Robust interworking and interconnection paths that help you to deliver, route and manage traffic more effectively.

Optimise routing and configure on-the-fly

Wholesale Carriers face a range of challenges. They need to be able to support a range of interconnection points in order to route traffic efficiently. But they also need to be able do so cost effectively, which means taking advantage of the best available route at the best price. This means they must be able to respond rapidly to new opportunities and change routing ‘on-the-fly’ to ensure margins are maximised and that customers are billed correctly.

Wholesale Carriers must also be alert to fraud, being able to secure and protect their networks, as well as eliminating any detected threats.

Squire Technologies offers a range of solutions that help Wholesale Carriers address these challenges. Our flexible, modular and scalable signalling, session and media control solutions enable Wholesale Carriers to rapidly build simple yet robust interworking and interconnection paths that help them to deliver, route and manage traffic, securely and efficiently.

In addition to the proven SVI functional superiority, Squire Technologies' flexible and timely installation and support services played a pivotal role in us rapidly streamlining and bridging our TDM network at a significantly reduced cost.” Rhys Williams, Chief Technical Officer WaveCrest

Overcome Interconnection Challenges

Our solutions enable Wholesale Carriers to overcome interconnection, routing, security and billing challenges, ensuring they maximise return on their assets and investments. We offer a complete range of flexible, scalable solutions for Wholesale Carriers, including:

  • Signalling Gateway Solutions
  • Signalling Conversion Solutions
  • Session Control Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Billing and Least Cost Routing solutions

Dynamic Route Configuration

Full Least Cost Routing (LCR) is supported, meaning that Wholesale Carriers can both dynamically configure traffic routes, create comprehensive A to Z destination lists and create a complete routing plan to capitalise on best-priced opportunities.

A comprehensive billing module is also available, which has been optimised for the needs of wholesale account management.

Backed by the expertise to deliver

Squire Technologies’ product portfolio is backed by the expertise to deliver agile, flexible solutions to unique challenges. Our support for complex technologies such as SS7, SIP, VoIP and more means that difficult problems can be solved quickly – helping Wholesale Carriers save time and money.

Find out how Squire Technologies can help with secure, reliable interconnectivity and networking.

“We first deployed the SS7 Media Gateway from Squire Technologies utilising their technical expertise in cooperation with our own to initially establish the service. Having had a positive experience we approached them again when we were seeking a Session Border Controller.” Abdulrahman Ghazal, Technical Manager of Lightspeed

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