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mg headerSS7 Media Gateway

The SVI_MG SS7 Media Gateway enables Next Generation VoIP and VoLTE / IMS networks to seamlessly interconnect to legacy PSTN and mobile 2G + 3G networks.

SS7 Media Gateway - SVI_MG8000

svi mg8000 prod page

  • Large scale SS7 to VoIP/VoLTE Media Gateway deployments
  • Scales from 16E1 to 1000 E1, upgrade path 8E1,16E1, E1/T1 interface support
    • Support for OC-3 / STM-1/ DS3 interfaces
    • Supports up to 9 x OC-3 / STM-1 interfaces
    • Supports up to 27 x DS3/T3 interfaces, upgrade path 1xT3, 2xT3, 3xT3
  • Full Dual Plane Redundancy provided as standard via Gateway Controller <-> Blade Server architecture
  • cPCI Form Factor – providing industry standard hot-swap capabilities
  • Delivered in 1U, 2U, 5U, 8U and 11U cPCI 19" Telco Grade Chassis
  • Deployed by larger carriers worldwide

Media Gateway Features and Functionality

The SVI_MG8000 Media Gateway is supplied as standard with the following operating functionality :-

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent call routing

Incoming Calls Routed based on

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information
  • Originating Network
    • Trunk Group
    • Hunt Group (VoIP and TDM)
    • VoIP Destination
    • Protocol
  • Time Of Day
  • Cost Of Route

Outgoing Call Manipulation

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information

Enhanced Call Completion Algorithms

  • Reattempt call
    • Same destination and/or different destinations
    • Reattempt based on call failure reason
  • Load share across different destinations
    • Hunt high, low, odd, even, incremental, decremental, percentage, ASR


  • Reject Call with Protocol Reason
  • Reject Call with announcement

Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M)

Web based GUI

Web Based GUI

The globally deployed SVI platform empowers its users with an advanced level of expertise and functionality.

Building upon the SVI command line interface the web based GUI brings the user powerful tools to manage system resources, ensuring swift new user adoption and delivering a real-time OA&M, offering:

  • Dashboard interface
  • Wizard library
  • Customisation - via XML
  • Secure multi-user features
  • Extensive help resources
  • Compatibility with the entire SVI range


Real time system setup, onboard resource and call routing management


Comprehensive statistical service monitoring and system status tool


Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal

Command line interface

Command Line Interface

Expert user tools accessed through wide vocabulary of command line queries via high speed MMI interface.


  • High speed real time configuration
  • Full ‘secure’ remote access


  • Low Level MMI Interface
  • Full onboard database inspection and control
  • Real time resource status display
  • Controlling system recourses


  • Configurable logfiles, capturing all aspects of system performance
  • Compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal for full graphical protocol traces


  • Extensive onboard CDRs and statistics generation
  • Call minutes, ASR, PDD, ACD, etc
  • Resource Statistics
  • Trap Reports Network

Network Monitoring

  • Trap capture
  • Statistic monitoring, graphing and alarming

VoLTE Deployment Model

TICK Seamless breakout to legacy PSTN and mobile 2G + 3G networks
TICK Full support for IMS Breakout Gateway Control Function ( BGCF )
TICK Deployed as standalone unit or integrated with SVI_MGCF ( Media Gateway Control Function ) or SVI_MGC ( Media Gateway Controller )

Volte solution 



Billing Interfaces

Billing Application

Call Data Records

  • On board CSV files contains all call attempts
  • Over 36 fields of call information

FTP Server

  • Client or Server controlled CDR retrieval


  • Full AAA support (Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting) support
  • Integrated with many Third party RADIUS + DIAMETER


  • Direct writing of CDRs to client’s SQL database


Separate processing units and interface cards

  • No loss of bandwidth during processing unit outage

Support of multiple blade servers

Dual Controller Planes

  • 1+1 Dual Plane Redundancy

Blade Server

  • Up to 8 Hot Swap PSUs
  • Each Interface Blade has redundant Ethernet
  • Passive Back Plane
  • Hot Swap Fans
  • Hot Swap Blades


External Routing APIs

External Routing APIs

External Routing APIs allow for customers to fully control routing through their own applications

  • Integrate SVI into existing client infrastructure


  • SVI calls SQL stored procedures into customers SQL database, which returns routing information
  • PostgreSQL and MYSQL support


  • RADIUS Authorisation response contains routing information


  • Call back service




  • Integrated Firewall
  • Username, password protected
  • Secure external protocols used for access (SSH, SCP)
  • Reports on unauthorised access
  • Client challenge procedures


  • Authorisation and Authentication