A flexible signalling and session portfolio to help operators respond to the changing demands of the telecoms market

Maintain and enhance your network

Fixed Network Operators must maintain and enhance their networks in order to offer their customers new services and to ensure investment protection. Not only that, they must manage a range of different assets and suppliers.

Fixed Operators also have to support a diverse range of network technologies and interconnection with peers across legacy SS7, VoIP and NGN IMS networks. They need solutions that offer flexibility, scale and resilience to help manage traffic and, at the same time, enable them to grow their network and launch new services profitably.

That’s why Squire Technologies help operators to scale and grow their network with flexible, secure solutions, including:

  • Signalling Gateway Solutions
  • Signalling Conversion Solutions
  • Session Control Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions

“We've been impressed by Squire Technologies' flexibility in many areas of their business. Initially we were pleased by the way they handled our client's request for customisation as they quickly understood the objectives of the project. They were also flexible commercially in both their willingness to meet our shorter lead times and the way in which they worked with us to keep the project within its budget.” 
Jack Lee, Hutchison Global

Backed by the expertise to deliver

Squire Technologies’ product portfolio is backed by the expertise to deliver agile, flexible solutions to unique challenges, and to deliver outstanding ROI.

Our support for complex technologies such as SS7, SIP, VoIP, SIGTRAN and more means that difficult problems can be rapidly solved – helping Fixed Operators to develop more profitable networks.

Find out how Squire Technologies can help with secure, reliable interconnectivity and networking.

“The SVI_MGC delivered a very cost effective way to interconnect to SS7 in comparison to SS7 carrier infrastructure and equipment; a very speedy integration of the TelFree SIP platform with the SS7 switches in the carrier network and top quality SS7 to SIP conversion delivering carrier grade VoIP solutions” Ruan Malan, CTO, TelFree Communications, Pretoria, South Africa

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