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mgcf header imageSS7 Media Gateway Controller Function

“The SVI_MGCF Media Gateway Controller Function provides a gateway between traditional Circuit Switched SS7 networks and next generation IMS networks such as LTE/ VoLTE.”

MGCF Deployments and Standards

SVI MGCF Deployment Model 1

MGCF Deployment Model 1

The SVI-MGCF can be supplied as a standalone entity interfacing to the IMS network’s elements such as:

  • BGCF
  • CSCF
  • CCF
  • 3rd Party Media and Signalling Gateways

MGCF Deployment Model 2

Deployment Model 2 is a single solution which encompasses:

  • Squire Technologies’ SVI Media Gateway
  • 10 years of global deployment
  • Up to 1,000 E1 interfaces
  • Up to 20,000 simultaneous calls
  • Squire Technologies’ Signalling Gateway
  • 10 years of global deployment
  • Up to 512 signalling links
  • Supports SIGTRAN, M3UA, M2UA, M2PA, SUA and other industry protocols

SVI MGCF Deployment model 2

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent call routing

Incoming Calls Routed based on

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information
  • Originating Network
    • Trunk Group
    • Hunt Group (VoIP and TDM)
    • VoIP Destination
    • Protocol
  • Time Of Day
  • Cost Of Route

Outgoing Call Manipulation

  • Called and Calling Party Information
  • Protocol Information

Enhanced Call Completion Algorithms

  • Reattempt call
    • Same destination and/or different destinations
    • Reattempt based on call failure reason
  • Load share across different destinations
    • Hunt high, low, odd, even, incremental, decremental, percentage, ASR


  • Reject Call with Protocol Reason
  • Reject Call with announcement

Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M)

Web based GUI

Web Based GUI

The globally deployed SVI platform empowers its users with an advanced level of expertise and functionality.

Building upon the SVI command line interface the web based GUI brings the user powerful tools to manage system resources, ensuring swift new user adoption and delivering a real-time OA&M, offering:

  • Dashboard interface
  • Wizard library
  • Customisation - via XML
  • Secure multi-user features
  • Extensive help resources
  • Compatibility with the entire SVI range


Real time system setup, onboard resource and call routing management


Comprehensive statistical service monitoring and system status tool


Rapid tracing, diagnosing and CDR analysis compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal

Command line interface

Command Line Interface

Expert user tools accessed through wide vocabulary of command line queries via high speed MMI interface.


  • High speed real time configuration
  • Full ‘secure’ remote access


  • Low Level MMI Interface
  • Full onboard database inspection and control
  • Real time resource status display
  • Controlling system recourses


  • Configurable logfiles, capturing all aspects of system performance
  • Compatible with Wireshark and Ethereal for full graphical protocol traces


  • Extensive onboard CDRs and statistics generation
  • Call minutes, ASR, PDD, ACD, etc
  • Resource Statistics
  • Trap Reports Network

Network Monitoring

  • Trap capture
  • Statistic monitoring, graphing and alarming

Dual Redundancy

1+ 1 Dual Plane Worker / Hot Standby

  • Database and signalling information check pointed between planes
  • Replicated Hardware and Software

Maintain calls in answer on failover

Eliminates Single Points Of Failure

Five Nines up time (99.999)

Single Point code spread across dual plane architecture

Real Time Maintenance Upgrades





  • Integrated Firewall
  • Username, password protected
  • Secure external protocols used for access (SSH, SCP)
  • Reports on unauthorised access
  • Client challenge procedures