With over 1500 MVNO’s jostling for positions within their given sectors and expected growth to take this number to over 2000 within the next five years it’s increasingly important that MVNO’s find a competitive edge over their rivals.

The Benefits of being a ‘Full MVNO’

For MVNO’s to guarantee long-term success they must be LEAN, AGILE and DIGITAL to deliver profitable growth.

Being a Full MVNO is the most complete MVNO business model, where the host MNO just provides the radio access network infrastructure.

As a ‘Full MVNO’ you create and control your own core network with its own infrastructure, reducing your reliance upon the host MNO, significantly increasing your margins, and enabling you to:


  • Increase your margins as a Full MVNO
  • Reduce reliance upon host MNO
  • Control your own core network
  • Connect to multiple host MNO’s

Managing everything in-house as a Full MVNO in the long-term allows you to reduce costs and strengthen your competitiveness.


  • Manage your invoicing
  • Manage your SIM cards 
  • Manage call, SMS and data flows
  • Negotiate commercial agreements with other operators

Successfully migrating from
light to Full MVNO

Traditionally the move from Light to Full MVNO represents a colossal CAPEX, and a focus on telecoms know-how rather than just customer relations.

But this is no-longer the position with mPaaS
solutions for MVNO’s...

Managed Platform as a Service for Full MVNO’s

Managed Platform as a Service offers light MVNO’s with the opportunity to migrate to Full MVNO’s cost effectively by leasing core network products on a monthly basis.

The managed part provides network specialists that install and commission products directly into your network and provides ongoing support. This enables MVNO’s to concentrate on what they’re really good at.

The benefits of deploying mPaaS solutions for MVNO’s

  • Reduced CAPEX and increase margins
  • Rapidly deploy a core network
  • Incrementally add new products as your business growth dictates
  • Deploy optimum network components at minimal costs
  • Reduce cash flow pressures

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