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November 2010

iBurst Consolidates from a 7 Unit System to Squire Technologies Media Gateway

iBurst is a leading provider of Internet Service (ISP) and IP Voice Solutions within Africa. By providing a dedicated voice service iBurst enables customers to benefit from high quality, inexpensive calls over IP from both landline and mobile phones.

iBurst required an upgrade to unify their core network while providing SS7 to VoIP, specifically SIP & G729. This would ensure the company would meet the growing communication needs of their customers while simultaneously reducing costs for future expansion.

"When investigating the market Squire Technologies came highly recommended. Their products, price, expertise and customer service was exactly what we were looking for." says Mr Nazeer Adam Project Manager at iBurst, "I was impressed with their offering and their transparency. We discussed enhancing our existing network infrastructure with a Squire Technologies Media Gateway Controller (SVI-MGC), however we found the long term strategic advantage of a single vendor solution provided through the SVI-Media Gateway (SVI-MG) far more compelling. It has been an absolute pleasure working together with the Squire Technologies technical team. They were professional and efficient with a phenomenal turnaround time."

By implementing the Squire Technologies Media Gateway Solution, iBurst was able to significantly reduce power consumption, physical footprint, increase network stability and, with off-site dual redundancy, the assurance that customers experience 100% uptime. Managerial time was also greatly reduced by consolidating to one management system, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies Regional Sales Director commented "With their sights set on the future, iBurst also saw great advantage in the scalability that the Squire Technologies SVI-Media Gateway offers. They have a strong vision for the future and as iBurst grows our products will grow with them. We strive to be completely transparent with clients, by engaging with them to identify the best possible network solutions. Squire Technologies products and services are continually being developed to ensure we support our customers growth."

With the end-user as the priority iBurst has ensured they invested in a product and a company that provides the technical expertise, strong Return On Investment (ROI) and a relationship that will support them into the future.

October 2010

TNS Provides Value Added SS7 Services on Squire Technologies SVI Products

Squire Technologies, the Telecoms Signalling Specialists, have gained official certification from the major USA based operator Transaction Network Services (TNS), a world leading provider of data communications and interoperability solutions, to provide a complete range of Value Added SS7 Services.

Certification allows Squire Technologies to now deliver CNAM, LNP, LIBD & 800 services across the full 'SVI' SS7 to VoIP product range. This provides customers looking to take advantage of the TNS network with some of the most reliable and flexible network products available that are scalable to suit their growing business needs.

When combining the technical expertise and industry leading services of these two companies, global service providers and enterprises are able to benefit from expedient, robust and reliable services as well as easy access to a world full of potential clients.

"Interoperability between TNS' systems and our equipment was a very smooth, professional, process. Our technical teams worked together and achieved outstanding results. We are proud to have TNS recommend our products to access their network, our current and future customers will be able to experience the great advantages available of our combined services," said Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director of Squire Technologies.


"TNS operates one of the largest real time community-based networks in the world, enabling industry participants to simply and securely interact and transact with other businesses, while connecting to the data and applications they require over highly available platforms," said Sean Kent, Director of Product Management at TNS. "We are pleased to be able to approve Squire Technologies to access our network and database services. With all customers we work hard to ensure our stringent criteria are met and that all customers receive the very highest standards of service."

This new raft of services ensures customers will receive the strength and stability of Squire Technology products with the comprehensive services of one of the world's leading network organizations TNS.

September 2010

Lightspeed finds Quality and Reliability in SS7>VoIP with Squire Technologies

Lightspeed Communications, Bahrain’s alternate service provider, has again seized the opportunity to improve their customers experience through the acquisition of a new voice platform, allowing them to provide high quality and affordable Voice Calling services in addition to their current product portfolio.

To initiate this new service Lightspeed Communications was looking to revamp their complex network of legacy equipment by simplifying the Network, easing management and increasing service reliability.

Squire Technologies, the Telecoms Signalling Specialists, worked with both France Telecom and Orange with great success. As part of the same group of companies Lightspeed Communications was offered a comprehensive SS7>VoIP signalling gateway solution the Media Gateway (SVI-MG) that exceeded all expectations.

"The solution recommended by Squire-Technologies simplified the core network infrastructure with only one piece of equipment. By unifying the network it replaced multiple existing units, reduced power demands, increased the quality and stability of our service. The dual redundancy assures 99.999% uptime and the highly intuitive management system increased management efficiency while making complex configurations very simple to apply. "Abdulrahman Ghazal, Lightspeed Project Manager concluded this was "the ideal solution".

"We were very impressed with how the solution seamlessly integrated with a wide range of different protocols including: Call Centre, Alcatel, PPC Platforms with the Netcentrex C5 IP Softswitch." Thierry Milard Lightspeed's CEO Continued "Lightspeed's customers are the priority; this robust and highly reliable solution impacted immediately with a positive reaction from customers as well as partners who are also pleased with the improved Average Success Rate (ASR) and quality of speech."

"We are very content that Lightspeed Communications has had such a positive experience, I can say that we found working together with their technical team was highly professional and efficient. It is good to know that the Customers of Lightspeed are in such competent hands." Sanjeev Verma, Squire Technologies Regional Sales Director It is a priority of Squire Technologies to ensure each and every customer receives robust products and the technical modifications needed for their business to succeed.

September 2010

SS7 VoIP Research & Development Services | Developing Competitive Advantage

The engineers of Squire Technologies have been developing unique telecommunication network interconnect solutions for over 20 years. By taking advantage of this unparalleled expertise clients have received efficient, creative and highly specialised solutions developed to their specific needs at a fixed price.

As competition continually increases within the Telecommunications industry companies are focused on new, cost effective ways to differentiate and develop a competitive advantage. Companies often do not have the available resources, the technical ability, nor the time to turn visionary ideas into bespoke development projects. To expedite this process Squire Technologies has now officially opened their Research and Development service ‘Squire Labs’ to the world’s Telecommunications industry.

The level of service available is flexible according to the client's needs. Whether it is idea brainstorming with an expert, feasibility study, execution strategy or custom development; taking the time with professionals makes an idea reality quickly and efficiently.

The key to our efficiency is our experience. Throughout our history we have been collating a ‘Solution Module Library’. By combining various modules we are able to greatly shorten the development process, reduce the costs, remove the risk and expediently deliver competitive advantage.

Ensure you get the most out of your innovative ideas. Avoid mistakes, delays and over stretched resources. At Squire Technologies we deliver quick, risk free, professional services.

The world is changing quickly. Ideas make a difference only when they become a reality. Develop your Competitive Advantage before someone else does.

Discuss your plans for the future with an expert at Squire Technologies now.

September 2010

BT IP Interconnect with Squire Technologies: On Budget, On Spec & On Time

Enabling IP Exchange interconnect with BT would allow Core Telecom to exceed customer demands well into the future. There was one clear choice.

As an independent Telecommunications Network, Core Telecom specialise in supplying bespoke, industry leading, inbound and outbound call solutions specifically designed to improve the way corporations handle their telephony infrastructure. Having an interconnect though several of BT's TDM Exchanges for a number of years, Core Telecom made the strategic decision to enable IP Exchange interconnect with BT. This would allow Core Telecom to continue exceeding the demands of their customers well into the future by quickly establishing and expanding services, including their '08 Direct' brand.

A number of strong competitors are able to support this move, "There was however one clear choice", says Sam Richardson, Project Manager at Core Telecom, "Squire Technologies and their Class 4 SoftSwitch SVI-C4. It was because of their experience with BT IP Interconnect, their robust product, the intuitive GUI, their technical aptitude and the clear Return On Investment."

Squire Technologies was able to remotely integrate the software only Softswitch with the engineered solution, allowing for incredibly expedient deployment, flexibility and readily available technical expertise. The SVI-C4 also provides the security of dual redundancy, scalability up 10,000 simultaneous calls and the ability to support transcoding as required.

By delivering 'on time, on specification, and on budget' Squire Technologies was able to ensure Core Telecom initiated their strategic policies and advanced their competitive advantage to its maximum potential.

"We continue to be pleased with how the project progressed and how the product continues to deliver. It has been extremely reassuring to have a dedicated team of technical experts in both the R&D and Support departments when building the future of our organisation. I have already recommended Squire Technologies to others in the industry." added Sam Richardson.

Sanjeev Verma, Regional Sales Manager said, "It is always satisfying to support clients using BT's IP Exchange service. We have a strong history of providing BT IP interconnect and so are able to deliver very efficiently. It is interesting to see the continued take-up of VoIP services through offerings like BT's IP Exchange as our industry moves to take advantage of benefits Next Generation Networks (NGN) provide. We have very much enjoyed working with such a professional organisation as Core Telecom and we look forward to working with them in the future."

August 2010

Squire Deploy NGN MGC for SIP to SIP-I Interworking for StarNet, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

StarNet, Moldova’s technical pioneer and leading internet provider, required a SIP to SIP-I solution for their VoIP only telephone service that, in the future, will interconnect with SS7 via an existing AudioCodes Media Gateway.

StarNet chose the Media Gateway Controller SVI-MGC from Squire Technologies to provide a fully scalable, easily managed, end-to-end, carrier grade 'VoIP only' and 'SS7 to VoIP' solution.

"Naturally we investigated the market" says Suprunov Gherman, Marketing Director of StarNet, "Not only was it apparent that Squire Technologies shared our philosophy of exceeding customer expectations with robust services but their product reliability, user interface & technical expertise was exactly what we needed to be assured of long term success." Suprunov continued, "We were particularly impressed with the remote deployment of this 'software only' solution. It allowed for very efficient integration, highly specialised testing and excellent Return On Investment (ROI)."

StarNet - www.starnet.md

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director at Squire Technologies, said "It has been a pleasure to work with StarNet on this deployment. We are experiencing much greater demand for SIP-I as industry moves towards Next Generation Networks (NGN); StarNet has a bold vision for the future and we are pleased to have provided another client with a product that matches not only their current requirements, but also support their growth into the future. Our focus has always been to deliver flexible, future proof technology that provides outstanding ROI to our clients. StarNet has a bright future and we are looking forward to supporting them all the way there."

July 2010

Squire enables IP Directions to become the 1st French Microsoft OCS compliant ToIP provider

Squire Technologies worked together with IP Directions to ensure their existing Media Gateway Controller SVI-MGC achieves Microsoft OCS inter-op certification.

Franck Maloubier, Directeur Associé of IP Directions

The French Telephony over IP (ToIP) solutions provider said "The future of our customers: system integrators, ISPs and telcos, is dependent on comprehensive and robust Unified Communications (UC) services that are interoperable with mobile, fix phone, mail and data. Our ability to offer Microsoft OCS compliant SIP trunks to the market clearly shows our commitment to Unified Communications. We are currently working with Orange, France’s first OCS compliant carrier, to deliver full end-to-end OCS connectivity."

IP Directions - www.ipdirections.net

With this OCS approval Squire Technologies is now able to efficiently provide OCS compliant services to existing and new customer requiring scalable, future proof inter connectivity.

Andrew Cooper
Managing Director, Squire Technologies

"IP Directions has been a valued customer of ours for nearly 2 years and we were very excited to work with them in enabling full OCS compliance on their existing SVI product. This is another example of how we are able to work with our clients, on their existing equipment, to deliver the future of our industry, today. This philosophy ensures a significant Return On Investment (ROI) for our customers and greatly increases the value of our products and services."

Andrew continues "We are very proud to have supported IP Directions to become the first French operator to offer this service. With the quality of service IP Directions can now offer to their customers their growth should be exponential, we will of course be there to support them well into the future."

Speak to an advisor now to discuss your plans for the future.

June 2010

Cutting The Cost | Future NGN VoIP

"When building your future VoIP Empire you need to ensure every investment in current technology provides future flexibility and a maximum long term return on investment."

Deploying Squire Technologies SS7 VoIP Gateways and Controllers, to bridge PSTN and VoIP allows you to seamlessly adapt to the increasing market demands for 'VoIP only' Next Generation Networks. With a built in C4 Softswitch our Gateways can be upgraded to manage VoIP traffic, up to 10,000 simultaneous calls, simply by using a software license key.

Not only are we prepared for the move to ‘VoIP only’ but also, if your demand increases for SS7 to VoIP, more media cards can be added to provide scalability from 8 E1s to 1000 E1/T1s.

This future proof scalability provides you the flexibility to grow your VoIP empire well into the future while providing substantial cost savings.

  • No need to purchase a new Softswitch
  • No service affecting down time
  • No re-installation
  • No re-training – all Squire Technologies products are operated via the same web based GUI interface
  • No replacement equipment

When building your infrastructure on the world class equipment of Squire Technologies, with the on-going support our Industry leading technicians provide, you are building for the future, however it transpires.

Speak to an advisor now to discuss your plans for the future.

May 2010

Eastern Europe Takes Control of VoIP

As VoIP technology expands rapidly throughout the world, Eastern European Communication companies are ensuring their long-term success by demanding the very best services from Industry experts.

By interfacing VoIP networks to traditional SS7 PSTN based telephone networks, companies are looking to rapidly and cost effectively launch VoIP services and distributed networks with incumbent VoIP Media Gateways. Simon Dinnage of Squire-Technologies speaks about the importance of a robust Media Gateway Controller to control third party gateways.

"We developed our SVI-MGC SS7 Media Gateway to enable SS7 on leading VoIP Media Gateways, using industry based standards – MGCP, MEGACO H.248, SIGTRAN, SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T and H.323. This helps operators to reduce costs, increase the speed of deployment and provides a future proof NGN solution. Our system has had to be fully featured to exceed the demands of East European and CIS providers while still reducing the cost per installed E1 port. We are able to scale the SVI-MGC to match clients bandwidth requirements as and when needed through software based license key updates. Our rapid remote deployment removes the time, cost and issues of shipment."


World leading providers IPVOIP s.r.o, based in the Czech Republic, are a universal Carrier providing both TDM and VoIP services to wholesale and retail markets throughout Europe and CIS.

"We adapt our network in accordance with our partners and clients needs" says Dmitry Shubin Director of Business development at IPVoIP s.r.o "We offer a premium quality service at the lowest and most competitive prices in the market. To ensure this level of service we chose the SVI MGC management to maintain SS7 calls on our existing Cisco gateways. We can see why Squire-Technologies are the industry experts they are providing unprecedented levels of control while delivering astounding results, as a result our customers will experience best service available in the market".

Simon Dinnage concluded "As the UK’s premier provider of SS7 / VoIP technology our focus on delivering to industry leading standards of customer service, evolving technology, adaptable solutions and highly competitive pricing structures has been the key to our success throughout the world."

April 2010

Telecom Italia approve Squire Technologies Media Gateway for PSTN interconnect, in association with Teanet Servizi Italy

Squire Technologies, equipment manufacturer of NGN and TDM telecommunication products and network solutions, and Teanet, a leading provider of IP Telephony services in Italy, have announced the successful completion of PSTN interconnect acceptance tests with Telecom Italia. The approval ensures the Squire Technologies media gateway solution provides a smooth migration for operators between the Telecom Italia’s PSTN network and IP based services.

Wholesale VoIP providers need to continually address the challenge to cut costs and increase efficiencies, and the scalable SVI-MG media gateway enables entrants to compete with newly added value services. Connection to the PSTN/SS7 backbone is a regulatory requirement in many countries offering the benefits of lower operational costs and additional services. With over 70 deployments worldwide, Squire Technologies is a proven solution delivering competitive carrier grade products worldwide.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director, Squire Technologies
"We are delighted to have passed the Telecom Italia interconnect process and this adds to Squire’s existing carrier product certifications including France Telecom and British Telecom. The service benefits are immediately apparent for SS7 interconnect and the SVI-MG media gateway consistently delivers greater access to competitive IP solutions, for which providers are more commonly demanding today."

Matteo La Cognata, Project Manager, Teanet Servizi, Italy.
"The incumbent system was becoming challenging to manage and after comparing other solutions the Squire media gateway fulfilled our proposal for a single box system that supported G.722, our existing infrastructure and the interface ensured swift user adoption. The Telecom Italia approval means as a service provider we can press on streamlining our IP services to our fixed and mobile customers."

Teanet Servizi
Teanet Servizi offers IP telephony services to a customer base of 3500 users comprised of consumer, business, and government offices, providing businesses and government with Virtual Office telephony services and consumers with a home Broadband Telephony service.

March 2010

Squire Technologies Showcasing NGN STP Solution at Convergence India

Squire Technologies is proud to announce the availability its new fully featured, carrier-grade SS7 Signal Transfer Point 1000 and 8000, catering for both small interconnects up, and large international points of presence. These new STPs will be exhibited in the Convergence India trade show in New Delhi, India next week.
The SVI-STP provides a comprehensive and flexible SS7 STP solution for transporting SS7 signalling over traditional TDM based networks and next generation IP based networks.

Supporting any-to-any interworking between traditional and next generation networks allows both fixed line and mobile networks to take advantage of the cost saving and next generation service offerings of IP networks.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director, Squire Technologies

"Our product strategy has evolved to meet the changing needs of customers and this an extremely important development for Squire Technologies. This clearly shows how the extensive SVI product range allows clients to enhance and extend their existing networks."

March 2010

Innovative SS7 to VoIP solution successfully inter-ops against market leading VoIP Billing Package

Squire Technologies the SS7 to VoIP Signalling Specialists and PortaOne a leading global vendor of carrier grade software for modern telecommunication service providers successfully complete a formal inter-op between the SVI-MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller and the PortaOne's PortaBilling100, a converged rating, billing, and service provisioning platform

RADIUS AAA integration between SVI-MGC and PortaBilling100 allows real-time call authorization. In practical terms, this enables wholesale carriers and Internet telephony service providers to offer a mixture of pre-paid or post-paid telephony services with minimal financial risks exposure. The CDR information is processed immediately after the call completion using PortaBilling100 flexible rating engine and the results are available to administrators via web interface or to customers through the self-care portal. The joint performance of SVI-MGC and PortaBilling100 optimizes most of the processes a service provider has to deal with, such as rate upload and management, invoice generation, reporting, and reconciliation.

Andrew Cooper
Managing Director, Squire Technologies

"We have deployed the SVI-MGC on a number of occasions with clients who are using PortaBilling100 - it has always been a smooth process. Strategically we wanted to arrange a formal inter-op with PortaOne to align ourselves with the industry leading converged VoIP billing product and to insure any existing customers wanting to move to this platform a smooth migration process."

Roman Khalenkov
Sales and Marketing Director, PortaOne

"We were happy to add Squire Technologies' innovative SS7 to VoIP solution to the stable of products that inter-op with PortaBilling100, our market leading converged VoIP billing and service provisioning system. I hope we can continue to provide our mutual customers with the dual benefit of these innovative market leading products."

About PortaOne: Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global vendor of carrier grade software for modern telecommunication service providers. The company enables service providers and carriers to run a broad line of telecommunication services with a single software package, and offers a complete product consisting of fully converged VoIP billing and provisioning platform, class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch to support hosted IPPBX or IPCentrex services, unified messaging, IVR, conferencing applications, callbacks and more. The company's products are a fundamental part of the business infrastructure at over 330 service provider locations worldwide.

To learn more, visit www.portaone.com

March 2010

New Delhi Support Office Expands Squires' Asian Presence

Building on Squire Technologies' expansion into Asia, the global provider of carrier grade telecommunications products confirms the opening of its new satellite support offices in New Delhi.

The opening of the new site will support the growing customer base, firmly positioning Squire Technologies within the region and strengthening the delivery of its SS7 VoIP telecoms products.

Simon Dinnage
Business Development Director

"We continue to expand our international business and recognise to achieve continued success in the Asia region the provision of a focused support office in India is critical in achieving this."

Ambrish Shukla, Head Regional Support

"We've established relations with various customers in the region and the aim is to increase the service we offer by providing superbly trained dedicated support staff."

February 2010

Squire Technologies Launch SMSC and SMS Gateway at MWC 2010

 With the continuing growth and success of SMS traffic worldwide, the SMSC Short Message Service Center and SMS Gateway can offer operators with existing SS7 interconnects the ability to maximise their revenue, by directly offering SMS services.

Building on Squire Technologies' core SS7 expertise the SVI-SMSC Short Message Service Center and SVI-SMSG SMS Gateway provide a highly flexible, configurable and scalable carrier grade product set, offering operators the ability to control high SMS transmission rates.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director, Squire Technologies

"Our product strategy has evolved to meet the changing needs of customers and this an extremely important development for Squire Technologies. This clearly shows how the extensive SVI product range allows clients to enhance and extend their existing networks."

Download SMSC Datasheet

Download SMSG Datasheet

January 2010

Squire Technologies deliver energy saving Media Gateway solution to one of Europe's premier Conference Call providers Powwownow

Powwownow, provider of low cost, high quality conferencing, were looking to increase revenue and service levels, whilst reducing operating costs. Squire Technologies BT approved SS7 Media Gateway provided a scalable single box solution that delivers carrier grade SS7 to VoIP interconnect.

Paul Lees, Joint CEO, Powwownow, UK

"Simple engagement with no contracts and no billing is Powwownow's ethic, providing millions of affordable and easy to use web conference calls worldwide. Service levels such as these require maximum resilience and our existing fleet of Cisco AS5400s were extremely power hungry and challenging to manage - the SS7 Media Gateway supplied by Squire Technologies has provided us a seamless single box solution"

The SVI_MG 8000 SS7 Media Gateway replaced 10 existing Media Gateways with a much higher bandwidth STM-1 interface, allowing Powwownow to reduce their power consumption by 66%. Squire Technologies worked closely with Powwownow to gain official BT CAT, NIF and NIT testing making the SS7 Media Gateway an approved BT interconnect product. Since the initial BT deployment the unit has been upgraded to provide further STM-1 interconnect at BT and to other European carriers.

About Powwownow

Powwownow was founded in 2004, offering customers low-cost conference calling facilities with the ethos of no booking, no billing and no fuss. (The customer does not need to book a conference room and never receives a bill from Powwownow, just the cost of a 0844 call added to their bill). Turnover for 2009 is expected to reach £7m. The company operates in 15 countries including the US and major European markets. Powwownow employs 32 people and is based in Richmond, London.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director

This was a very exciting opportunity for Squire Technologies and I would like to thank Powwownow for sponsoring us through the BT interconnect approval process. We look forward to working with Powwownow today and in the future, helping them to support their continued growth in the Conference Calling market.

December 2009

VAS provider Silverback opt for Squire PSTN connect to Starhub

Value Added Service Provider within the rapidly growing consumer and corporation communications market Silverback ASP, required a cost effective carrier grade PSTN interconnect to Starhub, Singapore's major telco.

Silverback sought to expand whilst improving its modern, reliable excellence of service. The provider of 'Virtual Office' solution and VoIP services to call centres, small and large corporations needed a SS7 signaling solution for their Cisco AS5400 and looked at a wide range of upgrade paths and additional hardware investment. Squire Technologies SS7 to VoIP solution offered a significant saving with proven global pedigree plus software deployment and solid carrier grade reliability.


Steve Davis - CEO, Silverback ASP, Singapore

"Squire Technologies' solution was a swift, cost effective installation. We now benefit having our own E1's and our own local Singapore DID calls to PSTN, which are more clearer terminating directly to the E1's".

SS7 connection is promoted by major Asian carriers to ISPs, service providers and offers a competitive advantage via a range of revenue generating services and multiple service benefits. SS7 signaling is generally seen as a way to reduce regular costs and protect profits especially where operating SMS signaling, roaming and requiring security of service for building subscriber loyalty.

November 2009

Vietnam Telecom International (VTI) selects Squire Technologies for large scale SS7 Media Gateway deployment

Working closely with their Vietnamese partners ONE Communication Technology Corporation (ONE CORP.), Squire Technologies were successfully chosen from a number of vendors to provide their flagship SVI-MG 8000 product to expand their cutting edge IP Network. After an extensive trial the SVI-MG 8000 was chosen as the best product solution for VTI to increase and expand their international VoIP traffic, as a replacement for the small scale existing system.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director

"We are delighted to be working with ONE CORP. on such a large and prestigious project in Vietnam. From the trial we were able to show not only the flexibility and scalability of the SVI-MG 8000 product but also the dedicated support of the Squire Technologies team. I would personally like to thank ONE CORP. for all their support and we look forward to working with them on future opportunities in Vietnam."

The SVI-MG 8000 is Squire Technologies’ flagship SS7 Media Gateway product, offering a carrier grade, fully redundant gateway that can be scaled to meet client’s requirements.

Dang Anh Phuong, CEO of ONE CORP

"We chose to partner with Squire Technologies because of their reputation for providing high quality SS7 and VoIP equipment coupled with their excellent support. We wanted to offer VTI the best of breed solution to match their requirements and feel satisfied that this is indeed what we have done."


ONE CORP. is 15 years in operation and now has a registered capital of 26 billion VND and is specialized in trading telecommunication and data network equipment, providing consultancy and designing services for telecommunication, informatics and data network, supplying solutions for telecommunication and data network in Vietnam.

About VTI

Vietnam Telecom International (VTI) was founded on March 31, 1990 as a subsidiary under VNPT (Vietnam Posts and Telecommunication Group) its headquarters are in Hanoi Vietnam. VTI is the biggest international service provider for voice, video and data in Vietnam. VTI is a state-owned company running state-of-the-art telecommunication networks and services with more than 1400 experienced and highly qualified professional employees.

October 2009

InfoTel select Squire to satisfy regulatory PSTN Interconnect to Telekom Serbia

SS7 Interconnect Serbia

Internet telephony service provider InfoTel, Serbia a division of Informatika A.D., deploy Squire Technologies’ cost effective SS7 interconnect solution for connection to primary incumbent Telekom Srbija.

Regulated by RATEL, Serbia’s telecommunications market requires all service providers to comply with the regulatory body for connection to the PSTN, and international standards of ITU and ETSI. Seeking to extend its market share and to capitalize on the increased demand with the opening up of the Balkans telecoms sector, InfoTel like many other telecoms providers were legally required to have an SS7 interconnect.

Squire Technologies’ software-only SS7 Media Gateway Controller solution, allowed InfoTel to use their existing Regulatory approved Cisco Media Gateways to enable the SS7 interconnect.


Stanko Radovanovic, VoIP Development Manager - InfoTel, Informatika A.D., Serbia

"A swift webex demonstration of the product and an explanation of the media and signaling flow, confirmed the suitability with our existing Cisco media gateways and softswitch, furthermore Squire Technologies’ excellent support and deployment team quickly established our physical SS7 connection with Telekom Srbija"

Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies.

"We were able to leverage our previous worldwide experience with regulatory SS7 approvals to insure the SS7 interconnect to Telekom Srbija was provided quickly and without issue. We look forward to working with InfoTel in the future."


September 2009

Atlasat opt for Squire SS7 Interconnect to Telkomsel, Indonesia

SS7 Interconnect Telkomsel

Rapidly expanding PT. Atlasat Solusindo, pioneering VoIP communications within Indonesia, select SS7 signaling solutions experts Squire Technologies for SS7 interconnect with Telkomsel.

Indonesia has recently seen a surge in subscribers and Atlasat were keen to capitalize on the fresh demand. Atlasat serves customers throughout Indonesia with modern reliable communication solutions, offering a range of pre-paid, post-paid and exclusive corporate services.

Squire Technologies' software-only Media Gateway Controller solution, allowed Atlasat to use their existing Cisco Media Gateways to enable the required SS7 signaling interconnect.

Atlasat sought to sustain its accelerating growth whilst maintaining its modern, reliable excellence of service. The well established VoIP provider looked at a wide range of solutions such as upgrade paths and additional hardware investment, but the Squire Technologies SS7 to VoIP solution was the most cost effective option, whilst offering software deployment, solid carrier grade reliability and a proven global pedigree.

SS7 connection is promoted by major Asian carriers to ISPs, service providers and offers a competitive advantage via a range of revenue generating services and multiple service benefits. SS7 signaling is generally seen as a way to reduce regular costs and protect profits especially where operating SMS signaling, roaming and requiring security of service for building subscriber loyalty.

Weltje Hardi- Project Manager, Atlasat, Indonesia.

"Extending the lifetime of our Cisco gateways was a distinct advantage. Squire Technologies media gateway controller meant we could terminate our SS7 without the significant cost of upgrading hardware and support"

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director, Squire Technologies.

"The combination of enabling SS7 on clients' existing Cisco, AudioCodes and Alcatel-Lucent gateways with the flexibility of a software only solution that can be installed remotely means we will continue to see accelerated growth in the Asia Pacific region."

August 2009

SS7 Economics

Adding Value for Roke, Uganda

Roke Telkom, nationwide VoIP provider for the rapidly growing communications market in Uganda is using the cost effective SVI MGC software solution supplied by global SS7 interconnect experts Squire Technologies.

Offering services including call termination & origination, co-location, ISP Services and consultation Roke recognized an opportunity to improve the level of service from their existing Cisco AS series gateways.

Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies.

"The economics of Squire Technologies’ SS7 interconnect becomes quickly apparent to service providers once the return on investment is shown. Combined with the scaled pricing, where the purchase is linked to the volume of simultaneous calls (regardless of E1s) and the software only deployment the economics build a convincing case."


James Byaruhanga – CTO Roke Telkom, Uganda.

"With previous PSTN interconnect experience with MTN Uganda, the globally deployed SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller was cost effective and a perfect fit for this requirement. Squire’s SS7 interconnect now adds a level of service for Roke Telkom that users are demanding."

This opens up a software only route to market for adding VoIP and SS7 services to their existing networks, with the ease that software deployment brings, ensuring maximum service uptime with remote installation and configuration.


May 2009

Orange Uganda choose Squire Technologies for SS7 ISDN

Launching GSM Services in Uganda Africa

In line with the launch of mobile telecommunication services in Uganda, Orange has deployed Squire Technologies’ SS7 ISDN solution to further build on the expansion of its GSM services and technologies within Africa.

Squire Technologies, the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has confirmed that its customer Orange Uganda, is using Squire's SVI_9225 SS7 to ISDN PRI Protocol Converter to add ISDN functionality to its SS7 network. Increasingly adopted by major carriers and service providers, the portfolio of SS7, PSTN and VoIP hardware, software and services continue to serve emerging markets and the domestic sector.

Fouad Essabab Project Manager. Orange Uganda

"Our product team had mission critical deadlines, and required a robust signaling product to provide interop between SS7 ISUP and ISDN PRI at our Mobile Switching Centre (MSC). From purchase, installation to remote configuration, Squire Technologies were able to provide the solution and service in an incredibly short space of time."

Andrew Cooper Managing Director, Squire Technologies

"At Squires by serving the evolving demand and realising the importance of our customers’ networks for running their businesses, we are able to position ourselves for these opportunities as well as continuing to strengthen our brand globally."


April 2009

CommunicAsia - Reaching out to new Asian Channel Partners

Squire Technologies has confirmed that it will be exhibiting at Asia's leading communications and networking event CommunicAsia. Situated on the UK pavilion Hall 5, Squire are marking the event by reaching out to new asian channel partners.

For your opportunity to discover innovative SS7 VoIP solutions, or to establish a channel partnership, book your meeting with our Asia representative.

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director

"As well as greater exposure, one of our objectives at this event is to actively seek major partnerships in the Asian market and CommunicAsia being such a well represented show for the telecommunications sector provides that platform for our Asian representatives."


Squire Technologies gains SS7 France Telecom Interconnect Approval

Squire Technologies, a global provider of SS7 and VoIP telecommunication products and solutions, and IP Directions, a leading VoIP service provider in France, announce that they have successfully completed interconnect tests (ISUP SPIROU) with France Telecom.

With FT approval, deploying the software only SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller provided a bridge between the France Telecom SS7 network and IP Directions SIP based service.

The SVI series of SS7 VoIP gateways & controllers have been adopted by major operators throughout the globe, and are designed to offer ease of use with proven interoperability.

For any new entrant wishing to compete with multiple VoIP service offerings, France Telecom interconnect further extends the market opportunity, providing greater access to competitive IP solutions, for which end users are more commonly demanding throughout France.

Gilles Bernard, CTO IP Directions, France

"We had a pure SIP requirement, and needed a signaling system able to present our SIP network as SS7 to France Telecom.

The SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller fulfilled our proposal for a redundant system that supported our incumbent Media Gateways and was ready to support a future direct SIP interconnection, meaning we could future proof our investment without an expensive overhaul of our current infrastructure.


8el, managed communications provider choose Squire Technologies for SIP trunk solution

Established UK communications provider of Next Generation Networks (NGN) managed services, sought a SIP trunking solution to extend their portfolio of VoIP, ISP, Wide and Local Area Network products. With the continued accelerated growth in VoIP technologies, carriers and ISPs are now actively offering clients SIP trunks as a lower cost alternative to traditional PSTN interconnect, and 8el required a flexible proven PSTN media gateway to terminate multiple SIP trunk customers, from a variety of PBXs and IADs.

Providing SIP trunk providers

Compared to separate ISDN and data networks, SIP trunk providers are looking to transform their PSTN networks and add value to their existing services, while also significantly reducing telephony costs to the end customer. The ability to provide highly managed services such as intelligent call routing and billing, while ensuring security of service through a VPN and guaranteed bandwidth ensures the scalability and certainty of service for the end user.

Phil O'Keeffe - Technical Director, 8el stated "Squire Technologies’ expert support, and the flexible SVI_MG PSTN Media Gateway meant that our SIP trunk project as well as particular network and routing scenarios were handled. We had subtle requirements for messaging, DDIs and CLIs that came down to screening and routing, and Squire’s SS7 expertise ensured our prerequisites remained within the scope of the solution"

Squire Technologies

Squire Technologies Established in 2001, Squire Technologies Ltd has experienced rapid, year-on-year growth providing Carrier Grade Telecoms Products and Services to the Telecommunication Industry worldwide with deployments in more than 70 countries. Squire Technologies provide a range of SS7 products – protocol converters, gateways, and an extensive range of VoIP products – Media Gateways, Media Gateway Controllers and Class 4 SoftSwitch.


February 2009

Flashcom Kenya deploys cost saving digital telephony service to its business clients

Flashcom Kenya, a CDMA network operator based in Nairobi is a leading provider of communication services, offering telephony, internet access, fax and SMS services to residential and corporate clients. Flashcom wanted to offer their business clients a full end-to-end digital telephony service that allowed them to offer extremely competitive national and international call rates.

By deploying ISDN based PBXs at their client sites they then inter-connected to the PSTN network over SS7 (using the SVI 9225 SS7 to ISDN Protocol Converter ) enabling their clients to make national, international and inter-PBX calls.

Joe Kimani CEO - Flashcom

"What was important to us was to convert our SS7 protocols to ISDN at an affordable price allowing us provide our clients with the low cost call benefits but also to insure that the end-to-end digital service included seamless integration between networks of digital services like Caller Identification and Call Forwarding."

"The Squire SVI 9225 product allowed us to deliver all these benefits and coupled with their support services allowed us to smoothly integrate this product into our network."

Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director

"This was a great opportunity for us to deploy a carrier grade solution in Kenya extending the number of deployments we have in Africa. It clearly shows how the SVI product range allows clients to enhance and extend their existing networks to provide new services without any loss of features when interconnecting SS7, ISDN, R2 and VoIP networks. We look forward to working with Flashcom in the future."

SS7 to ISDN Converter

The SVI 9225 SS7 to ISDN PRI Protocol Converter has many uses within the Telecoms network providing a quick and cost effective way of upgrading existing ISDN, R2 and CAS incumbent equipment to support SS7. The SVI 9225 is offered over a range 1000, 2000 and 8000 models to satisfy client's deployment requirements and budget, providing a fully featured, carrier-grade product with a flexible and powerful routing engine.


January 2009

Squire Technologies awarded BT NIF SS7 interconnect approval

UK based Squire Technologies, which combines leading edge SS7 and VoIP telephony products and solutions, announces that it has completed interoperability testing for UK ISUP. The globally deployed SVI now has been approved by British Telecom (BT NIF) to connect licensed operators to the BT network via SS7.

"This will allow our UK clients to offer VoIP services through BT's network" - Andrew Cooper MD, Squire Technologies, Dorchester, Dorset, UK

The announcement is the outcome of extensive BT Network Integration tests and results in Squire Technologies joining a select list recommended to UK telecoms providers for connection to BT.

UK ISUP compliance through BT is an important objective to build upon for SS7 specialists in the UK market.

The SVI complied with all network integration tests at BT’s Network Integration Facility (NIF), therefore enabling service providers to interconnect with BT’s network using Squires’ widely deployed SS7 gateway.

SS7 ISUP approval is wide-ranging and is broken down to cover hundreds of different call scenarios, as a result the proven history of this SS7 product contributed to the swift approval of UK ISUP acceptance testing.


November 2008

Smart SS7 to VoIP calling, the software only solution

Sky C&C Information Technology is a major provider of internet and communication services within Mongolia, and took advantage of Squire Technologies’ innovative MGC (Media Gateway Controller), a remotely installed SS7 to VoIP solution, which remains as a central component within their network.

Davaajamts Choindon, Technical Director

“Sky C&C required an immediate solution providing an SS7 interface to PSTN with our Cisco AS5350s and ZTE switches, as well as implementing a billing module and RADIUS support.

We were looking for a carrier grade solution that would terminate SS7 and provide full support for VoIP. Squire Technologies’ software only solution, which bridges PSTN to VoIP and supports third party gateways, including Cisco media gateways, satisfied all our requirements.”

“Interfacing and supporting our existing infrastructure was essential to ensure a high ROI, therefore by utilising the Cisco AS5350s and supporting SIGTRAN and ISUP, we were able to capitalise on Squire Technologies’ powerful and cost effective solution. Once we realised this software only alternative, making the decision was easy. Squires then demonstrated how quickly and simply we could be making calls.”

Simon Dinnage, Sales Director Squire Technologies

“As a software only solution, the SVI MGC (media gateway controller) deployment delivers to the customer all the benefits of a carrier-grade solution without requiring the level of investment or effort that a physical switch would demand.

Worldwide many network operators with an incumbent Cisco, AudioCodes or Lucent gateway architecture regularly have found this product provides all the necessary functionality and quality of service, while offering full support for many SS7 variants.”


October 2008

Squire Media Gateway provides Stour Marine with Cable & Wireless inter-connect solution

Stour Marine is a new UK based mobile phone operator, operating in the unlicensed bands, WiFi & WiMAX. Stour Marine required a Media Gateway with the capability to manage both its TDM connections and its IP connectivity supporting full VoIP implementation as well as managing its inbound and outbound voice calls via its Cable & Wireless connections. The Squire Media Gateway is a key component of Stour Marines IMS core network.

Ian MacIver, CEO

“We were looking for a carrier grade Media Gateway with the reliability to carry high volumes of voice traffic both inbound and outbound over SS7 – TDM & IP. The SVI-MG’s scalable SS7 signalling interconnect and codec conversion abilities provided full call control routing for our SS7 & IP voice traffic without the need for third party media gateway controllers or protocol converters.”

“Squire Technologies’ media gateway therefore provided a solid and cost effective choice, with the reassurance of gold service support to assist us in developing our network.”

“Cable & Wireless UK has partnered with Stour Marine to provide hosting of the Stour Marine mobile number range. Squire Technologies' expert team helped us to work with Cable & Wireless staff moving the MGW through the detailed Lab testing and network acceptance testing in record time.”

“We were able to go from signature on order to carrying commercial voice traffic in 4 and a half months. We look forward to expanding our network with Squire Technologies in near future.”


June 2008

Coretel select Squires to deliver large-scale distributed SS7 network

US CLEC Core Communications Inc, (Coretel) chose Squire Technologies Ltd to provide a distributed SS7 network to deliver large scale modem dial-up services.

Coretel's Solution

Coretel’s continued expansion in the delivery of modem-dial up services in the US lead them to look for a solution that was distributed, fully redundant and scalable. To deliver against these requirements Squire Technologies have deployed the STP product the SVI_9220 that terminates SS7 signalling over SIGTRAN directly from Verisign. The signalling is then distributed to geographically remote Squire Tech SVI_MGC's (SS7 Media Gateway Controllers) to provide the modem termination in conjunction with Lucent Media Gateways.

The initial deployment is to support 10,000 simultaneous calls running across 15 remote Media Gateway Controllers with the ability to grow to 150,000 simultaneous calls as Coretel's business dictates through simple software license upgrades.

Bret Mingo, Coretel CEO

“Coretel chose Squire Technologies as they were able to deliver an innovative combination of products to deliver our service.

With the SVI_MGC we were also able to leverage our experience with the Alcatel-Lucent Gateways to help deliver our service. Squire Tech's support on the installation and commissioning of this deployment has been first class.”


March 2008

Eloquant chooses Squire Tech to supply their flagship Media Gateway product the MG_8000

Eloquant, based in Grenoble France, providers of hosted VoiceXML platforms required a high availability, carrier grade gateway that would allow them to terminate and switch their SS7 traffic over an STM-1 interface and provide full VoIP support.

Brian Wyld, CTO at Eloquant

“We were looking for a robust, high availability system to provide the core SS7 and VoIP interconnect - this is a mission critical part of our network that has to operate 24x7. The SVI_MG_8000 ticked all the boxes in terms of redundancy, scalability, powerful routing functionality and coupled with Squire Technologies dedicated installation and support services made this our gateway of choice. In the near future we are looking to offer VoIP services and the gateways extensive support for this technology has future proofed our investment.”

Eloquant Company details

Split off from Hewlett-Packard with the ambition of providing its customers with the innovative advantages promised by a new generation of standards at the intersection of the Internet, voice and telecommunications, Eloquant has deployed a complete Telecom and IT infrastructure that provides all the necessary resources for the development and commercial deployment of high added-value communication services.

As a result, Eloquant became in a few years the VoiceXML hosting leader in Europe. Today, Eloquant operates more than 250 services for its customers all over Europe, with a high specialisation in Customer Relationship Management, through out-sourced and mid-sourced solutions (Call Centre solutions, inbound and outbound Interactive Voice Response applications).


February 2008

Squire deploys in Japan with Alcatel-Lucent

Squire Technologies, specialist provider of SS7 signalling equipment, has announced the first deployment of the SVI product range in Japan. The SVI_9220 SS7 to SS7 Signalling Only Converter has provided Alcatel-Lucent Japan with a solution converting from specialist Japanese MTP to ITU MTP.

"It was a pleasure working with Squire and we are hoping to have more business in the near future," says George Tagayanaki of Alcatel Lucent Japan."

September 2007

Squire provides Sky Telecom with carrier-grade, dual redundant SS7-VoIP bridge

Squire Technologies, specialist provider of SS7 and VoIP signalling equipment, has today announced the successful deployment of the carrier-grade, dual-redundant SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller system for the leading Maltese ISP Sky Telecom, completing Sky's network and providing a compliant and reliable SS7-VoIP bridge with full support for RADIUS.

With interconnections to four of the five carriers operating in Malta (Vodafone, Maltacom, Go Mobile and Melita) the SVI_MGC provides Sky Telecom with a highly reliable and cost-efficient SS7 interconnect. The media gateway controller has been seamlessly integrated into Sky's legacy network and, interoping with Sky's proprietary RADIUS server the SVI_MGC is delivering RADIUS authentication, billing and routing enabling Sky to rapidly develop new services and bring them to market without 3rd party suppliers, reducing costs and delivery lead times. Sky Telecom can now offer Local Number Portability services and Carrier Pre-selection to its customers and remain competitive within the small but technologically advanced telecoms sector in Malta.

“The SVI_MGC provided Sky Telecom with functionality that we needed at an excellent cost and we are very happy with our choice to develop our new services on a network including it,” says Philip Cassar, Managing Director, Sky Telecom Ltd.

This dual redundant system offers end-to-end availability, high scalability and multi-vendor interoperability. Squire's expert software signalling engineering combined with best-of-breed hardware makes the SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller a truly carrier-grade solution. The SVI has been deployed and successfully integrated into networks throughout the world, supporting a comprehensive list of signalling protocols such as SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323, MEGACO, MGCP, PRI ISDN, R2, CAS and over 50 variants of SS7.

“In deploying the SVI_MGC into its network Sky Telecom has purchased a reliable and adaptable product solution which provides them with signalling and routing control that easily enables them to develop their own services,” says Andrew Cooper, Squire Technologies’ Managing Director. “It is Squire’s philosophy to deploy products which integrate easily into the client environment instead of making them integrate into ours.”

By deploying the MGC Sky Telecom has been able to implement its system quickly and cost-effectively, and engage with the newly deregulated and competitive Maltese Telecommunications market. This has enabled its customers to realise the benefits of easy, reliable and efficient communications services, in particular reducing international call tariffs. Squire Technologies is proud to have provided Sky Telecom with a solution enabling it to comply with the CPS legislation and deliver the required functionality quickly.


July 2007

Squire Technologies' MGC enables SS7 on Cisco Gateways

A cost-effective alternative to existing solutions, this software-only product enhancement supports Cisco SS7 over IP signalling

Squire Technologies has announced the development of the software only SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller with full support for Cisco SS7 over IP signalling. Building on the success of the globally deployed SVI_MGC, Squire now offers customers full SS7 interconnect on incumbent Cisco gateway networks in a software only solution.

This is a more cost-effective alternative to the PGW2200 and other options available to network operators looking to migrate call traffic to SS7 through Cisco gateways.

As a software only solution, this new media gateway controller development delivers to the customer all the benefits of a carrier-grade solution without requiring the level of investment or effort that a physical switch would demand.


Many network operators with incumbent Cisco gateway architecture will find this product provides all necessary functionality and quality of service, while offering full support for many SS7 variants. In addition to full compliance with Cisco gateways (AS5350 and AS5400 Series), the SVI_MGC supports a stable of 3rd party media gateways (Audiocodes, Lucent, etc) enabling best-of-breed network development.

Squire’s innovating R&D team identified that many of the company’s customers would welcome a viable alternative to the SS7 interconnect provided by the PGW2200 or a signalling gateway on networks made up of a variety of Cisco media gateways. Cisco media gateways do not support standard SS7 over IP technology (SIGTRAN) but use other protocols to provide similar functionality. The majority of 3rd party media gateway controllers do not support this alternative to SIGTRAN therefore requiring the additional expense of using a signalling gateway. Now supporting Cisco SS7 over IP the SVI_MGC provides full integration with Cisco gateways.




June 2007

SIP-I & SIP-T now fully supported across Squire VoIP products

Product enhancement to support SIP-I and SIP-T means complete compliance between IP and SS7 networks

Squire Technologies has announced full support for SIP-I and SIP-T signalling protocol variants across the SVI range of VoIP product solutions (SS7 Media Gateway, Gateway Controller, Class 4 SoftSwitch & Signalling Gateway). These products will now enable IP network operators to realise the benefits of connecting to the PSTN with no loss of core network functionality and so offering their customers services based on call processing information traditionally only available with costly SS7 interconnect.

“For PSTN breakout it is becoming mandatory for interconnecting equipment to support and fully interwork these protocols as more and more carriers are providing VoIP as a full interconnect alternative. Our customers are realizing advantages in the market with being able to expand their existing client base, take on new market share, and benefit from with much higher ROI on equipment.” says Andrew Cooper, Managing Director Squire Technologies.

In the highly competitive telecoms market, it is imperative that the introduction of different services becomes easier and cheaper with no ensuing loss of service quality. SIP signalling has provided the means of doing this but does not carry the full call processing features present with SS7 and necessary for delivery of a carrier-grade service.

Representing the next generation of IP signalling, SIP-I by ETSI and SIP-T by IETF fully interwork with both SIP and SS7 and bear all detailed call information present in SS7 without requiring network overhauls, where this functionality is possible all the benefits of it can be realized.

The carrier-grade functionality of SIP-I and SIP-T means that they offer operators the opportunity to deliver CLEC services while benefiting from the advantages of quickly deployed and adapted, and low cost IP network infrastructure and interconnects. As in the case of BT’s 21CN network roll out, incumbent carriers are moving away from TDM interconnection in order to simplify networks and offer fully convergent services. Comprehensive IP based networks will replace complex network and systems infrastructure with physically simpler but more reliable networks ensuring delivery of the next generation of converged services with more speed, less cost and more efficiency. Offering industry leading solutions enabling carriers to benefit from all the associated advantages of migrating their traffic from PSTN to VoIP, Squire Technologies specialises in signalling product solutions and is pleased to be able to offer its customers all the benefits of these carrier-grade SIP variants and the opportunity to seamlessly integrate SS7 networks into IMS topology. While the majority of Squire’s clients, who are still looking for proven and cost-effective PSTN breakout to VoIP, can now deliver a carrier-grade service on their IP networks they are also being offered a solution that can interconnect to any other signalling protocol.


February 2007

Telfree chooses Squire SS7 to SIP Gateway Controller for deployment in worldwide network

Following the successful deployment of Squire Technologies' (www.squire-technologies.com) SS7 Media Gateway Controller product solution (SVI_MGC) into TelFree Communications' SS7 to IP network, the Swiss owned IP telephony service provider has announced today that the SVI_MGC is its media gateway controller of choice for deployment throughout its global network integrating with its partner SS7 carrier, Telekom Austria.

South Africa based TelFree, which operates across local and international home-user, SME, public payphone, and corporate markets, has built up a substantial VoIP service infrastructure with many value added services since the deregulation of the VoIP market in 2005. After two year of operating, TelFree required a solution which would enable the migration of its PSTN traffic from ISDN to SS7 by interconnecting between the legacy SS7 equipment of South African carriers Telkom and Vodacom and TelFree's incumbent network of Cisco Media Gateway and SIP platform.

The deregulated South African market brought TelFree difficulties in its search for interconnection solutions with the major carriers. The lack of specialist SS7 to SIP skills and technologies in the local market forced TelFree to seek the assistance and product lines of a company that could deliver what it needed within a single product.

Following industry research TelFree found that Squire Technologies came highly recommended as a provider of equipment and services which would address all its interconnection concerns. Within a very short time of acquiring the SVI_MGC TelFree's network was connected to the legacy SS7 equipment of the carriers.

"The SVI_MGC delivered a very cost-effective way to interconnect to SS7 in comparison to SS7 carrier infrastructure and equipment; a very speedy integration of the TelFree SIP platform with the SS7 switches in the carrier network and top quality SS7 to SIP conversion delivering carrier grade VoIP solutions," said Ruan Malan, Chief Technical Officer, TelFree Communications. "The SVI assisted TelFree in becoming the forerunner in the local South African market. TelFree Communications plans to roll out many more SVI's in its worldwide network."

Squire Technologies Ltd, specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, supplies cost-effective solutions to carriers, service providers and ISP's globally. The mature SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller provides seamless interconnection between different networks running different types and versions of VoIP and PSTN protocols. It supports varied protocols with SS7, H.323 and SIP as standard, it opens up the PSTN network to all MGCP and H.248 enabled media gateways and provides all call control protocol termination.


January 2007

Squire Technologies launches proven SS7 Signalling Gateway solution

Signalling specialist now offers cost-effective, carrier-grade, SS7 to IP solution.

Squire Technologies has announced the launch of the SVI_SG SS7 Signalling Gateway as a stand-alone product. Powered by proven signalling software already successfully deployed globally and across varied networks as part of Squire Technologies' SS7 Media Gateway and SS7 Media Gateway Controller products, this Signalling Gateway supports standards based SIGTRAN, SIP-I and SIP-T protocols and offers the most cost-effective, carrier-grade SS7 to IP bridge application available.

Enabling carriers to achieve best-of-breed, case-based deployments, the SVI_SG SS7 Signalling Gateway delivers a carrier-grade product to an industry faced with increased requirement for distributed networks to accommodate the growth of VoIP and the convergence of voice and data networks. The gateway is engineered for reliability providing high scalability and a fully dual redundant architecture, allowing carriers to leverage the cheaper and under-utilised IP bandwidth for the routing of SS7 traffic.

"This product offers a competitively priced, carrier-grade solution built on the expertise acquired in deploying Squire's suite of fully mature SS7 and VoIP product solutions. The Signalling Gateway provides seamless interoperability across networks worldwide, and, as with all our products, supplies the functionality, scalability and performance required by the growing needs of today's carriers." Andrew Cooper, MD Squire Technologies.

Squire Technologies brings the SVI_SG SS7 Signalling Gateway to market as the next step in the company's pursuit to answer the needs of today's carrier. In a growing industry where reliable and reasonably priced routing solutions for SS7 traffic are carefully sought, the SVI_SG Signalling Gateway squares-off Squire's range of mature and expertly engineered SS7 and VoIP signalling products and extends the company's offering of network building blocks.


September 2006

Squire Technologies adds Lucent MAX TNT Universal Gateway support to its stable of Media Gateways supported on the SS7 Media Gateway Controller

Media Gateway Controller now offers a simple way to add SS7 connectivity to the Lucent MAX TNT Universal Gateway

Squire Technologies (www.squire-technologies.com), the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has today confirmed that its customer Eltopia, an ISP based in the USA, is using Squire's SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller to add SS7 functionality to Lucent Technologies' MAX TNT Universal Gateway. With Squire's proven MGC solution now in place, the company has successfully provided full interoperability with Eltopia's incumbent system, which has in turn provided Eltopia with the dial-up and VoIP services that have enabled it to become a telecoms service provider.

"Even though Eltopia uses a number of different carriers (including Verisign, Verizon, Centurytel, Qwest and Embarq), Squire's Media Gateway Controller is able to provide us with full interconnect across all of them," says Will McHugh , CEO of Eltopia. "Now that we have SS7 Interconnect, our customers have had nothing but praise for the new TNTs, as their dial-up speeds have improved and the error rates that we were having have dropped substantially."

Although Lucent's MAX TNT Universal Gateway provides the TDM to VoIP media conversion, Squire's Gateway Controller provides all of the call control protocol termination, thereby controlling the media path setup via MGCP or MEGACO media gateway control protocols. With the added advantage of having an optional onboard SS7 signalling gateway module, the SVI-MGC opens up the PSTN network to all MGCP/MEGACO enabled media gateways.

"Previously, the most popular option for SS7 connectivity was to purchase a high-end Softswitch that provides a series of complex functions that go above and beyond SS7 connectivity – whether the customer actually needs this added functionality or not," says Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies. "We believe that there are many companies out there who would be very interested to know that our Gateway Controller can provide this very same SS7 connectivity, as well as reliable, full-interoperability with products that now include Lucent's MAX TNT Universal Gateway."

The SVI-MGC supports and inter-works directly between SS7, SIP and H.323. CAS, R2 and Analogue inter-works with SS7, SIP and H.323 via MGCP providing seamless interconnect of disparate networks running different types and versions of VoIP and PSTN protocols. The SVI-MGC has full RADIUS support allowing for integration with third party RADIUS servers for AAA services allowing for easy integration into existing or preferred billing platforms.

Squire's SVI-MGC can be used to control a number of third-party media gateways, including those manufactured by Cisco, Audiocodes, Nuera and Lucent Technologies. Squire's SVI-MGC not only provides SS7 capabilities, but also controls routing for all protocols on the media gateway including ISDN, R2 and CAS, thus allowing for comprehensive PSTN breakout to VoIP networks. Squire's SVI_MGC Media Gateway Controller can even be applied to incumbent networks, with added interoperability provided over MEGACO/H.248.


August 2006

Squire Technologies launches Distribution Programs

Squire Technologies has launched its global Reseller and Referral Programs this week and made the SVI Suite of Products available to international resellers, distributors and integration specialists.

An established company delivering expertly-engineered signalling products, specialising in SS7 and VoIP applications, Squire Technologies offers a mature range of highly-scalable, cost-effective, carrier-grade products which provide reliable and adaptable solutions to the telecoms industry and have been deployed throughout the world.

The SVI suite of products has already brought Squire Technologies both global and regional distribution partnerships.

Combined with Squire's expert software engineering and the best-of-breed hardware used to manufacture the SVI Suite of Products, Squire Technologies can provide full training, installation and support services on each product deployment.


June 2006

Custom-engineered solution will facilitate transit of GSM traffic for Nortel

A bespoke version of Squire's ANSI SCCP Protocol Converter will be used to address Nortel's specific SS7 requirements in Russia.

Dorset, U.K. - Squire Technologies (www.squire-technologies.co.uk), the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has today announced that a custom-engineered version of its ANSI SCCP Protocol Converter is to be used by network vendor Nortel. The customised solution will facilitate the transit of GSM traffic in Russia by converting two disparate variants of SS7.

Faced with the challenges raised by Russia's existing mobile infrastructure, Nortel sought a solution from Squire Technologies that would allow for inter-working between different versions of SS7. However, during the on-site installation of Squire's SVI 9220 SS7 Protocol Converter, Squire's engineers determined that the product would need to be customised to meet Nortel's requirements.

As a result, Squire re-engineered the ANSI SCCP Protocol Converter to allow non-circuit related signalling (such as TCAP) to be carried over SS7 routes, as well as other functionality that would allow Nortel to achieve its communications goals.

The period from the initial on-site investigation to the installation of the finished, customised product was less than two weeks.

"Squire Technologies' SS7 expertise and committed support allowed them to rapidly deliver against our specific network requests," said Sergei Kulyov, Nortel, Russia. "I would highly recommend them."

"Although most of our customers are happy with our products 'straight out of the box', it is essential that we can also offer custom-engineered solutions, like this one for Nortel," said Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies. "With so many SS7 variants in use throughout the world, companies are increasingly looking for solutions that will provide inter-working between all of these different alternatives."

In addition to facilitating the flow of GSM traffic, the resulting solution will provide signalling-only termination (i.e. with no bearer channels terminated), thereby reducing the cost of additional TDM connectivity on the protocol converter itself. Also, since the TDM voice circuits go directly between the two interconnects, Squire's Protocol Converter will provide a higher bandwidth of interconnect at a reduced cost.


February 2006

Squire Technologies attends Cebit 2006 - 9th March to 15th March Hall 13, Stand D58

Squire Technologies, are proud to attend Cebit 2006 in Hannover to showcase their SS7 Media Gateway product providing SS7 to VoIP in a single box product solution.

Simon Dinnage Business Development Director at Squire Technologies "CeBIT is the ideal showcase for Squire Technologies, allowing us to meet clients directly to show how our innovative SS7 / VoIP products coupled with full installation, training and support packages can enable them to deliver their services rapidly, reliably and with full product support - essential when interworking with carrier grade SS7 networks.."


February 2006

Nuera Communications to use Squire Technologies' SoftSwitch in conjunction with its high performance carrier-class gateways

A robust SIP Interface, solid support infrastructure, and the ability to carry VoIP over legacy applications made Squire Nuera’s choice

Squire Technologies (www.squire-technologies.co.uk), the specialist provider of carrier-class signalling, SS7 and VoIP products and services, has today announced a global partnership with Nuera Communications, a leading provider of VoIP infrastructure solutions, who will now include Squire Technologies SVI SoftSwitch as a standard part of its ORCA GX 8 & 21 Series of high density carrier-class trunking gateways.

The new agreement will provide Nuera’s large installed customer base of ORCA GX 8 & 21 Series users with a carrier-class solution that offers centralised VoIP interconnect with routing, PSTN interconnect, billing functionality and more. By integrating Squire's SVI SoftSwitch into its ORCA GX series, Nuera's customers will also benefit from international long distance VoIP, point-to-point or full mesh connectivity, a SIP interface for peering and interconnecting with other carriers, as well as trunking for Class 5 VoIP networks.

The ORCA GX high-density VoIP gateways will be able to lower the cost of deploying and operating carrier-class telephony services dramatically, whilst also enabling new revenue generating services. Robust support of telephony and IP interfaces, voice processing, and network management features will enable carriers to quickly deploy and efficiently maintain the network.

“Squire’s SoftSwitch appeals to our large installed base, and its carrier class strength will provide very high performance and reliability. It really is a perfect fit for us," said Larry Greenstein, Director of Product Management, Nuera Communications.

“The service support and SIP interface were also key. Squire’s ability to support H.323 for legacy VoIP network interoperability, as well as inter-domain routing for peering between carriers, will provide immediate benefits to our customers."

Nuera's ORCA GX-Series gateways are already installed in more than 60 countries around the world, just six years after the products were launched. With the addition of Squire’s SVI SoftSwitch, the GX-Series will now be able to support up to 8192 concurrent calls, handling 80 calls per second, at 300,000 BHCA.
The NEBS-certified Linux platform – with Squire Call control and the duplex configuration - allows for a non-stop service. In addition, the new solution supports H.323 for legacy VoIP network interoperability, and also deploys a SIP interface for enhanced services such as inter-domain routing for peering between carriers, so that minutes can be exchanged.

"This is an extremely important partnership for us. To have our SVI SoftSwitch feature as part of Nuera's carrier-class GX-Series is further proof of our own commitment to quality and reliability," said Andrew Cooper, Managing Director, Squire Technologies. "With support for multi-vendor VoIP media equipment, complex routing, and PSTN interconnect, this combined solution from Nuera and Squire will deliver a wide range of high value VoIP-enabled services, including least cost routing, and national and international wholesale traffic."

October 2005

Squire Technologies successfully participated in Gitex 2005

Squire Technologies, Signalling Specialists to the Telecoms Industry, exhibited at Gitex, the largest and most successful IT and technology event of its kind in the Middle East. Held in Dubai between the 25th and 29th of September 2005.

The complete range of carrier grade VoIP and SS7 products were presented and received a very good response from international visitors.

This successful participation at Gitex will enable Squire Technologies to further penetrate the fast growing Middle East market.

The SVI suite of products has already brought Squire Technologies both global and regional distribution partnerships.

Combined with Squire's expert software engineering and the best-of-breed hardware used to manufacture the SVI Suite of Products, Squire Technologies can provide full training, installation and support services on each product deployment.


September 2005

Squire Technologies launches new Session Controller

Squire Technologies proudly announces the launch of its Session Controller, a new and exciting addition to its existing range of VoIP and SS7 products.

The SVI-Session Controller provides to both carrier and enterprise markets a high performance scalable session controller enabling the delivery of secure, reliable VoIP traffic over disparate VoIP networks.

Supporting SIP, H.323, MGCP and MEGACO signalling protocols with inbuilt NAT and firewall capabilities all contained within a dual redundant architecture, the SVI-Session Controller provides a one stop carrier grade solution enabling continuous delivery of quality service maximizing revenue on VoIP services.


March 2005

Squire Technologies exhibits at CeBIT

Squire Technologies exhibited at CeBIT, the world's leading trade show for Information Technology and Telecommunications, which took place in Hannover, Germany on March 10-16.


January 2005

TKC Telecom selects the SVI_Softswitch for telecommunications in West Africa

"We at TKC Telecom operate an international voice over IP telephone network, primarily for wholesale traffic between telephone companies in different countries. Our connection to the heritage PSTN has been primarily through ISDN PRI in the past," says Michael Shurtleff, Chief Technical Officer at TKC Telecom.

" However, our partners in West Africa insisted that we connect using C7 protocol. This was to facilitate billing on their side.

The Cisco gateway equipment that we use does not have a C7 interface, so we had a problem.

We were aware that Cisco had a solution but it was aimed at larger operations and was very expensive. This is why after looking at possible alternatives, we chose the Squire SVI_Softswitch. The SVI_Softswitch provides a C7 interface to the Ericsson PSTN switch in West Africa and works through MGCP protocol with a Cisco AS5300 voice over IP gateway, the type of gateway we normally use, at the same site. It is currently being used as the point of entry to the TKC Telecom network for calls originating in West Africa and destined for other countries around the world.

The Squire Technologies' SVI_Softswitch also provides us with call detail records (CDRs) which we analyse for call performance and use for our billing.

The equipment from Squire Technologies has enabled us to open new markets in this region that previously would have been very difficult to approach and we are now experiencing steady growth in our business as a result."

TKC Telecom is a privately owned next generation international telecommunications service provider whose mission is to provide its customers with long distance voice services using high quality voice over IP technology. The Company transports voice traffic on a wholesale basis over its IP network via several main hubs to specific international destinations.

The Company transports voice traffic to over 240 countries and territories including 15 destinations via its direct routes.


December 2004

Squire Technologies launch 2 new carrier-grade VoIP products

Squire Technologies, Signalling Specialists to the Telecoms Industry, exhibited at Gitex, the largest and most successful IT and technology event of its kind in the Middle East. Held in Dubai between the 25th and 29th of September 2005.

The complete range of carrier grade VoIP and SS7 products were presented and received a very good response from international visitors.

This successful participation at Gitex will enable Squire Technologies to further penetrate the fast growing Middle East market.

The SVI suite of products has already brought Squire Technologies both global and regional distribution partnerships.

Combined with Squire's expert software engineering and the best-of-breed hardware used to manufacture the SVI Suite of Products, Squire Technologies can provide full training, installation and support services on each product deployment.


October 2004

Squire Technologies enable call back applications for Cell Wireless

"We needed specialized Equipment to handle the binding of Two Call Legs together, the request for the system to be able to function as a call back system and create a virtual one leg path as seamless as possible", says David Trad, Chief Technical Officer at Cell Wireless . "Over time we have moved in two directions, both VoIP and a TDM solution, we are presently mainly using the TDM Solution until we have completed our Interconnect with a VoIP carrier.

Our product is Housed an a Carriers Data Center, we interconnect directly into their network (Nortel DMS) VIA E-1 connections on our SS7 Equipment, with the Squire SVI VoIP Switch we presently have it running of a temporary solution which consists of Backing the Squire SVI into 2X CISCO AS-5300 which then have our Carriers E-1's plugged into the CISCO, so effectively we are going VoIP to PRI and then Handed off to our carriers network VIA PRI's.

Cell Wireless has been using Squire Technologies for the supply of Switching equipment and RTP routers since June of 2004, thus far we have purchased 3 Individual Units comprising of 8 Systems First Unit: 1X SVI VoIP Switch 4X RTP Routers, Second Unit: 1X SVI Soft Switch 1X RTP Router. Third Unit: 1X Squire SS7/C7 Switching Unit.

To date we have not experienced little to know problems, any issues that have arisen have been quickly and easily resolved by Squire and their Engineering Team, they are proactive with keeping their Switching Software up-to-date, and are quick to respond to any support requests majority of times before their stated time frame.

I would highly recommend Squire Technologies to any entity who is wanting to advance, build or replace their existing network: you can be assured that their Expertise in Signaling will take you to the next level."

Cell Wireless Corporation is one of the fastest growing telecommunication network marketing companies providing discounted cell phone minutes in the world

Cell Wireless Corporation is an international telecommunications company with innovative, proprietary software, operating on one of the U.S. 's largest communication platforms serving 14 million residential customers and more than 1 million coveted corporate customers. Cell Wireless Corporation operates a dynamic network marketing and cell phone time distribution program worldwide.


March 2004

Squire Technologies launch the SVI SoftSwitch providing seamless SS7 to VoIP Interconnect

This carrier grade product integrates to all 3rd party Media Gateway devices supporting MGCP/MEGACO - allowing clients to use Squires either as a one stop solution provider with installation and post sales support or integrate with clients existing or favoured VoIP Gateways.

Coupled with SS7 circuit license agreements ranging from 120 to 8192 circuits to suit all budgets it provides a cost effective, scalable ,carrier grade network solution.

The SVI SoftSwitch integrates with all leading 3rd party VoIP Media Gateways that support the MGCP/MEGACO standards(e.g. Cisco AS5300 series, Nuera Orca GX-21 + GX-8i, Inalp Smart Node Series etc...) delivering SS7 to H.323/SIP out of the box.

Andrew Cooper, Managing Director of Squire Technologies, said 'by concentrating on our core competencies - signalling technologies - has allowed us to combine the best in SS7 to VoIP interconnect with the best in VoIP Media technologies to provide carriers/operators with a scalable, carrier grade cost effective VoIP solution.'


November 2003

Squire Technologies enable SMS Service for Generic Mobile in Sweden

In November 2003 the Swedish telephone carrier Generic Mobile started to use Squire's Signalling System 7 Gateway based upon Brooktrout's SS7 platform. The GW connects the Swedish Public Switched Telephone Network and Generic Mobiles own developed modem pool used for paging and SMS (Short Message Service). The service is used for critical paging applications such as forwarding alarms to staff on-call duty as well as various machine-machine applications.

"We evaluated Gateways from three different suppliers regarding price and performance. The product that fulfilled our requirements best was SVI9225-PCI-4 from Squire. In spite of the tight time schedule - less than one month from order to operation - everything worked from day one."

"The product has been in operation for two month and we are processing thousands of calls every day. We are so far very pleased with the product and the support given by Squire Technology."

Generic Mobile Systems Sweden AB is a well established Mobile Telecom operator on the Swedish market. Generic Mobile is focused on messaging services and owns the Swedish paging network Minicall. The company is a member of the Generic group and a subsidiary of the parent company Generic Sweden. The Generic group is active in the IT- and Telecommunication arena.


August 2003

SS7 to ISDN in the Middle East

Squire Technologies successfully installs it's off-the-shelf SVI9225 SS7 to ISDN Protocol Converter in the Middle East. Simon Dinnage, Business Development Director, said "another successful install for Squire Technologies, our client initially required some help with identification of the exact variant on the SS7 side and we were able to supply on-site help and expertise - this is our value add - we are committed to providing a full end to end service for our clients."

April 2003

Squire Technologies complete interconnect testing

This was the final step in the successful build and installation of a Dual Redundant, Secure SS7 Frontend Server supporting IN capabilities over INAP for German based specialists for computer telephony Voice Robots.


August 2002

Squire join Brooktrout Technologies partnership program

Extract from Brooktrout press release: NEEDHAM, Mass., August 20, 2002
Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New Network TM , today announced that it has already enrolled 45 new companies in its recently launched Partner Access Network Program TM , a comprehensive, worldwide program providing many distinct benefits for its customers and partners. Brooktrout's Partner Access Network Program offers strategic benefits to OEM developers, technology partners, resellers, and ISVs designed to help them develop new applications and services, expand into new markets and, ultimately, grow their businesses.

"Squire Technologies offers its clients a complete service, from assisting with conception to full responsibility for design, implementation, QA and commissioning of a product," said Andrew JR Cooper, Managing Director from Squire Technologies. "By enrolling in Brooktrout Technology's Partner Access Network Program, we are able to work more closely with Brooktrout and its SS7 technology so as to provide a more professional design and development service to our customers whose products are developed around third party OEM vendor hardware."

August 2002

Squire Technologies develops an SSP for delivery of Multimedia services

Squire Technologies provides multi-protocol support and remote OA&M access, helping clients accelerate through DTAG interconnect

Our client required a front-end server that would provide interconnect to a Mobile GSM network and enable the generation of both SMS and ISUP signaling with the capability of injecting and detecting media on the bearer channels.

A Java virtual machine interface was used to back haul an IN based API to a remote application environment.

Squire provided the complete design, development, QA, interconnect and support of the equipment that was produced.