The Subscriber Management Suite delivers, across a common platform, carrier grade HSS, HLR, EIR and AuC databases.

Complete Subscriber Management

The SVI-SMS Subscriber Management Suite consolidates subscriber details in a centralised database providing converged registration, authentication and location updates. Seamless support for network interfaces allows rapid deployment in LTE / IMS / EPC and GSM networks.

This flexible, integrated approach allows operators to easily extend existing databases and significantly lower network migration costs.

  • Rationalise
    Provides centralisation of subscriber details in one logical place.

  • Cost Effective
    Rapidly extend or replace existing subscriber databases.

  • Scalable
    Start small with a single virtual instance and scale to meet demand.

  • Powerful API's
    Allow all functions to be interfaced by OSS / BSS over SOAP

  • Cost Effective
    Rapidly extend or replace existing subscriber databases.

  • Multi-tenancy
    Support on the same deployment and multiple network appearances within the same tenant.

Need to interconnect to legacy SS7 services? - Take a look at our SVI-GMSC

Download our SVI-SMS Subscriber
Management Suite Presentation

Specialised SS7 STP for interworking Traditional & NGN Networks

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