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Supporting Calian in Delivering Mission Critical Transport Signalling

Satellite communications experts Calian have been at the cutting edge of advanced technologies for over five decades. They are global leaders in providing sophisticated solutions that support mission critical space and satellite applications for communications, Earth observation, and space exploration.

Calian’s commitment to innovation has recently seen them become a founding member of Space Canada. This industry association is driving the country’s ambitions in space and leading the way in its burgeoning space economy, currently worth over $2.5 billion annually.

The global space race is seeing nations across the world invest heavily in the sector. In Canada, there are few that can demonstrate as rich a history as Calian in space innovation. From the support of complex deep space missions to the research and mapping of space, their leading-edge solutions continue to facilitate exploration of the universe.

For Calian though, space innovation is as much about supporting applications here on Earth as it is about breaking new frontiers. That includes applications such as critical on-Earth communications infrastructure that enables:

  • satellite TV, broadcast radio, telecommunications, and aircraft flight deck communications; and
  • relaying Earth observations taken from space to study the effects of pollution and climate change.

Collaboration with technology specialists ensures that Calian keeps one step ahead of the competition and continues to drive forward the delivery of their advanced solutions to government, military, and commercial clients.

Squire Technologies are proud to have supported Calian’s endeavours throughout a decade-long partnership, most recently with a flexible connectivity solution for integration into their satellite aviation communications systems. The aviation industry demands the very highest safety requirements, and that requires extensively stress testing on all components and integrated systems.

“Enabling communication between aircraft and terrestrial communication networks is a mission critical solution, and it’s a program we’re proud to partner with Calian on,” says Ben Teversham, Sales Manager at Squire Technologies.

“It’s been a strong partnership for us,” added Dan Baril, VP of Software Defined Solutions at Calian, Advanced Technologies. “The industry experience at Squire Technologies, combined with the agility of their network solutions is exactly what we need for this important project.”

Squire Technologies’ robust signalling products are backed by over two decades of specialist signalling experience. They provide the ultra-reliability demanded by the aviation industry and are deployed in other critical transport communications systems around the world including the rail and automotive sectors.

A State of the art Unified Signalling Platform

Sigla brings a homogenous layer to the management and operation of multi-generation networks, freeing operators from the burden of managing multiple core networks, and reducing network complexity and operating costs.