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Squire Technologies Attend Their First Event Since the Start of COVID!

It’s been over a year since Squire Technologies attended any events. When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the world was caught off guard. From meetings, events, and shopping, from education to office work, everything moved online. With 72% of organisers having had to cancel or postpone their events in the past year and 50% moving towards digitalized events we were thrilled and a little anxious to finally be attending our first event in the flesh at the Business Design Centre in London.

Total Telecom Congress is one of the leading conferences to understand the evolution of telco business models, and exploring new revenue streams and cutting-edge technologies from the thought-leaders reshaping our industry.

With 5G deployment well underway across the globe and a focus on turning to commercialisation, industry leaders discussed future 5G ecosystems, a system of systems, an umbrella of technologies revolutionizing the telecoms industry.

5G is creating a new world order and a need for cross-industry collaboration is seeing a raft of new global partnerships with a focus on a new 5G economy that promises smart cities, connected cars, greater industrial automation and much more. With 5G also comes new imperatives. Stakeholders will need to act differently with collaboration and integration at the forefront of their business models.

As well as the expected 5G noise there was a great deal of talk on the importance of focussing on customer experience, and not just B2C but importantly B2B telecommunications. While perhaps churn from a handful of subscribers may not seriously affect a company, churn of large accounts can have a serious impact upon overall revenue.

Written by Angelo Sturt, Marketing Executive at Squire Technologies

Angelo started working for Squire Technologies just before the COVID outbreak and has mostly been working remotely. Supporting the sales, marketing and business with the delivery of products, services and marketing material. Angelo has also helped Squire Technologies revitalise their brand with more still yet to come. 

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