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Why is 5G a big problem for big vendors?

Medium-term, big vendors face a big challenge as operators incorporate 5G into their systems. For decades, the inflexibility of big vendor solutions and the limitations of 3G and 4G have forced Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) into low-cost strategies....

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Core Network Optimisation 2024

Core network optimisation is essential for successful regional economic advancements, and mobile network profitability. Our mix of evolved network intelligence and converged multi-generation signalling delivers a high degree of agility to our customers...

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Annual Customer Survey 2023

‘Flexible’, ‘Scalable’, and 'Functional’ is how our customers describe our core network solutions in our recent customer survey. It is delightful to know that we are achieving our goals. We asked all of our 96 active customers with fully deployed solutions...

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