The Telephony Application Server (SVI-TAS) enables the rapid delivery of converged services across IMS, NGN and Legacy SS7 networks. The SVI-TAS enables operators to leverage existing infrastructure, extend return-on-investment and rapidly deploy new services.

Rapidly Deploy New Services

The SVI-TAS Telephony Application Server allows operators to rapidly devise, test and deploy services.

Whether you are looking to interwork DIAMETER or SIP with legacy SS7 CAMEL/INAP/MAP, or you are looking to interface a new subscriber database over SQL/SOAP/ HTTP into your incumbent networks the SVI-TAS provides the flexibility to achieve this.

The Telephony Application Server (SVI-TAS) operates over clearly defined API's that present an abstracted version of the underlying DIAMETER, SIP, CAMEL, MAP etc signalling. It can be driven by either Squire Technologies python based client (SVI-TAC) or by operators 3rd party applications.

The SVI-TAS provides operators with an extremley flexible, service driven platform that offers many benefits.

  • Leverage 
    IMS, NGN and legacy infrastructure to deliver new and existing services

  • Mitigate against vendor equipment End-of-Life

  • Rapidly deliver custom services across disparate networks

  • Extend ROI on deployed network components

Key Benefits

  • Cost Savings
    Deliver only those services that you require instead of
    paying for a full application suite that you will never use.

  • Powerful
    Services built using industry standard
    Python scripting language.

  • Extendable
    Extend services using in-house resources
    or let our experts develop at a fixed cost.

  • Speed
    Script based delivery removes compilation
    and upgrade cycle.

  • Flexible
    Allows monitoring, termination and transmission
    over API’s for service creation.

  • NFV
    NFV ready

  • COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
    Supplied on standard Dell servers optionally with dedicated E1/T1/STM-1 support.

  • Virtual Deployment
    Virtual Machine deployed on industry standard servers in a data centre environment using a hypervisor, i.e. VMware.

  • Cloud Deployment
    Delivered as a Virtual Network Function (VNF) in AWS or OpenStack cloud infrastructure.

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