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Signal Transfer PointSignal Transfer Point

The SVI_STP is a feature rich and future proof carrier grade telecommunications Signal Transfer Point that provides core network connectivity and routing between mutiple networks supporting legacy SS7 TDM, NGN IP SIGTRAN and IMS / LTE / 4G support.


The SVI_STP Signal Transfer Point is provided in three models based on MSU throughput and number of interconnects from the starter SVI-STP 1000 product to the high end SVI-STP 8000. Each STP model has a clear upgrade path to insure additional bandwidth is only purchased as-and-when demand dictates.

STP ICONup to 2000 x MSU/s : up to 8 x SIGTRAN/Diameter associations / SS7 Sig Links

STP ICONup to 20,000 x MSU/s : up to 128 x SIGTRAN/Diameter associations / SS7 Sig Links

STP ICONup to 100,000 x MSU/s : up to 1024 x SIGTRAN/Diameter associations / SS7 Sig Links


SS7 Dimensions

SS7 Low Speed Signalling Links (LSL) 1024
High Speed Links (HSL) supporting Q.703 Annex A and ATM AAL5 16
Originating Point Codes OPC 32
Destination Point Codes DPC 1024
Linksets 1024
A - F link support Yes

Physical Dimensions

TDM Interfaces E1/T1/J1 OC-3/STM-1/DS3
Ethernet 1/10 GbE
Form Factor ePCI
Chassis Range of industry standard 19'Chassis

Supported Protocols

MTP L1-L3 ITU-T Q.701-707ANSI T1-111.1-111.8NTT Q.701-704JT-Q.701-704Chinese GF 001-9001PNO-ISC/SPEC/005


SCCP Layer ITUT Q711-Q714JT-Q711-G714ETSI ETS 300 589ANSI T1.112

SS7 Protocols

MAP MAP 3GPP TS 29.002 v3.11.0
IS-41 IS-41 TIA/EIA-42-D


SCTP RFC 4960 Stream Control Transmission Protocol
M2UA RFC 3331 Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 2 (MTP2) -User Adaptation Layer (M2UA)
M3UA RFC 3332 Signaling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 3 (MTP3) - User Adaptation Layer (M3UA)
SUA RFC 3868 Signaling Control Part User Adaptation Layer (SUA)
M2PA RFC 4165 Signalling System 7 (SS7) Message Transfer Part 2 (MTP2) User Peer-to-Peer Adaptation Layer (M2PA)
IUA RFC 3057 ISDN Q.921-User Adaptation Layer (IUA)

DIAMETER - SIP Interworking

Specification 3GPP TS 29.305


MSUs 100,000
%CPU Usage Avg 80%


SNMP Support Version 1,2 and 3 Supported

Physical Interconnect

Physical interconnect diagram

Supporting multiple interface types the SVI-STP delivers seamless simultaneous conversion between all variants of TDM and SIGTRAN.

TDM Interconnect

  • E1,T1, J1 (configurable)
  • T3, DS3, STM-1
  • Up to 31 signalling links per E1 interface
  • Up to 23 signalling links per T1
  • DACS Cross Connect across up to 64 Interfaces


  • M2PA
  • M2UA
  • M3UA
  • SUA

MTP Configurations

MTP configurations diagramDelivering full MTP routing capabilities, with A–F link support, the SVI-STP complies with 14, 16 and 24 bit conversion between ‘any-to-any’ simultaneous multiple variants.


  • ITU-T Q.701-707
  • ANSI T1-111.1-111.8
  • NTT Q.701-704
  • JT-Q.701-704
  • Chinese GF 001-9001
  • PNO-ISC/SPEC/005


  • 32 Originating Pointcodes
  • 1024 Destination Pointcodes