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MWC Barcelona 2024 to confront our relationship with technology

mwc pre Main image 2024

MWC Barcelona 2024 is nearly here! The world’s biggest communications, connectivity and technology event is upon us, and we are thrilled to be part of the action again.

There has never been a more crucial moment to confront our relationship with technology. Far-off engineering dreams are suddenly on the cusp of becoming everyday gadgets, and the consequences of giant industrial leaps impact our environment daily.

The cybernetic butterfly of chaos has flapped its wings and thought leaders, scientists, and decision-makers need to come together to ensure new technologies get created with a view for the best possible future for everyone. Thankfully, there is no better place to do that than in the frenetic atmosphere of inspiration, collaboration, and commerce that is MWC Barcelona 2024.

Future First is the non-specific term chosen as the conference’s overall theme. While it sounds like someone tried to say: ‘Tomorrow’s technology today’ in fewer words, it helps bring into focus the need to tackle, in the present, the consequences of future technology. It contrasts last year’s theme, which focused on the velocity of technological progress.

The agenda has also had a shake-up from last year. Main topics, like 5G, remain, while others merge, and some, like Fintech, fall away, replaced by topics about the relationship between technology and humanity.

Strapped in? Here is what to look forward to at the most important telecommunications event of the year, MWC Barcelona 2024.

5G and Beyond:

This year, delegates might ask: ‘Do we need to slow down?’, a counterpoint to the 2023 theme about the speed of innovation. The proliferation of new technologies brought about by 5G, 5G Advanced, AI integrations, and 6G present many opportunities but could wreak havoc for businesses, industries, and economies making poor investment choices.

Connecting Everything:

The expense of network deployments is driving industry players to rethink how they operate. This conference topic will analyse how collaborations and new technologies are unlocking adaptable, automated, and cost-efficient networks, and we will pay close attention to it while we are there.

Humanising AI:

The dawn of AI and its rapid evolution spurs many debates. One conversation that will take place at MWC24, but arguably should have happened decades ago, concerns developing technology with purpose rather than out of curiosity or capitalist motivations. The unregulated forms of the internet and social media have transformed societies, lives, economies, and industries, but wrought many dangers. Perhaps MWC elevating the topic of ethical design responsibilities in AI will help prevent humanity from repeating its past mistakes, or perhaps not.

Manufacturing DX:

First coined in 2011, the term Industry 4.0 feels almost archaic, but business leaders are finally getting close to realising its true potential. The prospect of private wireless networks, data-led solutions, AI, and advanced robotics presents countless avenues for competition. Industrialists are close to striking gold in their search for increased production, reduced costs, and efficiency of manufacturing. Conversations around this topic could yield numerous actionable options for attendees and underpinning it will be the need for optimal core networks.

Game Changers:

Will immersive technology find its lane in 2024 or be consigned to the category of Fad? Will digital currencies finally become normalised or continue to be vilified? Delegates will pose these questions as they consider which new technologies will be winners and losers.

Our Digital DNA:

The last of the themes, but possibly the most important, is how the telecoms ecosystem is reshaping itself for sustainability and diversity. Business leaders need to create massive changes in production methods and societal behaviour to achieve sustainability targets, and the time in which to do it is shrinking. Additionally, getting more women into tech leadership roles should not be difficult, but it is a subject the tech sector continues to struggle with. Discussions on this topic will consider how to make these issues core strategic priorities with good returns.

The agenda is encouraging and will certainly spark many new partnerships, and we are excited to be exhibiting at the four-day event. Hear how our industry expertise resolves unique challenges for our customers from across the globe and find out first-hand how Squire Technologies provides agile core network solutions for telecom operators. These solutions enable converged connectivity across multi-generation networks, delivering greater control and reducing operational costs.

You will find us on Stand 7C17 in Hall 7 between 26 and 29 February. However, we recommend booking a meeting with one of our team to guarantee availability. You can select your preferred date and time on our simple booking form, and we will get back to you to confirm.