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Signal Transfer PointSignal Transfer Point

The SVI_STP is a feature rich and future proof carrier grade telecommunications Signal Transfer Point that provides core network connectivity and routing between mutiple networks supporting legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.

STP Signal Transfer Point

Out of the box the SVI_STP offers a range of features, benefits and immediate cost savings including:

  • Lower network running costs
  • Lower CAPEX, Streamlined OPEX
  • Rapid service enablement
  • Flexible Pricing Model
  • Dedicated Technical Architecture
  • 24x7x365 Global Support

The SVI-STP provides a comprehensive future proof STP; supporting legacy SS7 and providing any-to-any interworking between TDM, Next Generation IP, SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G telecoms networks.

Service Creation Toolkit

Looking to reduce costs or network complexity? Optimising your network or need a work-around for End-of-Life kit? Looking to deliver MNP (Mobile Number Portability), SS7 firewall functionality, intelligent network services, lookups, message modifications?


The Service Creation Toolkit allows you to rapidly deliver new services and features into your telecommunications network via the SVI-STP signalling transfer point.

The standalone toolkit communicates directly with the SVI-STP over a comprehensive message API. Messages triggered at the SVI-STP are sent to the Python based toolkit where message decode, manipulation and logic can be applied to deliver the required feature or service. 

The Toolkit interfaces to a wide range of Open Interfaces including SQL, HTPP, XML, LDAP, SMTP and SOAP allowing lookups, storage and integration into clients OSS/BSS infrastructure. The toolkit can also auto configure the SVI-STP via XML allowing, for example, the rapid development of firewall type applications.

This powerful and flexible toolkit allows network engineers or Squire Technologies commissioning engineers to rapidly build complex logic, which can be tested offline before its deployment into your networks.

service creation toolkit



MSU Message Monitoring

The SVI_STP provides a flexible mechanism for the capture of all MSU messaging storing as:

  • ASCII based MSU records
  • Configurable ASCII based CDRs
  • Store MSU details in SQL database

This allows telecoms operators to perform Billing Reconciliation, Revenue Assurance and Network Analysis etc


Private SS7 Networks

Deploying the SVI_STP into existing SS7 telecoms networks allows an operator to generate its own “Virtual Point Codes” for transparent single carrier PC interconnect and provision of “private SS7 networks” providing:

  • Costs savings by not having to purchase expensive incumbent carriers Point Codes
  • Accelerated network deployment – the provision of additional Point Codes and inter-op testing is managed by the operator

msu monitoring


Support a rich array of services