As the Coronavirus lockdown is extended here in the UK and everyone continues to adjust to a new setup in terms of work, and for that matter play, we ask our colleagues here at Squire Technologies what they consider as their 'work from home luxuries'; things they wouldn't ordinarily have at their disposal at work that are making life a little less difficult, and strange through these unprecedented times.

  • Tim Bascombe Chief Customer Care Engineer

    "When I need to stop and think I pick up my thinking plank and look out the window."

  • Robyn Wagner Management Accountant

    "While working from home can be lonely at times, technology enables us to stay in touch with each other. That said working at home does have it’s perks, with my luxury being my office companion, Kiera."

  • Marcelo Ribeiro Project Manager

    Marcelo works from home so lockdown has bought less change to his working setup. "I’d say my luxury item is to work in my bermuda shorts and slippers as it's very hot here in Rio de Janeiro."

  • Angelo Sturt Marketing Administrator

    "My home office is split between my Apple MacBook for work with my Bose speakers for great music quality, and my miniature building and painting tools and airbrush. Yes I am a big kid!"

  • Ben Hughes International Sales Executive

    "My luxury has been walks with my Son Oliver, it’s been a great opportunity to spend quality time together, something a lot of us miss out on during work (although his inputs during calls can be a slight distraction!). The endless Pokémon battles have also brought my childhood right back. My second luxury is a spot of FIFA 20 in any downtime we get."

  • Mayank Mehta Technical Project Lead

    "Working from home is more flexible and of course to stay closer to the family gives more luxurious experience. However it’s important to maintain social distance during this crisis across the world but it’s always encouraging to have people or family members who feel happy to stay isolated with you. This helps to increase productivity too."

  • Martyn Combstock Senior Telecoms Engineer

    "My luxury is my trebuchets. Working from home has never been easier now I'm able to launch 90KG projectiles over 300 meters. One common misconception is to mistake catapults for trebuchets. It is in the same family, although as a scientist I'm telling you that no one calls trebuchets catapults.

    "When in the office I'm frustrated about not being able to launch projectiles (especially when integrating with older systems), however at home I can overcome this and improve my efficiency of moving 90KG objects fiftyfold."

  • Timothy Foxx Neal Marketing Administrator

    "We're in total lockdown (no leaving the home at all) for 12 weeks on recommendation from the NHS as I'm on the high risk list due to having COPD and no Spleen. On the bright side I get to spend extra time with my kids, and the weathers pretty fine too!"

  • Brad Knight  Chief Operating Officer

    "Spending more time with Effie (my gorgeous Staffy terrier) means I can teach her a little more about restraint. Something she will need if I am to consider bringing her into the office after lockdown?"

  • Sanjeev Verma  Chief Executive Officer

    "It's been great working from home and being with the family, I’m making up for all the time I lost while travelling on business continuously. I just have to be prepared for water fights at any time."

  • Ben Teversham  Sales Account Manager

    "Working from home means that I end up doing some rather random things that I wouldn't normally get to do, such as riding my other half's horse, called Willow... A bit of a treat really!"

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