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Working with the Lebara Mobile team on the successful deployment of Squire Technologies SVI-STP Signal Transfer Point products into their network, has been a wonderful experience altogether, as their cooperation at every stage of the project starting from requirements gathering, defining test specifications, putting migration strategy together to going live has been commendable.

It’s fantastic to work with customer’s who know their network inside out, as it’s an integral part of any product or software deployment.

Mayank Mehta

SVI-STP was successfully interconnected with the Host MNO’s core network STPs over M2PA Sigtran and with Lebaras’ own in-house Online Charging System (OCS) over CAMEL, which has been a smooth transition with very few issues as the core network was transitioning to M2PA Sigtran version.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with everyone at Lebara, as they’ve successfully coordinated with the host MNO and put together clear road markings at every stage of the project.” Mayank Mehta: Technical Project Lead at Squire Technologies.”

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