A state-of-the-art, cloud enabled Session Border Controller

The SVI-SBC provides comprehensive network edge security for fixed and mobile service providers and large enterprise customers.

Session Border Controller SBC

The SVI-SBC Session Border Controller is a mature, proven carrier grade product for VoIP infrastructures deployed by operators worldwide, delivering peering, SIP trunks, SKYPE for Business and IMS interworking.

This feature rich SBC product provides scalability and high availabilty as standard whilst offering additional specialist fraud prevention and lawful intercept modules on request.

The SVI-SBC is fully virtualised allowing for rapid delivery into a clients datacentre or cloud environment.

Flexible pricing designed to meet budget expectations, deployment scale and future growth

  • Global Deployment
    Deployed globally by operators since 2011.

  • Signalling Manipulation
    Powerful SIP Signalling Manipulation Engine (SSME) insuring total flexibility.

  • Scaliability
    Scales to 30k sim calls at 500 cps.

  • Functionality
    Feature rich functionality with extensive service assurance options.

  • Fraud and Security
    Firewall capabilities and integrated fraud prevention gateway.

  • High Availability
    Full high availability options as standard.

SVI-SBC Session Border Controller key features


Micro-services architecture enabling rapid scaling and dynamic load balancing.

Service Assurance

Fraud Prevention, Statistical Analysis, Sophisticated Routing and Elastic Stack Kibana support.

SIP Signalling Manipulation Engine

Detailed message and header manipulation, filters and redirects and powerful routing.

High Availability

Comprehensive carrier grade redundancy options as standard.

Debug and Trace

Detailed, debug and trace capabilities.
PCAP support enables Wireshark decode.


Configuration, Monitoring
and Debugging.

The SVI-SBC Session Border Controller key specifications


  • 500 to 30,000 sim calls

  • 500 calls per second (CPS)

  • Up to 250k subscriber registrations


  • Built-in Firewall

  • State of the art DDOS protection

  • Encryption -TLS, IPSec, SRTP

  • Blacklist / Whitelist

  • Access control

Protocol Support

  • SIP, SIP-I, SIP-T, H.323

  • IPv4, IPv6


  • NAT / topology hiding

  • Comprehensive codec support

The SVI-SBC Session Border Controller applications

The SVI-SBC is a mature, carrier grade VoIP signalling product deployed globally in the following application scenarios:

  • Peering
    Comprehensive session control, interworking and media management.

  • SIP Trunks
    The SVI-SBC provides a robust and flexible SIP trunking solution for operators.

  • SKYPE for Business
    Support for Microsoft “Skype for Business” SIP interconnects.

  • IMS Interworking
    Full support for a-sbc and i-sbc access, and interworking modes. VoLTE interconnect support.

  • Lawful Intercept
    Enable ETSI, CALEA, SIPREC intercepts.

  • Real-Time Fraud Prevention
    Combat SIP based fraud in real-time with the integrated SVI-FPG Fraud Prevention Gateway.

Commercial Off The Shelf

Supplied on standard Dell servers optionally with dedicated E1/T1/STM-1 support.

Virtual Deployment

Virtual Machine deployed on industry standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware.

Cloud Deployment

Delivered as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS, OpenStack, Nokia and Google cloud infrastructure.


The SVI-SBC session border controller is deployed in virtual environments worldwide enabling operators to benefit from the reduced costs and benefits that a cloud native component can deliver them.

The SVI-SBC can be enabled as a Virtual Machine (VM) on existing infrastructure or as a fully blown Virtual Network Function (VNF) in an AWS or Openstack cloud infrastructure.

Auto Configuration

Open product management interfaces allows for auto-configuration by an orchestration platform. Whether orchestration is physically delivered via an XML, SQL, HTTP, TELNET etc interface, the SVI-SBC session border controller has been designed from the ground up to deliver remote operation, administration and maintenance (OA&M) control.

Distributed Architecture

The SVI-SBC is architected on micro-services principals separating the signalling and media planes into distinct software components. The signalling plane provides a high availability core enabling centralised routing and control across the network.

Multiple media planes can be instantiated dynamically to meet bandwidth demands and / or distributed across different territories to match latency requirements and improve network resiliency.carrier grade reliability.


This architecture enables on-demand scaling in a virtual environment delivering full network elasticity.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic load balancing insures optimum network performance with network load shared evenly across network components.

Network Resilience

The distributed network architecture insures network resiliency coupled with high availability options and carrier grade reliability.

SIP Signalling Manipulation Engine | SSME

Message Manipulation

Powerful regular-expression based manipulation of message header and contents allowing removal, creation and replacement.


Acts as redirect server by redirecting messages to another service. Can be used to provide load balancing / throttling.


Black List / Whites based on Message Header and contents.


Message Header and contents Reattempts. Load balancing profiles External Lookups.

IMS Support | A-SBC + I-SBC

The SVI-SBC provides next generation support for secure interconnect to IMS based networks. Delivering comprehensive VoLTE support allows the SVI-SBC to be deployed in the core of an IMS network or provide IPX / Roaming Hub interconnect.

The SVI-SBC provides a flexible architecture allowing providers to consolidate functionality and resources at both the access and interconnect interface through support for both the A-SBC and I-SBC modes.


The Access-SBC sits on a service providers access borders, i.e enterprise locations, internet, 3G/4G mobile and fixed line.

Supports IMS functions:

  • P-CSCF: Proxy Call Session Control Function
  • E-CSCF: Emergency Call Session Control Function
  • BGCF: Breakout Gateway Control Function
  • AGW: Access Gateway
  • ATCF: Access Transfer Control Function
  • ATGW: Access Transfer Gateway


The Interconnect-SBC sits on a service providers interconnect borders, i.e. the borders between service providers networks.

Supports IMS functions:

  • IBCF: Interconnect Border Control Function
  • IWF: Interworking Function
  • I-BGF / TrGW: Transition Gateway

High Availability

1+1 Dual Plane Worker/ Hot Standby
- Database and signalling information checkpointed between planes
- Replicated hardware and software
Maintain SIP calls in answer on failover
Eliminates single points of failure
Five Nines uptime (99.999%)
Single IP service address using VIP technology
Real time Maintenance upgrades
RTP Failover and Re-Invite

Real Time Fraud Prevention

The annual loss globally to the Telecoms industry from fraud is currently estimated by the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) to be $29.2 billion.

Enable the real-time fraud prevention gateway, MavenShield, to:

  • Combat SS7 fraud in real-time
  • Proactively block, tear-down, transfer and redirect fraudulent calls
  • Seamless interface to upstream firewall and monitoring applications
  • Deployed in non-critical path of network
  • Rapidly provision network lookups aimed at identifying fraudulent traffic


Lawful Intercept

The SVI-SBC session border controller from Squire Technologies allows operators to enable Lawful Intercepts:

Active or Passive Intercept support for:

3GPP/ ETSI LI Standards
SIPREC ( RFC 7245 )

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Squire Technologies solutions enable over 30 billion transactions per second and 11 trillion transactions per year. We have deployments in over 6 continents, in 150+ countries and with 400+ customers. 


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