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Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Every year at Squire Technologies we ask our customers “How are we doing?”

This year we are humbled to have received an overwhelming number of responses to our survey, covering the 2021 fiscal year. Customers in over 40 countries participated and we are thrilled that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The results of our survey are shared across our entire business and used as important guidance for our operational processes, business strategy and investments.

While we collect and measure customer feedback from individual support tickets, which ensures that we identify any immediate and critical issues surrounding our 24/7 customer support, we know these are only a snapshot of our performance at any one time.

We use our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey as a broader indicator of how our entire business is performing, from our finance and administration staff, sales and marketing teams, through to project managers, engineering gurus and support stars. 

Every year we ask our customers for their feedback and opinions. This helps us to improve and deliver better products and services.

The results

We are delighted that the results from this years survey have been overwhelmingly positive. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic feedback from our customers has demonstrated that our dedicated teams across our entire business continue to deliver at a very high standard.

“Would you recommend Squire Technologies?”

Our customers’ references and recommendations continue to play a significant role in growing our business, and this year 83% of survey respondents said they’d recommend us.




“We have used the STP since 2017 and had no issues with the product. It’s an excellent platform, user friendly and availability has been close 100%”.

GMS AG Team have excellent service on every stage of Squire post-sales service.

All Cubic interactions with Squire are straight-forward and positive. There is a real sense of collaboration.

Always professional and will go the extra mile.

Honest opinion

While it’s great to see the positive feedback, the survey’s goal is to help us improve upon the products and services that we deliver to our customers. This year’s survey has helped us to identify areas of improvement to some of our support collateral, including user guides and training videos. Moving forward we will look at how we can improve these resources for our customers.

Training videos

User guides

Thank you for taking the time

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to participate in this year’s survey. As a token of our appreciation we are once again giving away a bundle of tech gifts to randomly selected survey respondents.

Our first prize winner

Will be receiving a pair of Ray-Ban Stories connected sunglasses.

Runner up prizes go to

This year we are sending out runner up prizes of JBL Flip Essential bluetooth travel speakers to 20 randomly selected customers who kindly completed our customer satisfaction survey.

Bradley Knight Chief Operating Officer

Squire Technologies are dedicated to ensuring our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. Providing first-class service and understanding our customers is an absolute requirement in forging long-term relationships.

I am delighted with the survey response and would like to thank all those who participated. The results are shared across the business and used as meaningful guidance in shaping and improving our operational processes.

I would also like to thank all our teams who work incredibly hard to maintain the high levels of service. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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