The SVI-MG SS7 Media Gateway enables Next Generation VoIP and VoLTE / IMS networks to seamlessly interconnect to legacy PSTN and mobile 2G + 3G networks.

Intelligent Call Routing

Incoming Calls Routed based upon

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information
  • Originating Network
    - Trunk Group
    - Hunt Group (VoIP and TDM)
    - VoIP Destination
    - Protocol
  • Time of Day
  • Cost of Route

Outgoing Call Manipulation

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information

Enhanced Call Completion Algorithms

  • Reattempt call
    - Same destination and/or different destinations
    - Reattempt based on call failure reason
  • Load share across different destinations
    - Hunt high, low, odd, even, incremental, decremental, percentage, ASR


  • Reject Call with Protocol Reason
  • Reject Call with announcement


SVI-MG 1000 Media Gateway

1+1 Dual Plane Worker / Hot Standby SVI-1000

  • Database and signalling information check pointed between planes
  • Replicated Hardware and Software
  • Maintain calls in answer on failover
  • Eliminates Single Points Of Failure
  • Five Nines up time (99.999)
  • Single Point code spread across dual plane architecture
  • Real Time Maintenance Upgrades
  • 1+1 Dual Plane Redundancy
  • Hot Swap PSU, Fans

SVI-MG 8000 Media Gateway

Separate processing units and interface cards

  • No loss of bandwidth during processing
    unit outage
  • Support of multiple blade servers

Dual Controller Planes

  • 1+1 Dual Plane Redundancy

Blade Server

  • Up to 8 Hot Swap PSUs
  • Each Interface Blade has redundant Ethernet
  • Passive Back Plane
  • Hot Swap Fans
  • Hot Swap Blades

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Further Information

Download our SVI-MG 1000 Media Gateway Datasheet

Download our SVI-MG 8000 Media Gateway Datasheet

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