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DSC Features

Out of the box the SVI_DSC offers a range of powerful features to insure successful deployment in your Diameter Network:

Intelligent Routing

diameter routingExtensive intelligent routing options are available on the SVI-DSC:

  • Route on header and AVP contents
  • Full support for RFC 3588
  • Full support for session bindings
  • Support for Subscriber Location Function - 3GPP TS29.228
  • White List / Black List Admission Control
  • White List /Black list of supported AVP's
  • QoS

To ease network integration routing can first be performed offline to test new routing rules. These tests are configured in XML allowing a suite of backward compatibility tests to be developed.

Diameter Manipulation Engine

DSC manipulationAs with all SVI products the SVI-DSC comes out of the box with a powerful, regular-expression based manipulation engine allowing all parts of a Diameter message / AVP to be created, replaced or removed. This insures full inter-op between different vendors / devices and comprehensive message normalisation. As with the routing engine message formats can be tested offline by creating messages manually or loading pcaps from Wireshark.

Telephony Application Server

tas api network


tas apiThe SVI_TAS operates over clearly defined API's that present an abstracted version of the underlying DIAMETER, SIP, CAMEL, MAP etc signalling. It can be driven by either Squire Technologies python based client (SVI_TAC) or by operators 3rd party applications, It provides an extremly flexible platform on which operators can deine, configure and launch new services


Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M)

Web based GUI

Web Based GUI

The globally deployed SVI platform empowers its users with an advanced level of expertise and functionality.

Building upon the SVI command line interface the web based GUI brings the user powerful tools to manage system resources, ensuring swift new user adoption and delivering a real-time OA&M, offering:

  • Dashboard interface
  • Wizard library
  • Customisation - via XML
  • Secure multi-user features
  • Extensive help resources
  • Compatibility with the entire SVI range


Real time system setup, onboard resource and call routing management


Comprehensive statistical service monitoring and system status tool


Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal

Command line interface

Command Line Interface

Expert user tools accessed through wide vocabulary of command line queries via high speed MMI interface.


  • High speed real time configuration
  • Full ‘secure’ remote access


  • Low Level MMI Interface
  • Full onboard database inspection and control
  • Real time resource status display
  • Controlling system recourses


  • Configurable logfiles, capturing all aspects of system performance
  • Compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal for full graphical protocol traces


  • Extensive onboard CDRs and statistics generation
  • Call minutes, ASR, PDD, ACD, etc
  • Resource Statistics
  • Trap Reports Network

Network Monitoring

  • Trap capture
  • Statistic monitoring, graphing and alarming


The SVI-DSC supports full carrier grade redundancy providing replicated hardware and/or software eliminating single points of failure.

diameter redundancy plus1

  • SVI-DSC pair configured through single interface
  • Worker / Worker configuration
  • Offers alternate routing between SVI-DSC nodes
  • n + 1 redundancy available

In a mutli-faceted deployment with integrated IWF supportng DIAMETER <> LEGACY inter-op all components delivered with full redundancy support

diameter redundancy plus1