Prism is a Telecom network monitoring probe that passively monitors your network and produces in near real-time, CDR'S from the low-level signalling protocols traffic.

Real-time, Scalable Network Monitoring

Prism is a telecom network monitoring probe used to passively monitor your network. Supporting legacy and next generation networks, Prism produces in near real-time, call data records (CDR's) from the low-level signalling protocols traffic.

Prism’s advanced protocol discovery uses new machine learning and AI techniques to identify the telecom signalling paths from the multiple giga bytes per second of data travelling through international data pipes.

Prism seamlessly integrates with third party Big Data, BSS and Business Intelligence platforms via multiple API support to produce performance matrices, used for support and QoS services, and to support the identity of fraudulent behaviour.

The Prism network monitoring probe provides operators with a non-intrusive real-time, scalable protocol monitoring solution.

  • Supports 3G, 4G, 5G, fixed and mobile networks

  • Real-time generation of call, session and transaction records

  • Higher bandwidth hardware accelerated probes of up to 100GB available

  • Passive monitoring of your network signalling traffic

  • Advanced packet inspection and protocol discovery

  • Comprehensive rules-based system to identify traffic for revenue assurance and fraud detection

  • Seamless integration with Big Data, BSS and Business Intelligence platforms

  • CSV, SQL, RESTful API integration to 3rd party applications

Key Benefits

  • Network Agnostic
    Prism can be deployed to passively monitor legacy and next generation fixed, mobile, and virtual networks, and supports Diameter, SIP, SS7 and HTTP2.

  • Billing Reconciliation
    Prism is designed to complement existing billing reconciliation functions to aid in the recovery of revenue for services provided but not billed.

  • Fraud Detection
    Prism and it’s sister product MavenShield provides real-time fraud detection with the functionality to configure proactive actions to counter fraudulent behaviour.

  • Revenue Assurance
    Optimized revenue assurance performance for operators to establish and improve on-going processes to avoid future leakage and avoid fines from regional regulators.

  • Network Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring through advanced protocol discovery using machine learning and AI to identify signalling paths from the multiple giga bytes of data.

  • 3rd Party Integration
    Prism integrates with operators Big Data, BSS and Business Intelligence platforms, with data records fed into third party reporting tools via multiple API support.


Passive monitoring of your telecom signalling traffic

Production of call, session and transactional data records

Multi protocol support:

◦  MAP, Diameter, SMPP

Protocol discovery and learning through deep packet inspection techniques

CSV, SQL, RESTful API (SOAP, JSON) integration to 3rd party applications

Onboard real time statistics and performance matrices.

Archiving of network traffic

Integration into 3rd party tools for detailed analysis

Network traffic statistical reporting

◦   Throughput
◦   Bandwidth usage
◦   Errors

  • Errors
  • Up to 1GB bandwidth monitoring on COTS hardware

    Hardware Options for 10/40/100GB bandwidth monitoring

    HA Clustering

    Integrate with 3rd party network probes


    ◦   GbE (Gigabit Ethernet)
    ◦   FE (Fibre Ethernet)
    ◦   TDM (E1/T1/STM1/OC3)
    ◦   IP Port Forwarding / Port Mirroring

    Fraud Detection

    Telecoms fraud is increasing at an alarming rate globally and is one of the biggest sources of revenue leakage for every telecoms operator. The annual loss globally to the Telecoms industry from fraud is last estimated by the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) to be $32.7 billion dollars.

    Prism and it’s sister product MavenShield provides operators with real-time fraud detection combined with the functionality to configure proactive actions to counter fraudulent behaviour, including session tear-down, forwarding, redirects, transfers and blocking etc.

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