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Squire Technologies to raise diverse standalone 5G networks concerns at MWC Barcelona 2024

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As mobile network operators (MNOs), businesses, and subscribers employ various 5G types, core networks will become increasingly complex, inefficient, and cumbersome. The topic is fundamental to the future of wireless technology but doesn’t get enough attention.

Last year at MWC Barcelona, Squire Technologies had a great time meeting with partners and customers, but this year, they’re coming with an important message. Unless MNOs take steps to optimise their core networks and make them more agile, they face expensive network overhauls and will struggle to adapt to the rise of diverse mobile networks.

However, while MNOs have numerous obstacles to overcome with standalone 5G (SA5G), non-standalone 5G (NSA5G), private networks, and network slicing, all merging with legacy networks, there is room for optimism. Along with network transformations, the 5G revolution could radically alter how subscribers perceive mobile technology.

MNOs and MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) usually treat subscribers as customers. The diversity of 5G could change that relationship into a partnership, where every subscriber is a budding entrepreneur with a 5G mobile work device, ready to start making money. The transformation could shake up the entire industry, felling giants, creating new sectors and leaders, and ending the decades-long commoditisation of the mobile market.

Sanjeev verma

“A serious problem facing MNOs is the rigidity of core network solutions offered by the biggest telecoms service providers, like Hauwei and Ericsson. These products can create lock-in, preventing MNOs and MVNOs from rapidly adapting to market changes, throttling them, while 5G is offering the opportunity for massive market diversification.

“We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our solutions. Our Sigla platform allows operators to easily alter course, manage their multi-generation core networks more efficiently, and save money. We’ve done this in South Africa with iMobility’s 5G offer, The Gambia with Africell’s network, and worldwide for over two decades.

“This year at MWC Barcelona, we want telecoms operators to start getting to grips with the challenges of diverse mobile networks. We’re taking our usual place in the UK Pavilion, Hall 7, Stand 7C17, and we’re looking forward to speaking to as many people as possible about flexible solutions that can unlock the true potential of future mobile networks.”

Sanjeev Verma, CEO at Squire Technologies

For more information about the Sigla Platform visit:

A State of the art Unified Signalling Platform

Sigla brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks, freeing operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, and reducing network complexity and operating costs.