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diameter productsDiameter Signalling Products

Select from our range of carrier grade Diameter routing products to deliver proven, industry standard signalling and interworking solutions to your 4G, LTE and Legacy networks.

Diameter Signalling & Routing Products

Diameter Routing & Signalling

3g4g roaming whitepaper

We look at the challenges faced by 4G LTE operators looking at providing roaming services and interconnect with legacy networks.

As the growth of 4G LTE networks gathers pace many operators are hitting unforeseen challenges as they look to interconnect with legacy networks and ensure their subscribers aren’t left hanging when they step out of their home network.

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SVI DSC iconThe SVI_DSC Diameter Signalling Controller provides any combination of Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Interworking Function (IWF) for deployment in todays Diameter network. The SVI_DSC modular software build means it can also be deployed as an integrated product with Squire Technologies SS7 Signalling Ttransfer Point (SVI-STP) and Session Border Controller product (SVI-SBC)

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This set of videos are taken from an internal training session delivered to an IOT operator in Europe in 2015 by head of engineering.

What is Diameter?

Introduction to Diameter: What is Diameter Signalling? | Why was it developed? | What did it replace?


Protocol Specifications

Overview of the base Diameter protocol: Protocol Overview | Specifications | Application ID | Nodes | Terminology


Diameter Routing

Routing between realms and nodes | How it looks in IMS networks | Peer Connections | Peer Routing Tables | Realm Routing and Tables

Message Structure

32 bit Message Structure | Definition | Header | AVP Format | AVP Types | Grouped AVPs | AVP Dictionary | Important AVPS | Result Codes


Message Sequences

Transactions | Sessions | Details | Error AVPs | RFC 6733 Message Set | Capabilities Exchange | Election Process | Device Watchdog | Disconnect-Peer


Diameter Case Study

Integrating an OCS platform to facilitate 4G to 3G roaming.


Install & Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

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