With low cost, reliable, high bandwidth IP networks available for distribution of signalling, the SS7 Signalling Gateway provides the means to bridge the SS7 network from the traditional PSTN and Mobile TDM interconnects to IP.

Deployment Scenarios

Typical SS7 to IP Deployment

The SVI-SG SS7 signalling gateway can be deployed to replace expensive dedicated longhaul SS7 links by backhauling the SS7 signalling over IP.

Distributed Network

Deployed in a distributed network architecture delivering the SS7 signalling to a centralised softswitch / media gateway controller.


MTP L1 - L3

ITU-T Q.701-707
ANSI T1-111.1-111.8
Chinese GF 001-9001


512 Signalling Links
32 Originating Pointcodes
16 Linksets256 Destination Pointcodes


A, F link support


1+ 1 Dual Plane Worker / Hot Standby

- Database and signalling information check pointed between planes
- Replicated Hardware and Software

  • Maintain calls in answer on failover
  • Eliminates Single Points Of Failure
  • Five Nines up time (99.999)
  • Single Point code spread across dual plane architecture
  • Single IP service address using VIP technology
  • Real Time Maintenance Upgrades



  • Integrated Firewall
  • Username, password protected
  • Secure external protocols used for access (SSH, SCP)
  • Reports on unauthorised access

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