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We are thrilled to announce that our latest Weymouth College apprentice Ben Hybert has received the “Apprentice Of The Year” award from the college leaving us all very proud here at Squire Technologies. As firm believers in the move towards more apprenticeship opportunities for those looking at their choices following compulsory education Squire Technologies have cultivated a relationship with our local colleges including Weymouth to shine a light on what we do and the careers that we offer.

Ben has been with us since April 2019 working alongside our telecoms support and operations team providing our customers with technical support and expertise. Working towards achieving a ‘BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals’ and a ‘BTEC Level 3 Certificate in ICT Systems and Principles’.

We caught up with Ben to find out more about his experiences of doing an apprenticeship here at Squire Technologies…

SquireT: Hi Ben, what made you consider an apprenticeship through Weymouth College?

Ben: “I had already been studying Film and TV studies at Weymouth and knew it was a good place to meet new people and progress my career, it’s also near enough that I can travel there for the course on my own accord.”

SquireT: What attracted you to the apprentice position here at Squire Technologies?

Ben: “I’ve always had an interest in Technology. I initially started doing film production and graphic design but I kept coming across technical software problems which I loved to find solutions for. I decided that it would be a great path to follow and join an operations department for a technology based company that would combine my interest in technology with finding solutions to problems.”

SquireT: What do you like about working at Squire Technologies?

Ben: “I’d never really known anything about the telecoms industry but since joining Squire I have learnt a huge range of new things about the industry and technology. Having such great colleagues to help me learn has been a massive part of my job.”

SquireT: Have you felt supported by the team at Squire Technologies?

Ben: “Yes, everyone that works here is friendly and is great at helping one another – managers and directors are extremely friendly and can help in any situation.”

SquireT: Would you recommend an apprenticeship to those considering their options following school or college?

Ben: “I would recommend apprenticeships for anyone at any age who is looking to try something new in a field they already enjoy or look to pursue.”

SquireT: Would you say that doing your apprenticeship here at Squire Technologies has helped you plan your future in terms of a career path?

Ben: “Working at Squire has helped me understand the telecoms industry and also discover more about the general technology industry – its shown me that it’s something I love doing and I’d like to do for many years to come.”

SquireT: Where do you see yourself in a year’s time in terms of your career?

Ben: “It would be nice to think about the prospect of working in a more senior role within Squire and further developing my knowledge and skills within the elements of our software.”

A comment from Steve Sandeman, our Customer Care Manager and Ben’s line manager…

Hi Steve, you have the job of managing Ben and liaising with his college tutor Elly. Can you give us a few words about how Ben has fitted in at Squire Technologies and how you have found the apprentice system?

“Ben has settled very well into the team, he is keen and enthusiastic to learn the various aspects of the technology used and how best to support it.  He has developed very well, quickly understanding set tasks and developing his knowledge and skills beyond our expectations. This has meant he has become a very useful resource within a short timeframe.

The apprentice system itself has been easy to get going and Weymouth College have supported us during the entire process from setting this up, pre Squire Interviews, and ongoing college related activities. The College has been prompt to reply to queries etc during the entire time we have been running within this scheme. We would whole-heartedly consider further apprentices in the future.”

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