Enabling Roaming Between 5G, 4G and 3G Networks

The SVI-IWF Interworking Function enables operators to interconnect between HTTP/2 based 5G networks, Diameter based 4G Lte and SS7 based 2G/3G networks

Diameter Interworking Function IWF

As mobile telecoms continues its evolution towards 5G the SVI-IWF Interworking Function provides networks with comprehensive forward and backward compatibility.

As signalling data traverses an ever increasing mix of hybrid networks and segments the IWF provides highly flexible protocol support for legacy 3G CAMEL, 4G / LTE Diameter, and 5G Nchf / HTTP2 protocols and more.

Providing a Highly Flexible Protocol Support for Legacy 3G CAMEL, 4G / LTE Diameter, 5G Nchf, HTTP/2 Protocols and More

  • Roaming
    Enables roaming between 5G, 4G and 3G networks.

  • WIFI Offload  
    Relieve network congestion with WiFi offload.

  • Network ROI
    Enhance and extend the life of existing networks.

  • Interworking
    Full interworking with MAP, CAMEL, RADIUS, DIAMETER, HTTP/2 signalling.

  • Open API's
    Full interworking with OSS / BSS over SOAP, XML, SQL, JAIN, JSON, HTTP/2 and Nchf etc.

  • Seamless Integration
    Flexible carrier grade solution supporting 3G to 4G Lte and 4G Lte to 5G.

High Availability

Carrier grade reliability is supplied through a comprehensive range of high availability options.


Supporting multiple interface types and legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.


Comprehensive web based Management System delivers on-board configuration, monitoring and debugging.

Training Video's

Watch our series of Diameter Signalling training videos and find out more about our Diameter products. 

Commercial Off The Shelf

Supplied on standard Dell servers optionally with dedicated E1/T1/STM-1 support.

Virtual Deployment

Virtual Machine deployed on industry standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware.

Cloud Deployment

Delivered as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS, OpenStack, Nokia and Google cloud infrastructure.

3G - 4G Roaming

The Interworking Function enables mobile operators 4G DIAMETER networks to seamlessly inter-op with legacy networks enabling 3G <---> 4G Roaming capabilities.

4G - 5G Roaming

Providing seamless integration to legacy networks the SVI-DSC’s Interworking Function (IWF) provides a flexible carrier grade solution supporting 4G Lte to 5G interworking.

WiFi Offload

The SVI Interworking Function enables 4G WiFi or Mobile Data Offloading which allows for further relief of congested networks by way of utilising capacity from unlicensed WiFi spectrum.

Legacy Interconnect

The SVI-IWF ensures that mobile operators can integrate existing legacy infrastructure with new DIAMETER based components like Online Charging Systems (OCS), allowing them to maximise value in their legacy networks.

The SVI Interworking Function can be deployed as a standalone item, or as part of Squire Technologies Diameter Signalling Controller the SVI-DSC.

Interworking and Extended Support

The SVI-IWF allows operators to integrate new leading-edge OSS / BSS components to their next-generation or legacy networks. The flexibility of the SVI-IWF insures operators can confidently extend and advance their operational and business layer services to ensure they remain completive.

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