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Awasr select Squire Technologies to implement International Gateway system

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Squire Technologies is happy to announce a new partnership with Awasr, a specialized high-speed broadband internet service and voice provider catering to corporations and individuals in Oman. The partnership will update Awasr’s systems to the International Gateway (IGW) standard.

In recent years, the Sultanate of Oman has experienced big developments in its information and communications technology status. In December 2023, the country ranked 34 globally for mobile internet speed and 81 for fixed broadband. The high rank may be due to increasing competition between Internet Service Providers (ISP), and the National Broadband Strategy, part of Oman’s long-term Vision 2040 plan.

The Vision 2040 plan seeks to improve the ICT infrastructure, e-government services, and the nation’s technical capabilities. 

Awasr, a leading ISP in Oman, has made it a goal to enable Omanis to connect quickly to the information that will improve their lives. Recently, Oman’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority granted the business an IGW license, transforming Awasr’s operations.

The IGW license enables Awasr to send and receive international traffic directly, facilitated by Squire Technologies’ proven carrier-grade Sigla platform. The project will simplify Awasr’s systems, improving connectivity and security for the ISP, and enable them to cut out third-party telecoms operators.

Saleh - Awasr

“To benefit from the International Gateway license, we needed a solution to support incoming and outgoing voice traffic, and we found the perfect solution with Squire Technologies’ Sigla platform. It is wonderful to be working with this industry-leading company.”

Saleh Al Khaldi, IGW Consultant at Awasr.

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“Awasr’s International Gateway license will improve connectivity for citizens across Oman, and we’re thrilled to be working with them on this project.” 

Srikanth Rajarao, Business Development Manager.

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