They've worked closely with our team to ensure that the end product they delivered was in line with our requirements."

Simon Dinnage, Squire's Business Development Director, added, "Our laboratory team have once again excelled in providing a customised solution to one of our customers. We were impressed with Soleo's innovative new service, and have enjoyed working with them to enable its provision."

Squire's Laboratory service provides their customers with access to VoIP and SS7 engineers who have over 20 years of industry experience. The Soleo solution is the latest example of how they help to take clients ideas and turn them into profitable services.


April 2012

Lightspeed Expands Network with Squire Technologies Products and Services

Lightspeed Communications, Bahrain's leading fixed line telecommunications operator and an affiliate of France Telecom, have recently completed the expansion of their network by deploying Squire Technologies Session Border Controller and Media Gateway. This extension comes on the back of Squire's report of record sales for the past 12 months across their entire range of products and services.

Lightspeed Bahrain initially began working with Squire in 2010 when they deployed an SS7 Media Gateway (SVI_MG) in a dual redundant architecture.

Abdulrahman Ghazal, Technical Manager of Lightspeed, reflected upon the experiences of working with Squire, "We first deployed the SS7 Media Gateway from Squire utilising their technical expertise in cooperation with our own to establish the service. Having had a positive experience, we approached Squire again when we were seeking a Session Border Controller. Our network required a solution which could support the industry standard protocols alongside a high level of customisation which would enable the ongoing use of our legacy infrastructure. Once again, Squire provided an exceptional service, delivering the required customisation at no additional cost, which reaffirmed our view that they are committed to customer service. Throughout our time with Squire we've benefited from their exemplary support service; their expertise and attention to detail being key reasons why our relationship continues to grow."

Squire's Managing Director, Andy cooper, noted that the increasingly central role that Squire's products and services are playing in customers' infrastructure has directly contributed to their recently reported record sales figures, "With the development of our new solutions, such as the Next Generation Switch, and indeed the continued evolution of products such as the Media Gateway Controller and Session Border Controller, customers are now trusting us to provide the central ised point of their networks. This in turn has boosted sales of our support services, as customers want to be assured that help is on hand should they need it."

Squire offers a range of support services to enable their customers to choose the most suitable level for their company, with the Platinum support package offering the customer direct phone access to the Product Engineers round the clock. Andy continues, "When we established our support packages, we decided that the best team to handle specific product questions were the product engineers themselves. By giving customers direct access to the team we save them a great deal of time and effort, and ensure that their requests are handled in the shortest time possible."


March 2012

Squire Technologies Deploys SVI-MGC into 50th Country

Squire Technologies, a leading provider of SS7 and VoIP solutions to the telecoms industry, have announced that they have successfully deployed their Media Gateway Controller (MGC) for Telemach Slovenia. Telemach is a part of the Mid Europa Partners, a fund which amongst others owns Serbian telecommunications company SBB. Squire has a longstanding relationship with SBB, having previously installed the MGC for SBB subsidiaries in Serbia in 2009 with a further installation due in Bosnia later in 2012. With this latest deployment, Squire's MGC is now used in 50 countries across the world.

Telemach was looking to further expand their network, and needed to establish interconnects with their existing Cisco based infrastructure, whilst maintaining the network's dual redundant capabilities.

Marko Miletic, Group Director for Voice Services, explained how Squire Technologies were able to meet their requirements, "Being the leading alternative provider of telephone service in Slovenia meant that we needed to be sure of the reliability of the service, whilst we also wanted to continue using our existing Cisco equipment as we moved into the VoIP market. Naturally, we considered many different providers for the Media Gateway Controller, including Cisco themselves with their PGW range. We found that the SVI-MGC of Squire was the most cost effective and crucially, an easy to implement solution."

Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies' Sales Director, was particularly pleased with the longevity of the relationship between the two companies, "Obviously we are happy that Telemach was able to meet their needs with our SVI-MGC, particularly in terms of enabling SS7 over their existing Cisco Media Gateways. The most satisfying element for us has been our ongoing relationship with SBB and Telemach, as we've been privileged to play a key role in working with them to develop their telephony network over the past few years. Thanks to our customer service and technical support we have turned a one-off purchase into a mutually beneficial on-going relationship which I am confident will continue for years to come."

About the SVI-MGC

Initially released in 2004, the SVI-MGC is unique in that it enables legacy third party media gateways, such as those from Cisco , AudioCodes and Alcatel-Lucent, to be used in networks which feature VoIP. Squire Technologies also recently reported record sales levels of the SVI-MGC, which they attribute to this compatibility along with industry developments such as Cisco announcing the end of life of their PGW series. The SVI-MGC is a suitable replacement for the PGW, as this recent installation for Telemach Slovenia demonstrates.


March 2012

Record Year for Squire Technologies

We're pleased to announce record revenues across all sectors for the past financial year. This has resulted in us achieving a 25% increase in global revenues in the last 12 months.

The past financial year has seen a number of important developments for us, including new product development in the form of our SMS Gateway and SMS Controller, as well as the continued development of our Session Border Controller, which was a key addition to our VoIP based portfolio. Upgrades to our most established products such as their Media Gateway and Media Gateway Controller have also been contributing factors to our growth over the past 12 months, which has seen us achieve a 69% growth in revenues from new customers.

Squire's Managing Director, Andrew Cooper, sees a number of reasons for the successes of the past year, "It's widely acknowledged that the VoIP market is growing quickly, so the enhancements to the SBC were critical in keeping us at the forefront of that field. The development and launch of the SMSG and SMSC has also enabled us to make great inroads into an area of the market we had not previously targeted."

There were also major shifts in the industry which Squire have been able to capitalise upon as Sanjeev Verma, Squire's Global Sales Director, explains, "The announcement from Cisco that the PGW was moving towards its end-of-life has seen a noticeable increase in demand for our Media Gateway Controller as it is an effective alternative thanks to its compatibility with Media Gateways of Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and AudioCodes."

The next 12 months will see the pattern of development continuing, as Squire seeks to add to their portfolio. Sanjeev continues, "Clearly we need to keep providing new products and services which deliver greater efficiencies to our customers, and we've got a number of projects which are due to be unveiled in the next few months. In particular, this year we'll be focussing upon allowing our customers to combine many of their telecoms needs into a central solution which also integrates with their billing and provisioning systems."


March 2012

Record Sales of Cisco Compatible Media Gateway Controller

Squire Technologies announce that this year we have seen record sales of our Media Gateway Controller (SVI-MGC). The SVI-MGC uniquely offers support for third party media gateways such as Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and AudioCodes.

Reflecting upon the reasons behind this increase in sales, Sanjeev Verma, our Global Sales Director, sees a direct correlation between compatibility and success, "Whilst we've been growing our sales year-on-year for the Media Gateway Controllers; we saw a considerable increase in demand after Cisco announced the end of life of the PGW softswitch and software , and this has certainly be a contributing factor in the SVI-MGC's growth in popularity, as our MGC has been proven to be a more than capable replacement." To read more of this press release please visit our website.

One company that required this Cisco compatibility was Forum Networks, Africa's leading provider of teleconferencing solutions. Kow A. Sam, CEO of Forum Networks, explained the motivations behind choosing the Squire Technologies MGC, "Having been in the telecommunications industry for some time, we knew that we needed a Media Gateway Controller that could act as a replacement for the Cisco PGW, and function alongside third party Media Gateways. Squire's MGC fits this requirement perfectly, providing us the flexibility we need as we expand our network."

We've also helped many other companies looking to utilise their third party media gateways, or seeking alternatives to the PGW, the below are a small selection of our those who have found the SVI-MGC to meet their needs:

"With the SVI_MGC we were also able to leverage our experience with the Alcatel-Lucent Gateways to help deliver our service." Bret Mingo, CoreTel

"Extending the lifetime of our Cisco gateways was a distinct advantage. Squire Technologies media gateway controller meant we could terminate our SS7 without the significant cost of upgrading hardware and support." Weltje Hardi- Project Manager, Atlasat, Indonesia

"A swift webex demonstration of the product and an explanation of the media and signalling flow, confirmed the suitability with our existing Cisco media gateways and softswitch." Stanko Radovanovic, VoIP Development Manager - InfoTel, Informatika A.D., Serbia


February 2012

Italian Telecom Giants Securing Customer networks through Squire and ATS

Squire Technologies, the global signalling specialists to the telecommunications industry, and ATS, the Italian support specialists, are pleased to announce that they have successfully provided one of Italy's largest telecommunications providers with a solution to enhance the security of their customers' telecommunication networks.

The solution, which combines Squire's Session Border Controller (SBC) and ATS' expertise in providing support and local services, was selected as the company sought to protect their business and enterprise customers' networks. They were conscious of providing security to their Business/Enterprise Customers as they connect, via the public IP network, directly to International Operators. The Squire/ATS partnership provided the required combination of a reliable and robust Squire product alongside ATS service expertise. The solution places the robust Session Border Controller (SVI-SBC) of Squire Technologies between the Italian company's private and public IP networks.

Mauro Di Lelio, Managing Director of ATS explained, "One of the customer's biggest concerns when reviewing available SBC's was security. The SVI-SBC from Squire has proven to be a formidable guardian, providing a comprehensive range of security functionality such as DDoS prevention and Firewall/NAT traversal."

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director at Squire Technologies commented, "We're understandably delighted that such a reputable company have chosen our SBC. With The SBC's high availability of 99.999% and intuitive user interface we're confident that their customers will enjoy the benefits of the SBC they have invested in."

The feature-rich SBC enables CLI based number modification and transcoding with a comprehensive range of call control and operations functionality. It also allows for HTTPS/ SSH Management, IPSEC, malformed packet protection, rogue RTP protection, SRTP, TLS signalling and topology hiding.

About ATS

ATS is a leader in the field of technical preventive and corrective maintenance, on-site c / o lab (carry-in) performs staging services, distribution and on-site installation of computer equipment for facilities of all sizes, provides support hardware / software for local networks and networking equipment, installations and basic software applications, system support and realization of structured cabling platform. ATS covers the entire Italian National territory, including islands.