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April 26th saw the release of the much anticipated final chapter in the Avengers film franchise. With plenty of Avengers fans in the office the Squire Technologies team were treated to a private viewing of the film. Following this our colleague Adam Blythe in engineering has given us his thoughts on Avengers Endgame…

How do you describe the end of an era?…

Make no mistake, that is what Avengers: Endgame is, the end of a bold experiment that actually worked more than not.

If you haven’t managed to keep up with the Marvel Comic Universe, then this probably isn’t the movie for you. The investiture needed is part of the hook of the movie; without it, you will not get it.

For those who have the needed investiture, this movie is a densely packed combination of action, tension, and resolution. For three hours you will be almost bombarded with plot resolution, set piece fights, and call backs to previous films (needed for how dense this film is in backstory).

This film does what it sets out to do, which is to finish the Myth Arc the series started way back when in the end of the Avengers Assemble film – a remarkable achievement for such a diverse set of films to end on.

There are people who have grown up with the titan (no pun intended) that the Marvel Cinimatic Universe became, and with the end of this movie does everything change. It has to.

I just hope the same amount of care and forethought goes into the next period of this remarkable exercise.

Adam Blythe | Senior Production Manager at Squire Technologies.