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Annual Customer Survey 2023

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‘Flexible’, ‘Scalable’, and ‘Functional’ is how our customers describe our core network solutions in our recent annual customer survey 2023. It is delightful to know that we are achieving our goals.

Respondents from 50 companies across 47 countries provided their views on a range of topics regarding Squire Technologies, and we are thrilled with the feedback.

Routinely gathered customer feedback, provided to our 24/7 customer support team, is combined with data from our annual customer report and used to deduce valuable insights on how our products and services are received. Strategic changes to network configurations resulting from recent technology innovations and socioeconomic events mean it is critical that we know our efforts satisfy customer expectations and how we can do even better in catering to the needs of operators.

Product Features

Squire Technologies focuses on delivering the agile solutions customers need to compete effectively in rapidly changing markets. Our products were described as ‘Flexible’ by 89% of customers, ‘Scalable’ by 86% of customers, and ‘Functional’ by 91% of customers.

91 percent green


86 percent green


90 percent green


81 percent green


Additionally, 85% of customers rated the pre-installation and installation project phases as Good or Excellent. The product information on our website was also rated as Good or Excellent by 75% of customers surveyed.

Customer Comments

We also received some pleasing customer comments.


‘Squire Technologies came to our aid with a rapid solution that solved our immediate and long-term requirements, and they have been there every step of the way since. Their focused vendor status is a real benefit to MNOs facing challenges due to the inflexibility of some big vendor products.’
Philippe Wrzecionek, Chief Technical Officer at Vodafone French Polynesia


‘Squire Technologies is an innovative, future-focused company with flexible solutions and we’re glad to have such a great partnership with them. Together, we’ll deliver a best-in-class service for many years to come.’
Olexandr Vashchenko, Senior Engineer for Operation & Maintenance at Global Message Services


‘Had good experience with Squire STP installation and support.’
Kalyana Chakravarthy, IN Operations Manager at Lebara


‘The impressive performance of Squire Technologies’ Sigla Platform has provided the perfect support for our ongoing digital transformation. It was a unique project, with multiple stakeholders, and their team was impeccable, acting professionally and achieving a seamless deployment.’
Mike Antonius, Chief Executive Officer at Telesur Group


‘We were very happy with both the speed and level of support from the team at Squire Technologies. They immediately understood the importance of our service for various sectors and individuals. The versatility of their Sigla platform is outstanding and has given us the flexibility to operate our multiple networks with ease. Their Sigla Platform will enable Pivotel to supply cost-effective and best-in-class, mission-critical connectivity solutions for our diverse customer base going into the future.’
Michael Keaney, Chief Technology Officer at Pivotel Group


‘The architecture is wonderfully open and flexible in its design – something that was far ahead of its time and has allowed us to integrate with and configure/program it in ways that we had never imagined possible 11 years ago.’
Kingsley Tart, Senior Developer at Barritel Ltd


‘We are delighted that our ongoing partnership with Squire Technologies is continuing to yield positive results for us, our customers, and communities in Africa’
 Hymie Marnewick, Chief Executive Officer at NetEngage


Our annual customer survey results show how we successfully meet customer needs. However, we will not sit on our laurels and plan to find ways to enhance our offer even further over the next year.

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‘As Head of Quality, the feedback we receive through our annual customer survey is an essential part of decision-making for every department in our business.

‘The rise of 5G, the expansion of 4G in many regions, and the variation of multi-generational and multi-functional networks present unique challenges for operators. Flexible solutions are essential for core networks as they allow operators to leverage existing network components to scale up more easily and deploy new services rapidly.

‘Knowing what our customers need and how well we fulfil their needs is vital when helping customers transform their operations. It gives us the knowledge we need to assist them in removing network complexities, saving money, and expanding their market offers.

‘Customer responses were fantastic to read, and I am exceedingly grateful to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Additionally, my thanks go to all our staff for their excellent work delivering such high standards of service, which have garnered this outstanding response from our customers. Great job.’

Robyn Wagner, Head of Quality

A State of the art Unified Signalling Platform

Sigla brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks, freeing operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, and reducing network complexity and operating costs.