Systems Maintenance During Pandemic:
How to proactively provide support for your systems
During these unprecedented times we have considered how to proactively provide support for your systems and how you can maximise the service and ensure it remains stable.  We have identified the following Top 5 items to consider/action where necessary and/or required.
Top 5 things to check/do:
  1. Manage your system; see our System Maintenance Guide HERE
  2. Manage your CDRs.  We recommend only keeping what you need.
  3. Take a backup, and do so regularly.
  4. Monitor traffic volume carefully, and be aware of other network elements having potential issues as well.
  5. Avoid any non-essential changes to your system.

We feel taking some or all of the above steps will prevent significant issues occurring and will safeguard your service to your customers as best as possible.
Many Thanks and Stay Safe
Squire Technologies Support Team
Bradley Knight
Chief Operating Officer​


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