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Integrating OCS to Facilitate Policy and Billing Across Multi-Generation Networks

While 5G hogs the limelight, there remains a significant portion of mobile subscribers, connectivity infrastructure and revenue generation that will continue to depend upon 4G/VoLTE networks as well as legacy 2G/3G networks for a foreseeable future. Administrations including the UK government have for many years developed Smart Metering and Emergency eCall Systems around the ubiquity of legacy 2G/3G networks, and operator’s such as Vodafone have committed to retaining 2G connectivity until at least 2025.

South Africa, a region where much of the population have gained access to financial services thanks to mobile banking remains largely dependent on legacy 2G/3G networks. In fact, the GSMA predicts that 4G will account for only 25% of mobile connections in the region by 2025, meaning that any sunsetting of 2G/3G connectivity is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

What this means for operators and CSP’s is that in order for them to maximise any return from their investments on OCS solutions they must ensure they can facilitate policy and charging across multi-generation networks, from legacy 2G/3G through to 4G/VoLTE, 5G and beyond.

There are challenges to ensuring that policy and charging can be seamlessly maintained across this multi-generation ecosystem, across LATAM and Africa for example operators cater for subscriber’s making or requesting mobile money updates over what might be considered by today’s standards as archaic protocol technology, not automatically catered for by the very latest OCS solutions.

Here at Squire Technologies our NFV enabled Interworking Function (IWF) provides a centralized hub from where our customers manage signalling across multi-generation and multi-segment networks, while seamlessly interoperating with their IT and billing environments for policy and charging. Providing any-to-any interworking the IWF controls all protocol conversion, and with an integrated Mediation server, customers can rapidly provision and deliver converged services across 5G/4G/3G/2G networks.

In Europe 5G has seen huge investment, largely driven by the promise of 5G delivering a world of new revenue generating opportunities. The telecom billing and revenue management market is expected to be worth $18 billion dollars in 2024, compared to $10 billion in 2019.

Increasingly our IWF is deployed as part of our unified signalling solutions that provide operators with a centralised platform from where they manage all aspects of signalling across all networks. As 5G presents new opportunities the IWF is a future proof and cost-effective mechanism to ensure seamless interop between existing networks and 5G infrastructure. For more information about integrating OCS platforms download a copy of our case study below.

Online Charging Case Study

Integrating OCS to Facilitate Policy and Billing Across Multi-Generation Networks