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DSC Functionality

dsc functionality

The SVI_DSC provides any combination of Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Interworking Function (IWF) for deployment in todays Diameter network. The SVI_DSC modular software build means it can also be deployed as an integrated product with Squire Techs SS7 STP product (SVI-STP) and Session Border Controller product (SVI-SBC)

DRA Diameter Routing Agent

dra plate

At the heart of the SVI-DSC is the Diameter Routing Agent providing scalable,centralised routing of Diameter messages in a multivendor, multi node environment within a service providers IMS and LTE core:

  • Failover management
  • Session binding
  • Congestion throttle control
  • Powerful routing capabilities
  • Diameter message manipulation and normalisation
  • Support for Subscriber Locator Function (SLF ) 3GPPTS 29.228

DEA Diameter Edge Agent

dea plate

At the network edge the SVI_DSC deploys advanced Diameter Edge Agents for tighter security and normalised functionality in roaming, billing scenarios. The DSC’s DEA provides:

  • Topology hiding
  • Security
  • Admission Control
  • Message Screening
  • DoS,DDOS protection
  • Transport over TLS, IPSec
  • Onboard firewall
  • Overload Protection
  • Message Normalisation

IWF Interworking Function

iwf plate

Providing seamless integration to legacy networks the IWF provides a flexible carrier grade solution supporting:

  • Diameter to SS7 MAP interworking 3GPP TS 29.305 to support 3G - 4G roaming
  • Diameter to SS7 CAMEL 3GPP 32.293
  • Diameter to SS7 RADIUS T29.228, IR.61 facilitates seamless Wi_Fi offload for mobile subscribers
  • Diameter to Open Interfaces - HTTP,XML,SOAP,LDAP,SMTP,SQL to enable integration to backoffice OSS/BSS/OCS

Multi Product Integration

DSC deployments

The SVI-DSCs modular software build allows it to be deployed as a fully integrated module into...