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What will 2024 mean for the telecommunications industry?

Telecommunications industry 2024 trends

The rapid evolution of AI, major tech industry layoffs and Open RAN are just three events that made 2023 a significant year for the telecommunications industry. While future tech layoffs are uncertain, AI and Open RAN will continue to create waves in the coming year. Here are some other interesting topics to look out for in 2024.

The announcement by Apple that it will allow Rich Communication Services (RCS) to work on iPhones will undoubtedly be of interest in the latter half of 2024. Following years of being locked into Apple by iMessage’s incompatibility with Android phones, the change will enable Apple customers to switch brands more easily. The EU’s impending Digital Markets Act could cause radical changes, as it has put pressure on Apple, and operators will need to devise strategies to react appropriately to the subsequent interoperability of OTT platforms.

Semiconductor chip wars will continue. Post-COVID-19 chip production is increasing, the race is on to create the first 2-nanometre chip, and China has produced its own 5G chips, dodging the US embargo. So, the chips are on the table for anyone to win. 

Thanks to production limits and environmental concerns, in 2023, the second-hand smartphone market grew by about 15%, while new smartphone sales dropped by about 5% year-on-year. Until standalone 5G gets deployed extensively and consumers have a significant reason to buy a vastly upgraded smartphone, we expect to see the second-hand smartphone market continue to grow in 2024.

Used and refurbished smartphone shipments

(Statistica: 2023)

Lastly, there is the issue of networks. Video streaming, gaming, and communications, combined with new connective technologies, will increasingly drive network congestion. Mobile network operators will need to find sustainable ways to meet capacity demands across multi-generation networks, and we may start to see this sort of activity ramping up in 2024.

Global Telecom Outlook 2023-2027

Global Telecom Outlook 2023 - 2027

What will we be doing in 2024 at Squire Technologies? We’ll focus on creating and delivering the solutions our customers and partners need to make them agile and responsive to ever-changing market conditions.

We always aim to deliver the best service possible, working with our customers and partners to solve the complex challenges that face the telecommunications industry.

Have an excellent 2024!