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smsc header webSMS Firewall

Protect your network, improve performance for your customers, and maximise your margins by fighting illicit SMS traffic, spamming, flooding, faking and spoofing with Squire Technologies scalable and flexible SVI_SMS Firewall.

SVI_SMS Firewall

Deploy the SVI_SMS_Firewall to fight illicit SMS traffic, spamming, flooding, faking and spoofing. This scalable, powerful and extendable firewall will protect your network, subscribers and your margins.

Spam and fraud can have considerable negative effects on network performance, subscriber satisfaction and financial performance. It is therefore important to choose a solution that deals with known issues out-of-the-box but can also be easily extended to combat new and evolving threats.


SMS Firewall Deployment Models

 sms firewall diagram sm

Monitor and Alert

sms alerts

The SVI_SMS_Firewall can be deployed to passively monitor SMS traffic and send alerts on fraudulent behaviour:

Alerts can be sent to operation teams via SNMP, SMS and Email.

SMS Termination

sms termination

Terminate all SMS traffic blocking directly any fraudulent SMS detected.




The script based rules are extremely powerful allowing analysis of any message and its contents. Traffic can be a blocked at the MTP/SCCP layer as well as at the MAP layer.



SMS messaging is analysed against pre-configured rules that can be modified and extended to combat evolving threats.


sms interconnected


Interfacing to other components as part of rule creation is easily implemented allowing external lookups to HLR, VLR, MSC, HSS over RADIUS, DIAMETER or CAMEL. Additionally any OSS component can be easily interconnected over an array of open interfaces HTTP, SMTP, SOAP, XML, SQL.


sms analysis


Detailed MDR's (Message Data Records) are captured in an SQL database allowing for data mining of historical data to identify fraudulent patterns.






sms services


Use your own in-house teams to extend the SMS rules or work with our specialist teams to deliver.

sms scalable


Modular design provides support for high load A2P applications allowing clients to scale to 50,000 SMS/s




sms tailored


Tailor the deployment to match your network. Integrates with any STP's or Signalling Gateways. Supports both traditional TDM links and SIGTRAN M2PA, M2UA or M3UA links.