A State of the art Unified Signalling Platform

Sigla is a smart centralised signalling platform that unifies all mediation, routing and interworking, security and measurement between multi-generation networks, reducing network complexity and operating costs.  

Multi Generation Eco System

For operators to drive digital transformation in their customers they must first undergo core network transformation. Sigla provides a solid foundation from where operators can consolidate network infrastructure, reduce complexity and simplify the orchestration of signalling across multi-protocol networks.

As 5G presents new opportunities Sigla prepares operators core networks so they can effectively integrate and deploy new revenue generating services and ensure seamless interop between existing networks and 5G infrastructure.

Sigla Brings a Homogenous Layer to the Management and Operation of Multi Generation Networks

Central hub for all Signalling

Managing and executing all signalling mediation, routing and interworking, monitoring and network security between multi-generation core networks.

Common Operating Interface

Enabling operators to configure, control and maintain signalling across all networks from a single common operating interface.

Single Point of Integration

Sigla provides operators with a
single point of integration between
multi-protocol networks and
OCS/OSS/BSS and BI resources.

Unified Signalling Platform

A smart centralised signalling platform that unifies all mediation, routing and interworking, security and measurement between multi-generation networks, reducing core network complexity and operating costs.

Routing and Interworking

Sigla manages all control routing, switching and interworking between multi-generation networks, providing complex routing options and fallback to legacy 2G/3G core networks from 4G/LTE and 5G.


Sigla reduces interop and provisioning of OCS, OSS, BSS and BI by providing a single point of integration. With a highly flexible protocol conversion engine, customisable logic and open interfaces Sigla conducts mediation across all networks.


Sigla enables operators to aggregate and collate data from across multi-generation networks on a single platform. From here they can configure and manage monitoring, analysis and archiving of data for all networks independently.


Sigla provides operators with a solution where network security, fraud prevention and revenue assurance efforts can be deployed and coordinated from a signal interface to insure the security and integrity of all multi-generation networks.

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Signal Transfer Point

The SVI-STP is a feature rich and future proof carrier grade telecommunications Signal Transfer Point providing core network connectivity and routing between multiple networks supporting legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.

Diameter Signalling Controller

The Diamater Signalling Controller 
provides a carrier grade signalling product delivering any combination of routing, interworking and network edge
functionality, while insuring backward compatability.

Short Message Service Center

With continuing growth of A2P SMS traffic the SVI-SMSC offers an out-of-the-box, feature rich, carrier grade solution with innovative service logic technology that allows clients to rapidly provision new revenue generating value added services.

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